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Daughters of the Sun free book pdf

Daughters of the Sun free book pdf

Daughters of the sun free book pdf

  • Title: Daughters of the Sun
  • Author Ira Mukhoty
  • Pages: 323
  • Genre: Biography, History
  • Published date:2018
  • Language: English

Book review:

We have read so much about the Mughal era in our history textbooks Mughal emperors their victories their glory their legacy is so much talked about 

But Solis has written about the women of that era author Ira Mukhoty talks about the women of the Mughal empire in her book daughters of the sun and how they helped shape the Mughal empire, is the book worth her read

Daughters of the sun by Eramo koti this book is a glowing account of the many women who lived under the shadow of the Mughal empress and yet led remarkable lives that had a profound impact on all of India 

The topic is something we hardly know about and is hardly taught in our history textbooks 

The book raises a kind of parallel history starting from 1500 when 17 years old barbara marries for the first time till 1857 when Mughal glory comes to an end with the exile of bahadur Shah Zafar 

It presents the history of 300 years of Mughal empire in India while focusing on the women of the dynasty who played far more powerful and active roles than described by the western historians 

Though there were no Mughal rulers or ministers during the Mughal rule but the lives of women in Mughal haram were not without accomplishment or education

There were women like hamidah begum who rode into battle with her husband when the need arose khanzada begum who engaged in diplomacy and sacrificed her freedom for the sake of her brother 

Gulbadan Begum who wrote the family history in Humayun and Zaha Aram who wrote Sufi books 

A Mughal empress zanana was not just a place for his wives or concubines but also a sanctuary for any women related to him or his lord retainers 

The widows of the empress international comprised generals relatives who sought refuge from other countries elderly mothers and grandmothers stepmothers children entourage of Rajput princesses attendants tradeswomen all sorts of people lived in the haram making it a vibrant and interesting place to live in 

The Mughal haram was not just a place of appearance and granger but also a place of learning literature and arts of prayed and power 

The author has tried to lift the wheels of mystery from this close and sheltered world 

In the accounts of European travelers, the Mughal haram is reduced to a fantastical mix of bazaar gossip stray leanings of fact and s*xual fantasy 

If you envision Mughal Sarana as a place with scheming wives should concubines and unfulfilled royal princesses then you are in for a disappointment 

The author presents Mughal Canada as a place where accomplished cultured and educated women were respected and cherished 

The book traces the needs of the first six Mughal emperors while simultaneously tracing the lives of prominent Mughal women of each period 

From matriarchs like khanzada begum to princesses like Roshanara and jahaara the book talks about them all 

There are the nomadic timid women of early years of babar and humayun who accompanied the emperor even to the war or during daring escapes across the country while fleeing from pursuing armies 

They rarely observed parda and were used to a life on the march along with their men then there are accomplished and powerful businesswomen like marasmus Zamani 

Who not only conducted trade from the port of Sumatra regions but also applied merchant ship, Rahimi, to far-off places in the Arabian sea 

There is Zahara with her Sufi bent of mine and her political support to her brother Dhara which led to her downfall 

We learned about foster mothers milk mothers princesses and queens who established legacies of their own 

The women in the Mughal Zana held considerable power as they had massive wealth owned trading ships commissioned monumental buildings and advised the emperor on public policies of these perhaps the most powerful was nur Jha 

Who had points issued under her name and was allowed to issue firms under her name and with her own seal 

Something that could be done only by the emperor the writing is beautiful and transports you to the Mughal era some five hundred years ago 

Such is the beauty of hiramukhoti's writing that I could visualize the magnificence of the opinions and the granger of that era in all its glory 

The writer has beautifully captured the essence of the era gone by the book is both immensely readable and informative 

We have somewhat heard about nuja months male and Sahara though not much but they are other powerful and accomplished women 

Like harkabai khanzada begum gula dan begum Mahim page and Garima sultan begum, we really talk about 

And it is the contribution of these women to Indian history and culture that is celebrated in daughters of the sun 

I had always thought of the Mughal period as the one that propagated Purdue system where women were of little consequence and where women in the zenana were relegated to bearing children or raising them 

It was an eye-opener to learn how the lives of the Mughal women transformed from the relative freedom of the early 200 years to the rigid conditions of the Rajput influence zanana 

Only while reading this book I came to know about the considerable influence Mughal women had on the law policies literature trade arts and architecture of that period 

I was amazed to know about the contributions of some of these women in creating shah Jahan Abad or old Delhi 

14 out of the 19 magnificent structures in the city were built by the wives and daughters of Sharjah and orang sheep 

Just imagine the kind of wealth and power these queens and princesses had at their disposal the imperial Mughal Zaltana was a parallel world of its own inhabited by a diverse range of women who spend their time writing building ruling trading creating and so on 

This book changed my perception of the Mughals the stories of these illustrious women are very interesting and amusing but the brilliant writing of the author adds another dimension to the stories 

The author has done extensive research which shows throughout the book the details are gathered from the writings of the western historians to official chroniclers

Like Abul Fazal who wrote Akbar Nama and some of the women themselves like gurbadan vegan's Humayun and Zahara's writings 

The author has done a commendable job in putting her extensive research into words the book is easy to read 

It doesn't overburden the readers with data or historical facts but rather runs like an interesting and engaging story that spans across generations 

It is incredibly well researched and masterfully written I was engrossed from beginning till the end it opened my eyes to a part of history that I didn't know much about 

This is such a beautiful book definitely worth your time if you are interested in history 

If you want to read a book on Mughal history especially Mughal women then I highly recommend reading this one 

So this was my review of daughters of the sun by Ira Mukhoty have you read this book if yes then do share your thoughts in the comments section.



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