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Skia an Indestructible Lie by Arindam Bandyopadhyay Book Review

  Skia an Indestructible Lie by Arindam Bandyopadhyay Book Review Skia an indestructible Lie by Arinda Bandyopadhyay so let's get into the video so this is a story about two people Avinash and Alik  So both these guys are not connected to each other in any way except for the fact that they both live in Mumbai and they are both struggling in their respective lives both of their love lives are not going good  Both of their careers are not really taking off properly so Alik wanted to go into movies  He wanted to become a director and Avinash wanted to become an author however both these people are not able to live their dreams they have to make do with what they are able to get  So Alik is a journalist and Avinash has got a job as an editor in a startup in a new company on the face of it this story seems simple enough  But it is actually quite a complex story it's a story about Avinash discovering the power of his mind what one's mind can achieve and what catastrophe trophies
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The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec book review

  The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec book review The witch's heart by genevieve gornicek this book was our bibliothecary read along buddy read for this quarter so once a season once a quarter  We all buddy read a book together on discord all of the bibliothecary community and starting this quarter with this book we are also going to be doing a live show kind of like book club discussing  The book for anyone that wants to join in live instead of as they read or both so if you're interested in having like a smaller book club like that to participate in that's  That's following her main character of angkor boda and she is known in mythology as the mother of monsters  She was loki's giant test wife and in norse mythology giants aren't actually giants in stature they're just like another type of people  but her and loki had three children hale who's like sort of goddess of the dead is like a goddess of the underworld fenrir the giant wolf and the na

Set boundaries find peace book review

  Click here to read the pdf online Set boundaries find peace book review Details of Set boundaries find peace Book Name:  Set boundaries find peace Authors:    Nedra Glover Pages:  304 Publish Date:  16/03/2021 Language:  English Genre : Self-Help Book Summary: Set boundaries find peace by  Nedra Glover,  I  feel overwhelmed kem sia burying her head and her hands she has started seeing me two weeks after she had returned from her honeymoon newly married and excelling  In her career kim prided herself on being the best at everything she did but her worries about getting it all done had become all-consuming  She was depleted and dreaded getting out of bed in the morning she not only was determined to be the best for herself  But she also always showed up as the best for others the best friend best daughter best sister best co-worker  Now she wanted to be the best wife and someday the best mother being the best for kim meant always saying yes saying no was mean saying no was selfish she

Book Lovers by Emily Henry book review

Book Lovers by Emily Henry book review  Book lovers by emily henry this is a standalone contemporary romance and this follows the main character of nora and she is a book agent in new york city and at the very beginning describes herself as the woman who is the woman that gets dumped in rom-coms Like for example when you have a hallmark movie in particular this is like definitely the truth that they're going for you know the hallmark movie where the person goes to a small town and their current partner that lives in some big city is calling and like still wrapped up in the city and doesn't get their small town like drive  to potentially like leave the city or whatever the situation is   So they end up breaking up with that person she basically says like i'm that person and she's now had three or four relationships that have ended that way well turns out her younger sister wants to go to a small town and kind of do this bucket listy small town thing she's like you ne

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood pdf free

Click here to get the e-book  The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood pdf free  Book Name:  The Love Hypothesis Authors:   Ali Hazelwood Pages:  365 Genre:  Romance Novel  Publish Date:  14 September 2021 Language:  English Book Review: Firstly from the cover you can already tell that this kiss was not intentional so the just of the story goes let's say that olive is a grad student and she kisses the first man she sees in front of her best friend  Because she wants her to believe that she is dating someone and the man is none other than a professor and later on he agrees to play fake dating with her it might not be the right decision for olive since she catches feelings later on and then what's going to happen is another story  So this is the just now let's move on to the good points about this book so the first thing is that the character building in this book is so great  It was very refreshing to read about the scientist background my heart actually got attached to olive an

Beach Read by Emily Henry Book Review

Beach Read by Emily Henry Book Review Details of  Beach Read Book Name:  Beach Read Authors:  Emily Henry Pages:  333 Genre:  Romance novel Publish Date: May 18, 2020 Language:  English Book Review: Beach Read by Emily Henry. Honestly, I imagined reading this book sitting somewhere near the beach side having a nice view, but in reality, I ended up reading the whole book on my couch.  So here is my expectation versus reality. Anyways Emily Henry writes novels about love. family. This book is a romance genre or what it is called a rom-com.  But don't get flown away by the title, the story has plenty of depth in it. It is much more than what its beautiful cover reveals.  This book I feel has a quality of feel-good factor which I believe we all need in these unprecedented times. Now let me give you a quick high-level view of the story.  The story is narrated from January Andrews's viewpoint, she's the main narrator of the story and there is another character called Augustus Eve

Ghost stories from the Indian Hills by Ruskin Bond Book Review

  Ghost stories from the Indian Hills by Ruskin Bond Book Review The Ghost Stories from the Hills of India by Ruskin Bond is a collection of short stories about 20 stories and these are horror stories.  But let me tell you, don't freak out. These are the cutest horror stories that you will come across because none of these stories are really going to scare you. At the heart of this novel is the one story is Captain Young's Coast story.  Captain Young keeps visiting the town of Masoori. It's the town that he sounded and he's so in love with it that he can't stop but keep revisiting this small town every now and then.  Along with this story, there are a few other stories and all of these stories are set in the Hills of India, mostly around Masouri and Landor and Barloga and Chamba and all of those other neighborhoods where the author has either lived or visited. Since I have also visited those places, it was kind of special for me to read about those Hills and kind of