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A good marriage by Kimberly McCreight Summary


A good marriage by Kimberly McCreight Summary

A good marriage by Kimberly McCreight Summary

A good marriage by Kimberly McCreight, so first of all I'm always saying that I need to do more book reviews and then I never do but I figured I just need to start doing it, and then it'll be done obviously 

but I recently finished this book and I really enjoyed it and I hadn't heard a lot about this book before I got it so I thought why not do a book review myself 

so you're out looking to read this you have a little more information going in so this will be spoiler-free gave it four and a half out of five stars which is a great rating for me before I get into a review 

I just want to point out I did not notice the creepy man behind her until one was it I like was reading this book for a few days I think and I look down at the cover and saw him and like I jumped I was so freaked out because I did not see him yeah 

so if you're like me and you didn't spot him yet he is very terrifying looking this is a domestic thriller I think you would call it and it takes place in New York City and it's actually following a lawyer who works for a law firm in New York City and her old law school buddy reached out to her cos he is in prison and his wife ended up dead at the bottom of the stairs in their home and so he's being charged with murder 

obviously, he really wants her to represent him and she does not want to do this at all she does not do criminal law by the law all she does like more fraud type of law and she stays clear of the violence 

because of her past what's happened in her past her family so she does not want to do this at all she kind of gets pulled into it though and sets off this whole chain of events with her personal life 

getting dragged into it and learning all of the secrets from her old law school friend and this was really good did seem a little bit slow and I didn't really know where we were headed 

because things that I thought would have happened within the first couple chapters were happening like 200 meters into the story 

so I didn't know why it was taking so long to get there I didn't know what the end goal of the story was actually going to be considering was taking so long to get to certain points 

but those lasts like hundred plus pages were incredible I really felt like I knew what was coming and there were some things I did call that I was really proud of myself for so it's really happy with that 

but there and I thought oh that was it like that's what we were gonna discover the author threw in some crazy twists and turns in here I did not see coming whatsoever 

I was really so surprised by how interwoven the story became you're kind of following a bit of an unreliable narrator I don't know if you would consider her completely to be one but there's definitely some things that 

she's hiding about her past and you don't really know what they are and you're kind of led to believe certain things from our main character and it's not until the end that you find out the truth about them or that you they were wrong the whole time so I like an unreliable narrator 

I think it makes things more spicy and it just throws in another element thriller because you don't really know what's going on with our person who's trying to tell the story let alone with the other story is so 

I really enjoyed that and the guy who she's representing Zach first of all I you get a vibe from him in the beginning that he's he's not you know completely cool there's something a little wonky with him 

but how his character pans out through the story is just shocking and I loved it I would recommend this I got this in my book of the month box 

when I was reading this that I almost skipped maze month selection because I wasn't really feeling any of the books and then I just decided 

you know I'll just get this thriller because it'll probably be somewhat enjoyable and I'm really caught that I ended up getting it and like I said 

I did not see any reviews beforehand I hadn't seen anyone really talking about this book so I'm really glad that I was able to kind of go into it blind and without any expectations for it was supposed to be good or supposed to be bad or whatnot so I really enjoyed it 

but I do have to say I am NOT a predominantly thriller murder-mystery reader I do love thrillers and murder mysteries but I don't read them all too much so it still felt referred to me and I'm don't know if you read a lot of these 

if this would just seem like any other one I personally didn't think it seemed like other pearlers I've read but maybe if you solely feed those or you need a lot more of them 

you may find that but like I said I didn't feel that way I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to someone who is into like a thriller anyone mentioned it takes place in New York City 

but you're really following the lives of these people who live in this really kind of bougie Brooklyn neighborhood and you're following these parents of these kids who go to this Brooklyn country day school and they're all kind of like posh 

but their whole thing the whole look is to be wealthy but not show the wealth that much like it's a really subtle infusing thing and it dives into that in this book as well another thing 

I want to mention that I really liked like honestly if this wasn't in the book I don't think I would have liked it as much by any stretch so you're actually following the one who's murdered Amanda the wife you get to follow her story for the week before she's actually murdered 

so you're learning about her life then the week leading up to her death and I really liked that we had that in the story like I said if we did not have that I don't know 

if I would have liked it as much but I really liked learning it about Amanda I really liked learning about her friends in this neighborhood and learning about how she was fitting in with them 

you're learning about her marriage about her friend's marriages and even the marriage of the lawyer who's investigating this case you're learning about her marriage and how it's falling apart.

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