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Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir Book Review


Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir Book Review

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir Book Review

Project hail mary by andy weir, so this is science fiction and i didn't know anything about this book going into it 

I read two books by him previously read the martian and artemis and i really enjoyed both of those and so I just trusted that i was going to enjoy this one as well 

I also had just seen really good things about it and a huge thank you to my husband's cousin brad for sending the ebook to me because i was on a waitlist at my library 

That was months long and i'm so glad he gifted that to me as i said i went into this book completely blind and i would encourage you to do so so i don't want to give like any spoilers 

For what this book is about because i think you'll just enter this story like i did surprised and happy by what happens and i just think you need to save that experience for yourself but if you need convincing to read this book 

Let me give you some reasons why i loved it first of all was the pacing i think the pacing in this book was done so well so not a spoiler but our main character 

He kind of comes to consciousness and he has no memories and so throughout this book he's getting his memories back so there's his memories and his current self and that's a constant flow throughout the whole book

I feel like that was done so well to just keep the whole plot moving forward and there really was no point in the story where you were bored with it like at all and also the pacing of just what was going on in general 

There was constantly a new problem to work on a new solution they had in sight in a new revelation that occurred either through his memories coming back to him or a new scientific revelation that they were working on 

So to put it out there i don't have too much knowledge when it comes to science i've never taken a physics class my highest science was chem 1 in college and then because i'm a nurse 

I took like anatomy and physiology but this isn't really that kind of science that's in project hail mary and i will say that it was done so well that it was really easy to understand the concepts that he was trying to make known to the reader and through his experimentation process 

It was really easy to follow and it all seemed perfectly sound science so i really enjoyed that because i felt like i was learning about space and science and experiments and stuff that actually kind of would hold up 

So i really enjoyed that and there still were times when some scientific concepts he was having a stream of consciousness maybe about them and i got lost a little bit 

But always by the time we got to the end of his thought process i was right back where i should be so i would say if don't be at all intimidated that 

This is science fiction and it is heavy on the science because it's very easy to grasp the concepts he's walking you through and also like it's really fun to learn these things and to see like the results in this book 

So for that it was really well done also putting it out there if you don't read science fiction normally i still would recommend this book to you

Because you might be surprised i don't read a lot of science fiction but the science fiction that i do read i do tend to really really enjoy 

I think something that was so fun about this book in addition to just reading it myself was my husband was listening to the audiobook 

At the same time and then we were in a group chat with his cousin brad who'd already read it before us and able to just dump our thoughts and feelings 

As we were reading it together and my husband finished before me and it was one of those things that normally 

If someone finishes before me i feel this strong urge like oh i have to finish it right now but i was enjoying this book so much  

I still get to enjoy so much more of this book like i felt the opposite of the way i would normally feel like i wanted to read it 

But i didn't want it to end because then i wouldn't have the book left to read if you know what i'm saying so you know when that happens you're reading 

A fantastic book and this one was pretty much from the beginning an immediate five star read for me i feel like some five stars they slowly reveal themselves to you throughout the book.

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