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Caravan by Adam De Collibus Book Review in English

Caravan by Adam De Collibus Book Review in English

Caravan by Adam De Collibus book review in English

Caravan by Adam de colobusm, it's a beautiful beautiful novel, not just the cover you can take a look at it quite minimalistic yet appealing and exciting 

The cover reads a bewitching tale of one man's struggle to find his place in the world by Paragon Journal and this book is quite literally that in exactly those words 

So let's begin caravan is a story of William Abney who is a word journalist he has just returned from World War one and is struggling to find his place in London 

He does not have a job and when he gets offered a role with London does a newspaper he can not be more excited to accept it the book actually begins with you 

You know the day 1 of his interview when William Abney is is commuting from his place of stay to the London Dove office where he meets Reginald the owner of this newspaper 

Now this particular character Reginald seems a little bit of a fellow who you would not trust from his looks you know from the word go because he is alcoholic 

he seems unstable and the kind of offer that he makes to William is something you or I would probably not agree with in the first place 

so it feels Shady there's something fishy there and that's exactly what William feels as well but William needs 

it William needs the monies and he feels that this is his chance to kind of you know leave behind his struggles for survival 

So yes he accepts the offer what the offer entails is William has to travel to Yemen and he has to go to Morocco where 

He has to be the photographer to capture pictures of the locals of the culture of whatever he thinks makes that all different from 

The world in London and if he manages to come back in a period of six months time is when he'll get paid or he can forget about the pay altogether because like in most of the cases 

Where you know people have taken up the same job the same offer that William has they never managed to come back so 

So on the borderline of intrigue and danger and challenge of course and obviously William is you know kind of struggling to survive William accepts it and before 

We know he's on the ship to Morocco this book is about Williams's journey through the Sahara on the caravan that he's taken to capture what is expected of him 

Now one of the kinds of experiences makes the kind of people he meets the kind of situations he falls into the kind of traps you know he feels that 

He's bound into the kind of dangers that are lurking around either in the desert or in the city where William stays you know especially from the time and he gets mobbed because you know 

He has to find a place to stay in Morocco which is cheap which is reliable so he approaches assert this hotel and the first thing he knows is that he gets you to know 

He gets mugged by the person but the same person who initially poses to be the hotel's owner but yeah that kind of experience and all of that kind of put together is what 

This book is all about okay so first of all let me tell you that this is a review copy that I received from Adam and he was kind enough to send it to me from across the oceans 

So yes Adam if you're watching this video if you're listening to me thank you very much for the review copy and I'm also happy because this book is nothing like a debut novel 

It's a historical fiction novel and Jordan is kind of one of my favorites and it doesn't feel like a nebula over like I said because of the kind of ecology the kind of slaver the kind of richness 

It you know that comes off this book you won't feel as a leader you won't feel this is a Nebu novel it is so brilliantly done obviously 

It you know most of the experiences most of this quality that I'm talking about comes from the author's personal experience because he's traveled 17 countries across 

The world and and you it's it's easy to kind of understand to kind of figure that out from whether that's the narration whether that's the dialogues the situations that's happening 

It's easy to imagine that you know probably it's the author himself food being on that kind of in that kind of situations and probably 

It you know he himself tackled those situations by probably you know the sheer presence of mind or you know at times when the locals have helped them out so 

so I think what I'm trying to say is that it's not difficult to imagine the author in that place and also start relating with it because if you're someone like me even 

I travel a lot so if it's someone like me who travels a lot and you know you see in certain parts of the world doesn't matter when that's whether that's local or that's international global 

but if you're someone who travels and you know someone who kind of is nervous in the beginning of meeting new people 

but it's also excited at the kind of experience you're gonna you know gain from such encounters you kind of relationship with this book you kind of know what the author is talking about the language is pretty simple 

it's it's something that I always stress upon in all of my reviews the language has to be really really simple how else are you gonna go you know expect the reader to understand kind of feel 

you to kind of take away something from the story so that is one of the major requisites I feel it's something that I am always looking for from novels and Adam 

