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The Most Beautiful Bool Haul ft. Alabaster book review

The Most Beautiful Bool Haul ft. Alabaster book review

The Most Beautiful Bool Haul ft. Alabaster book review

The most beautiful book haul and it is really inspiring me to form some new life-giving habits and routines 

So without saying anything else I just need to share my haul of alabaster bibles they are absolutely beautiful 

I received the gospel set so that's Matthew mark luke and john if you've never heard about alabaster 

I would highly encourage you to check out their website and take a look through all of their bibles

So would highly recommend you check out their stuff their bibles are perfect gifts for yourself obviously but then also those you really love and father's day is coming up 

I think this would make a really good father's day gift so as I said the gospel set has Matthew mark luke and john these are beautiful individual books of the bible that are absolutely stunning 

The photography of these is just so awe-inspiring and it honestly just takes your breath away seeing some of these photos, especially in line with the text these would make beautiful coffee table books 

Like they're not books you just want to hide away on your bookshelf they're books you want to display on a coffee table so when people come into your home 

See them they can pick them up and flip through them and maybe start some conversations from what are within the pages because as beautiful as these books 

are which we can admit these are probably the most beautiful bibles i've ever seen i mean it's what's inside them that is like the most beautiful life-changing part of it all 

So i wanted to share two how i would use these when establishing a new devotional routine because i love routine 

If you don't love routine this is probably not going to be interesting to you but i love having like a certain time of day every day where i do a certain ritual 

It's very comforting to me it's not something that's a drag it's something that i look forward to and it's a part of the day that i can gain a lot of peace from 

so i'm really excited to be using these bibles as a part of that routine and just like some prayer worship and bible reading time i just really love how in addition to the text of the bible telling 

The story there is the visual story as well in the alabaster bibles and it really brings the whole thing together and i think it can add a whole new element to your devotional time 

so i'm really excited about these bibles i think they're just stunning i actually purchased romans for nathan for christmas and he loved it 

so i can attest this does make a good gift because i bought it for him and i definitely would buy these for other family members if you know that there's a certain book of the bible that they especially love 

i would get that they also have different sets so like i said this is the gospel set you can also buy them individually but they have a few different setups that you can get 

but i would highly recommend you just looking on the website it won't be long before nathan and i have like a full collection of the alabaster bibles even if it takes years and years 

but i think it's something an investment that would be well worth it so let's get on with my new devotional routine 

so to start my devotional routine i'm just making myself a cup of tea and then i'm going to sit in my favorite spot in the living room in the afternoon 

it just gets the most sun and it would be more practical to sit at a table but this is just the spot where i like to be and once i've gone seated i'll pull out my phone open up spotify and play whatever abortion song 

I'm currently in the mood for and it's usually just one song on repeat the whole time so it's lauren daigle today and then i'll just pick up the bible usually i'll follow a study online 

I'll have some type of starting point and go from there but I always make it a point to be reading something from the bible and not just a devotional and my journaling is mostly me copying down verses that just jump out to me and then 

It becomes prayer requests and phrases and just anything that comes to mind but it's nice to look back on all the answered prayers and to have like an actual physical record of when certain things were prayed for so 

I really love that about journaling i should do it more i think everyone who journals probably says the same thing but this is definitely an important part of devotional time and bible reading time for me 

All right guys well thanks so much for watching this little gush about alabaster bibles like i said check out their website 

see if anything grabs your attention I'm sure something will the website is beautiful and their bibles are just so beautiful I really hope if you decide to get one of these bibles for yourself that 

It can really just be a gift to you and your investment and your relationship with God which is the most important thing of all.

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