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The ex talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon Free Books Pdf

The ex talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon Free Books Pdf


The ex talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon Free Books Pdf

The ex talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon is an adult contemporary rom-com style book 

It's actually set in Seattle and our main character shay is like 30 years old she works as a producer for a public radio show and public radio has been like her whole life 

she's always loved it like as a kid growing up it was what bonded her and her dad 

but she's always wanted to be a host and even though she's been at this radio company for 10 years 

she's always just been a producer well the station is struggling and so they're trying to come up with ideas for like a new show 

that could get a new buzz and really help them out and she comes up with the idea to do like a relationship show 

but instead of having the two hosts be a couple have them actually be exes 

so they all love this idea but the only hitch in this is that they decide her ex is actually going to be her co-worker 

who she doesn't really get along with and they've actually never dated so 

it's kind of like the fake dating trope but they're like they pretend to be exes on this radio show and like 

just talk about relationships etc all of that but from the perspective of a couple who has broken up and has remained friends 

which is top entirely not true of course along the way they have to get to know each other because 

they're pretending to be each other's exes and i i just really i don't know the story really worked well for me and it's different too 

because I feel like I don't have a single relatable thing with myself and the main character of shay 

but I just still felt like shea was such a real character and i was able to enjoy her perspective 

so much like i said even though i didn't have like anything in common with her i was still able to really enjoy her story and dominic is the male lead 

in this story and he is just kind of like a loof seeming guy at first and she really does not like him because 

he's a little bit pretentious he's newer to the station and she just kind of thinks 

he's a bit of a know-it-all and he's all into journalism and like serious pieces and so for him, he's not really like onboard 

with this idea at first because he really wants to be taken seriously as a reporter and so he kind of just seems like in that way 

but as they get to know each other and fall for each other it is just so good and so cute their chemistry is just amazing and 

I ended up really really enjoying this one also an aspect of this book that I really did enjoy which has actually been a theme in the last few books 

That I've read but there was a very strong like pro-feminist five throughout this whole thing there is like a misogynistic character and they kind of talk about 

Him a few times and just how he doesn't even realize how he's being s**ist and against women and it just kind of like breaks down 

Like the unknown a bias you can have in terms of gender and gender roles and especially towards shay who's been working 

At the station for like 10 years and she should be really well respected and she should have moved up but like a part of that is 

Because she's just not as respected by her boss because she's a female so i really love that element to the story as well 

And like i said i've been reading a lot of books recently that have had that and i am definitely a fan of it 

so yeah overall this was just a really really good contemporary adult romance if it all sounds interesting to you

I definitely would recommend you give it a shot and also I feel like this would make a really good audiobook 

like I'm actually curious to know how they do the radioelements and I really want to know if the audiobook was made 

Like the jingle for their show because all the shows like have a little opening jingle I mean I would hope that the audiobook would have that included but I really want to hear it 

so I may like to find a way to borrow it from my library and just like fast forward to the parts where they have like the radio excerpts from it that are actually going to wrap up my review for the x talk 

Like I said would recommend if you like adult contemporary romance I just thought it was so enjoyable to read it only took me a few days 

so I really was just hooked on this story right from the start so that is all that I have for today's review but thank you so much for watching and happy reading.

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