Adam has done a great job at it at about yeah 243 odd pages this is a whole world put together in the book William Abney has stayed in the world 

where he is apprehensive first he does not take up the job but there are situations that compel him to so he travels with a ton of experiences he makes the initial rejection he faces when 

he when he kind of makes it clear that he wants to join the caravan for so-and-so reasons and then the kind of dangers that are lurking in the desert-like 

I said and with the presence of mind that he is God he is able to type in some really difficult types of spots and get out of them and help the leader of the caravan who is an Hakim something 

I don't remember the full name right now but Hakim he William manages to make good friends with him and he gains the trust of all of these locals despite him being an 

English man and he knows that the locals don't know what trust or believe in English people they have the reasons 

but William is great that way so so you had the portrayal of William as a protagonist is it splendid I feel he grows from someone who is not so confident to someone who is struggling 

a man who's come to terms to where he is in life that kind of face he is in and how he should be you know always be prepared to tackle any kind of situation there's a lot to learn from 

there you know in life you might not always be prepared for what life throws at you but do you wanna you know kind of sit back and try do you want to be really strong about it go out there and face in 

the weight comes that's the person William is so that's one aspect I really liked I relate with it because I think personally somewhere deep down even 

I am that kind of a person except for the times when I am really really low but I think that's I think all of us but yeah 

so I'm not gonna tell you whether William really manages to kind of finish the task the project whether he comes back that's for you to find 

out because how else will you will you kind of feel this great novel it's travel fiction like I said 

it's also historical fiction it's based out of the period right after World War one there are not too many characters 

so it becomes easier to kind of you know remember the story the flow of it it's not disjointed it will is a beautifully laid out 

so yes the background work you know the author has done a brilliant background work at this what more there is to say I feel there were times 

when you know the narration kind of meant beyond a point and you know III felt that you know I was kind of losing track of the plot of that situation so at times yes it's too detailed 

but I understand that you know that the author has traveled to so many places he has got his head full of these ideas his experiences and he's kind of like trying to wrap everything around in the book for readers 

it is quite possible that you know those patches that I'm talking about it might put you off but this is a request if you're reading this book and I 

so want you to read it hang in there you know don't no one give up because the end is beautiful no it is going to make you feel enlightened and not in a peachy sort of way 

but in a beautiful interesting sort of way is going to leave you with a lot more so yes hang in there what's more to say you know 

I think what makes up for this general not so tedious disappointment is Adams's writing style which is beautiful 

he's got a way with words and he knows how to how wrap situations how to wrap the protagonist's feelings or his disappointments in a way where 

you kind of to not feel too low for him too bad for him and you do not enter into a world where you know you are not being able to get out of it but at the same time you feel that pinch and you move on 

so so yeah it has to be light and the author has done a great job in balancing a mother flood the overall environment of this novel is very beautiful 

It is calm in the chaotic is what I think I would like to term it like the protagonist is somebody who you will probably like and who you'll fall for 

Because he's so beautifully written you see him growing you know psychologically and mentally getting out of a lot of challenges and barriers of his own so yeah there's a lot there 

I feel it's only 243 pages so I think you finish it before you know and to make your reading experience even richer probably grab a cup of hot coffee and that should do it 

so yes if I have to wrap it up three things the language is beautiful the writing style is beautiful not too many characters 

so it's going to be easy for you to remember who's who and who's story is what although the whole of the story is actually 

just wrapped around William Apple a third the cultures of both the places whether that's in London whether that's you know the caravan actually traveling through the Sahara 

so all of the cultures are the kind of people you meet through the story so these are the three things that make it a beautiful read 

so give it a try do not hesitate I'm going to put up the review on my blog as well which is a bad book thief so 

so you can catch up with the review on the blog as well as what do you feel about the book.




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