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People We Meet on Vacation Book review

  People We Meet on Vacation Book review People we meet on vacation by Emily Henry,  she definitely is now solidified as an auto-buy author for me I will continue to read any like adult romance or anything like that   she continues to put out but let me actually get into what this book is about and hopefully you will want to read it because when I tell you that  This book just made me happy and made me smile like that was me this whole book and who doesn't want to feel that way this is about poppy and Alex this is a friend to lover's romance  So poppy and alex became friends in college and they are completely different people like they have very very little in common with each other  but somehow they are like super compatible and every summer they take a vacation together and when they started this in college  they really didn't have a lot of money so they tried to find bargains and tried to travel on a budget and she did a blog about it  so like her whole thing would be ab

Daughters of the Sun free book pdf

Daughters of the sun free book pdf Title:  Daughters of the Sun Author  :  Ira Mukhoty Pages:  323 Genre : Biography, History Published date: 2018 Language:  English Book review: We have read so much about the Mughal era in our history textbooks Mughal emperors their victories their glory their legacy is so much talked about  But Solis has written about the women of that era author Ira Mukhoty talks about the women of the Mughal empire in her book daughters of the sun and how they helped shape the Mughal empire, is the book worth her read Daughters of the sun by Eramo koti this book is a glowing account of the many women who lived under the shadow of the Mughal empress and yet led remarkable lives that had a profound impact on all of India  The topic is something we hardly know about and is hardly taught in our history textbooks  The book raises a kind of parallel history starting from 1500 when 17 years old barbara marries for the first time till 1857 when Mughal glory comes to an end

The Most Beautiful Bool Haul ft. Alabaster book review

The Most Beautiful Bool Haul ft. Alabaster book review The most beautiful book haul and it is really inspiring me to form some new life-giving habits and routines  So without saying anything else I just need to share my haul of alabaster bibles they are absolutely beautiful  I received the gospel set so that's Matthew mark luke and john if you've never heard about alabaster  I would highly encourage you to check out their website and take a look through all of their bibles So would highly recommend you check out their stuff their bibles are perfect gifts for yourself obviously but then also those you really love and father's day is coming up  I think this would make a really good father's day gift so as I said the gospel set has Matthew mark luke and john these are beautiful individual books of the bible that are absolutely stunning  The photography of these is just so awe-inspiring and it honestly just takes your breath away seeing some of these photos, especially in l

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman book PDF download

Click here to download the pdf  Anxious People by Fredrik Backman book PDF download  Anxious people by Frederick Bachman,  so i read a couple of fredrik bachmann books and i really really enjoyed them i really like the way that he writes the way that  he writes characters especially and this book was definitely my favorite of his so far i'm just going to say off the bat  i gave it five stars like i said it's probably one of the best books that i've read this year and i just really want to encourage everyone i know to read this book like  this is a book  that i can universally recommend like across the board to like anyone any age group any background like  i feel like anyone could read this and enjoy it maybe not everyone will love it as much as i do but i feel like this is a book that could be universally loved and adored and that  may just be me thinking that because i love this book so much but let me explain a little bit about this and see if it's the thing fo

Jade City by Fonda Lee Book Review

  Jade City by Fonda Lee Book Review Jade City by Fonda Lee is the first book in an adult fantasy trilogy that is Asian inspired by and is following primarily three adult siblings within a crime mafia-type family  this book was our household book club pick for march so this video might be going up before or after the live show  but if you want more in-depth thoughts and that's already up I will leave that on the screen so first off we talk about the world-building this is like I said an Asian inspired fantasy setting  I would say that this is light on the fantasy though because the only magical element thus far is that jade is the stone that imbues magical abilities to people  It is very similar to like the metals in Mistborn for example with like the things people can do when they have jade on their person and they're a green bone  which is a person that can use jade without having many negative side effects although they still have to be a little bit careful about it so they

Tears & Smiles of Human Soul by Om Parkash Jawa Review

  Tears & Smiles of Human Soul by Om Parkash Jawa Review Tears and smiles of the human soul by Omprakash java I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review  The book is a collection of four stories the first one is seeds of deeds then withering life following bridge nemesis  The first story scenes of deeds are about an old man who along with his granddaughter Gargi abandons his home and moves to a desert amidst  In the barren desert, he finds an oasis full of trees and flowers seeing the fruit-laden mango tree and flowers he finds peace and joy  He reflects on his own past and realizes that the fruits of his own sinful deeds have brought him sorrow and misery  While that of trees brings peace joy and contentment he depends on his past and resolves to return home to lead a virtuous life dedicated to the service of others  The second story within life somewhat portrays the current state of the country it talks of a fictional land that has weakened  Du

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah book free pdf

  The Four Winds book free pdf The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah,  so something unusual for this book is that I actually don't really feel comfortable giving it a star rating because I really when I finish this book I close this book and I could not wrap my head around  First of all what I just read and second of all what I even felt about it because for me the five-star rating system generates mostly from how much I enjoyed it  I have to put it out there I did not enjoy this book I did not enjoy reading this I did not like this I was not comfortable with this I was not happy with this story  But that being said it probably will still make my favorites of 2021 so let me explain a little further if you haven't yet heard of the four winds  This is about a woman named Elsa and she lives in Texas and it's during the depression dust bowl era which is like an era period in history that I really haven't ever read fiction about  So this was a new experience in that regard and sh

Zen: the art of simple living pdf free

  Zen: the art of simple living pdf free Title:   Zen: the art of simple living  Author:  Shomnya Masuno Genre:  Self Help  Pages:  224  Publish Date:  14 May 2019 Language:  English  Book Review: Zen the art of simple living by a Japanese monk, t his book has to be read by everybody especially so if you are a beginner level reader.  The Author Shomnya Masuno is a Japanese monk and the chief priest of the Soto zen temple ken koji  He is also a professor at the Tama art university and the head of a design firm that takes up design projects across japan and also abroad  Shumiya Masuno is also a garden designer a zen garden designer and has been called as japan's leading garden designer  Number one expect a book that teaches you a thing or two about simple living  Number two expect crisp and shortly that will make you become a better person a much happier person  Number three expect a book that brings you ancient Japanese philosophy in a nutshell  Number four expect a book that brings