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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig free book pdf

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig free book pdf

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig is a free book pdf

The midnight library by Matt Haig i hadn't planned on reading this book but now that I've read it I'm going to talk about it I'm going to tell you what I liked and what did not work for me and hether you should really consider reading this book

The midnight library is really about this place which is in between you know life and death our protagonist is not a seed she is a 35-year-old woman who has her issues to tackle 

she's lost her job and the only relative she has is an older brother who is hardly interested in her life everything is tumbling down the hill for Nora seed and one unfortunate day she decides to end her life 

the minute she does that she ends up in this place which is not really heaven or hell but it's the midnight library it's kind of a portal in between life and death so she reaches there and the midnight library is all about these books of life 

where you can revisit certain uh you know situations certain scenarios instances of your own life and that's what not a serious going to do i guess the concept was really fantastic not something we've seen or heard or read 

so this idea of you know a place between life and death where you could revisit all your past decisions your past life and getting a chance to improvise is something that has uh you know uh that hasn't been explored before 

so that felt really fresh apart from this core concept i don't think there was anything else that i felt really um you know unique or interesting for all of you who have not read this book 

I think it is important for you to know that it has these sensitive issues and if any of these are triggers to you you are going to be better off without reading this book personally 

Since I have been through that phase in life depression is not a place you want to be and um unfortunately this book delves right at the heart of depression and suicide which I felt was really disturbing the whole mood of 

The book is really melancholic it's based on the regrets in life the positive spin to it is that it also talks about second chances which definitely never happens in life you know 

I would have loved if there was a balance between the two which kind of didn't happen i think the writing could have been a lot better i felt it was very dull and it was draggy and repetitive and i think it lacked 

You know it lacked action i mean nothing at all happened not a seed is just comprehending and contemplating all of these situations in our life and it gets to a point where it starts to get really irritating 

so i had to really rush through those bits because um believe it or not it does uh you know leave an impact on you you do not want to be in that mood for long that's something 

which did not work for me in terms of the characters we really just have not a seed and a lot of other characters like her family her brother or the boyfriend she could have married 

They are you know they appear just in conversation this book felt like a whole long monologue of not a seed's life interspersed with all the philosophical bits that matt Hague could plugin 

I think it could have done a lot uh good to readers if the philosophy was toned down a little bit the regrets benefit uh you know could have been toned down a lot I mean 

we are already living with some or the other values in life all of us we do not want to be reminded of that so if that could have been just lightly touched it would have been a lot better lastly i think i want to talk about the setting 

so we know that this is a midnight library this is a fictional place in between life and death and there are all of these books that are the books of life of people and 

you can you know enter any of the books and you can revisit certain uh you know situation from your past life and from an outsider's perspective now analyze it 

Think what's the one thing you could have done differently that is something that I felt was 

That I felt was nice, uh you know to be able to psychologically analyze our actions and take full responsibility of everything we do

I want to summarize it by saying that it was a beautiful concept that was uh disappointingly done yeah it was underdone actually it 

Could have been brilliant it felt like a very straight plot very linear with nothing at all happening so for all you people who have loved this book forgive me don't kill me for this review 

I really tried hard to love this book I just couldn't you know feel it I just couldn't make myself do it having said that I think I'm going to recommend this book to only those people who are mentally really really strong.

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