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Ghost stories from the Indian Hills by Ruskin Bond PDF Download


Ghost stories from the Indian Hills by Ruskin Bond Book Review

Ghost stories from the Indian Hills by Ruskin Bond PDF Download 

The Ghost Stories from the Hills of India by Ruskin Bond is a collection of short stories about 20 stories and these are horror stories. 

But let me tell you, don't freak out. These are the cutest horror stories that you will come across because none of these stories are really going to scare you. At the heart of this novel is the one story is Captain Young's Coast story. 

Captain Young keeps visiting the town of Masoori. It's the town that he sounded and he's so in love with it that he can't stop but keep revisiting this small town every now and then. 

Along with this story, there are a few other stories and all of these stories are set in the Hills of India, mostly around Masouri and Landor and Barloga and Chamba and all of those other neighborhoods where the author has either lived or visited.

Since I have also visited those places, it was kind of special for me to read about those Hills and kind of relate and think in my head, oh my God, did I visit that place? Was it a ghost there? As far as the settings go, the stories are really short, some of them only eight or nine pages long.

And the book itself is only about 200 pages. So I think most of you guys will end up finishing it in a setting or something like that. And like I said, the stories are short. 

They are beautifully written in the trademark simple yet captivating Ruskin Bond style. I really want to talk about the ghosts in this book.

When we speak of Coasts, it kind of tends to give us shivers and make us all go like, yeah, it's ghosts. But this book is different because these ghosts are not only ghosts, they are not monstrous, they are not demons, and they are like long-lost friends. 

And they also are kind of desperate. And they are also kind of longing for all of those human traits or human needs, expectations of love and affection, maybe attention a little bit and care. So all of these quotes are in a way like that.

They are longing for company. They are longing for affection, some care for somebody to talk to. A few of the stories that I have to talk to you about. 

One of the stories that I absolutely loved, is about this girl who is from the Hills and she's a mountain girl and she keeps visiting the valleys and she sings these beautiful songs and that's her way of saying luring the travelers. And the author is beautifully enchanted by her.

So every time he visits the Valley and he talks with her a little bit and understands her a little bit and gradually she stops coming and he gets to know from one of the boys in the Valley that she was never alive. 

And she's just one girl who loves to sing songs and enchanted travelers. So when you read about it, you feel it's so cute and it's so sweet to want to talk to someone and want company. And when you think about it, okay, so she was a ghost. So you tend to get a little bit nervous there.

But it lasts for like half a second. All of the stories are just as sweet as this. They are beautiful. And I think somewhere all of these ghosts feel so human that you want to kind of meet ghosts like that. All of these stories have that longing where the author kind of wants to meet these ghosts again and again.

And in some of these stories where he's already met them a couple of times and he knows that those are ghosts and those are not alive, he still goes out there and he's waiting for them and he's kind of caught up with them. 

He is so hung up on them that he is heartbroken when he doesn't meet them again. So the beauty of his writing is, that even a ghost feels special and friendly and someone you would want to meet. 

This is another story which is about a beautiful girl called Julie and she's dead for years, but she wants some change from the normal, from the routine. 

And she comes out of her grave in the night and she goes visiting parties with strangers and then she goes back to her rape.

She has this tale about this another woman who was betrayed in life and she jumps off a cliff every night and the author or whoever other has witnessed her knows that this is a tale that comes back comes from centuries ago when a woman was betrayed by her husband and she leaves her children and everybody behind and she goes and jumps off the cliff from sheer disappointment in life. 

That was, I thought, heartbreaking again, disappointing really. But such are the stories of the ghostly tales from the Hills of India written by Rustin Bond. 

Let me tell you, if you are somebody who believes that horror is not their thing, they would rather not read horror. Never try their hands at it, or they feel that it's just too scary a Journal.

This is perhaps the book to start. This is perhaps the place to start because these stories at the end will not feel like horror at all. But I'll be Frank with you. 

There are a couple of stories that felt scary. For example, there is this incident at the Mould that I fell towards Kerry in terms of the atmosphere that was created by the author.

There is a skull that is showcased really. But the way it kind of ends up being with this person who owns it is kind of scary in a way. 

So there are a couple of these stories that felt creepy but even those are not ones that the courts are kind of going to jump at you from a corner or in the night, scare you, or something like that.

I felt there was a very thin line between it being termed fiction and nonfiction because it was written from the first-person perspective and we know it's the author talking so I won't have the time. I felt that.

Okay. Is this section is this memoir dead? Ruskin Bond really meets all of these posts so I think you're going to enjoy reading these stories. 

These are short, beautiful tales with them. One thing that I can definitely promise you is they are not going to give you nightmares and they are not going to make you nervous.

They're not going to give you the shivers and you're definitely not going to feel that there is somebody lurking around or looking at you from over the shoulder that you can rest assured of.

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