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Tinder Loving Care book free pdf

  Tinder Loving Care book free pdf Title: Tinder Loving Care  Author: Sundari Venkatraman  Genre: Romance  Pages: 270  Publish Date: 22 October 2021  Language: English  Book Review: W hen Edwick Hegde and Aradhya Iyer meet through the Tinder app, the spark flies. Advik resists citing work pressures and goals, while the bold career-minded Aradhya constantly pursues him.  Unable to resist, he falls into a kind of relationship with her without thinking much about the future until the past comes back to bite them. And what a past it is! Iyer and Hegde look no different from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet's Montague and Capulets. The first generation fought while the second suffered from silence! Will General-Next also come under pressure? This is the story of Ego vs. Heart! Read on to find out which of the two is stronger in this eternal tug of war. My acceptance: My latest favorite. A simple love story that touches your heart. Revolving around two families, this book talk