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Essence of the fifth veda by Gaurang Daman book pdf

Essence of the fifth veda by Gaurang Daman book pdf

The essence of the fifth Veda by Gaurang Daman book pdf

The essence of the fifth Veda by Gaurang Daman, so this is a non-fiction book so etihas includes Ramayana and Mahabharata and ethics and Puran together are called the fifth Veda 

so this particular book summarizes the knowledge from Ethics and Puran and as a result of that 

this book is called the essence of the fifth Veda this book narrates the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and it mentions over 265 relevant geographical locations that can be identified and verified even in current times 

this book also talks about the path to attain moksh in a very simple and an easy language 

both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember so when I had started reading this book I was expecting to read something that I already knew 

I thought that it would be like revisiting something that I already had so much knowledge about however I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this book shared so many things that I did not know 

these were like additional nuggets of knowledge little things here and there that i had no idea about and getting to know about these things about the Ramayana and the Mahabharat was enlightening and also a very good experience for me as a reader 

I devoured this book because reading this book was such a fresh experience and I read it cover to cover without stopping 

reading this book was a both informative and a spiritual experience informative because of the geographical locations that can be verified and also because of additional things that I found out about both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata 

 it was a spiritual experience as well because this book talks about the path to attain moksh and that part in the book was very very impactful and powerful and yet so easy to read 

so that is why on the whole reading this book was a very impactful experience I am going to say that if you are somebody who knows about the Etihad and the Puran you can still go for this book 

because there will be more things that you can learn from it concepts of dharma and bhakti have also been discussed in this book Vedic knowledge is vast and endless and no matter what you try to read it's always going to seem like that you have just crashed the surface

however, reading a book like this is going to open a path for you where you might want to discover even more about the knowledge that you can get from the Vedic scriptures so these days 

we read a lot of retellings which are usually grouped under the genre of mythological fiction however this book is not like that this book is more factual and it's completely non-fiction so another thing is that it's a combination of uh the Ramayana the Mahabharat and the Puran 

so that makes this book completely different and unique in its own way also the language is very very no-nonsense the tone and the vibe of the book are very serious yet effective at the same time even though 

seriously, it never gets boring in fact if anything this is an aw-inspiring experience and that is why you have a great time with this book as i said before reading this book is not at all hard 

it's actually something that you are inclined to finish very very quickly because you don't feel like putting it down what makes this book special is that it explains 

so many teachings and so many concepts and incidents as well and by the time you finish this book there is absolutely no confusion and so much information that you gain from it right 

at the beginning of this book, the author has talked about how he got the opportunity to read and understand the Vedic scriptures and how he knows that there are so many people who would like to do the same 

but because of time constraints and other reasons they are unable to do so so the purpose behind writing this book is to help people uncover and understand the knowledge provided by Vedic scriptures in an easy 

yet effective manner and after having read this book completely I can say confidently that this book lives up to that claim also 

the author intends on writing more books in this area so that he can acquaint people with Vedic knowledge in an easy and impactful manner in the future as well 

I had a great time reading the essence of the fifth Veda by gaurang the money and I am definitely going to recommend this book to anybody interested in this subject.

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