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A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman book review


A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman book review

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman book review

 A Man Called Ove by  Fredrik Backman because I just finished reading this book over the past week and I really loved it and since going to book net fest 

I have wanted to do more book reviews I'm still working on the whole critical aspect of it which is hard to do in a spoiler-free review so this will be spoiler-free and will be as critical as 

I may try to get well we'll see if that actually happens I just really fell in love with this story and it was a story that just made me want to share with other people and I just wanted to talk about it 

so I thought this is perfect for me to do a review for now I know that this book has been out for a few years and it's a movie and everyone 

I feel like it's read it I'm one of the last people I think to finally get around to picking up this book but if you haven't yet read this book 

I do not think you would regret it at all this book has been pretty well hyped you've probably heard about it you've probably heard that it's fantastic and it's a little intimidating always going into a book that you think is going to be great because they're just as feeling of 

I think it's going to let me down so when I started reading this book I was enjoying it okay but in the beginning of the book 

I didn't really understand what was going to be so incredible about it and it just kind of sneaks up on you this story 

so just know if you start it and you're the first few chapters and you just don't get what the big deal is just keep going because it's as the story unfolds and as you 

see these characters develop through the whole story that is when it really hits you and makes the big impact on you 

so I'll give you a little bit of a synopsis for this one at the start of this story Ubbe is an older man he's 59 years old 

he has recently lost the love of his life and he is very grumpy he hates any change and he's a rule-following loyal person to the core 

since his wife has gone he really finds no purpose in living anymore nothing really brings him any joy, everyone 

he comes in contact with aggravates him and he thinks they're all a bunch of idiots Luva has no friends whatsoever 

he's alienated the few people that he was close with his life and really has lost all of the colors that it had when his wife 

Sonja was in it now enter a new family that moves into his neighborhood characters in this family challenge event 

they demand things remove it and they pull him back to life in a way that Louisville wasn't really expecting also there's this wonderful cat in this story that 

I have to mention because I think this is just the best cat I've ever read about in all of fiction 

I just I wish this cat was real and could be my cat and I'm not even really a cat person per se but this cat had all the personality and was so wonderful 

I loved how OVA kind of work grudgingly took on and learned to care for this cat really against as well and I think the phrase against his will is how you can describe oofah doing anything in this whole book 

movie social commentary is honestly so spot-on but also hilarious that this book also had a ton of humor in it and I found myself laughing just throughout reading this book 

which was just such a fun experience when not only is a good book and pulls at your heart but it's also hilarious and I loved just being in his head and following his line of thinking 

it was so delightful how grumpy a person could be one thing that I really liked about this story was that we just get flashbacks and we did get to learn about Ava's life when his wife was alive 

we saw actually OVA in his childhood growing up with his father who he loved who was getting his first job a meeting Sonya and then all the struggles that they dealt with in their marriage 

As well and it really makes you understand just how devastated Eva was by his wife's passing you really can understand why he is so upset with life because 

he was married to a wonderful person and he has lost himself and losing her too just makes you really feel for Eva really 

the love between Uma and Sonya was just so pure and sweet and it's just what I hope when I'm looking back on my marriage that I have these same feelings about it this is 

honestly a boat that I just wanted to hug but I was listening to the audiobook so I didn't have anything to 

hug but it just was filled with these sweet moments of genuine human kindness that could melt even the hardest of hearts like ubers and I think really some of the stories 

that tend to stick with us the most are ones that showed this genuine human kindness that really crosses differences in age and gender race 

it really has such a good story to that you who are kind to someone it's not just the person who you are kind to gets changed 

but it's you who are being kind you yourself get changed by your acts of kindness and I think that is such a lesson that was portrayed in this story by Eva and even by the other characters around 

Eva and the new neighbors and people who were just kind to Eva despite Eva's grumpiness and roughness did listen to this on audio which I think the audio narration was fantastic 

I would definitely recommend it but for myself personally I kind of wish I hadn't listened to it on audiobook because I did find myself zoning out during certain parts of the book and it was through no fault of the audiobook 

it's just sometimes my mind goes elsewhere even as engaging as a story maybe I can still have the boss that just goes elsewhere 

I will probably just go ahead and read it again sometime in the future because it was just so good and it's something that 

I would want to revisit a narration that was actually really fantastically done but I think I would like to read the book in physical form the next time and I must say 

I did get pretty emotional there at the end I am watching the movie I started it yesterday and I'm hopefully going to be finishing 

it's sometime today so far I'm really liking it and I think I'm going to end up loving it just as much as the book probably 

but I really love seeing the characters come to life so it's really great cuz it's also very fresh in my mind and I think going into the movie it's good that I did read this book 

also because of the subtitles and I'm like trying to read them so quickly but I'm also trying to watch the movie 

so I feel like I am missing some things just trying to stay caught up with the story that I'm glad that I read the book before 

so I actually do kind of know what's happening which it is a bit of a disadvantage to Nathan because he's a little bit more clueless about what's happening in this story because he didn't read the book 

so just be warned if you are planning on watching the movie you may want her just read the book first and it's a great book 

so why not I'm now going to read everything by this author because I also read Beartown by him and loved it I'm just gonna go through all of his books 

If you've read any other books by him that you really liked please let me know because I am hoping to read some more of him by the end of the year for sure 

If you want to talk about some finer details about things that happened in this book I would love to keep chatting about it because I just want to talk about this book.

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