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Myth the mental blocks by Sangeeta Verma pdf


Myth the mental blocks by Sangeeta Verma

Myth the mental blocks by Sangeeta Verma pdf 

Myth the mental blocks by Sangeeta Verma so this book is a non-fiction self-help book and the purpose of this book is to help the readers figure out how to live their best lives 

So this book is a guide that basically provides a blueprint to the reader so that they can awaken their highest potential and they can improve their lives in the best possible manner 

So this book is divided into seven chapters and these seven chapters touch upon different aspects of improving your life this book discusses in detail getting to know yourself finding your purpose adapting to your reality correcting your vision transforming yourself being content with life and finding inner peace 

So these are the areas that this book covers in detail and apart from that there are other parts in this book as well that discuss the benefits of various good habits like eating healthy exercising chanting mantras 

So in this book, the author shares her own thoughts and experiences and she tries to impart as much knowledge as she can on these topics also this book contains a lot of Sanskrit looks and of course.

Their translation has also been provided these are all strokes that are relevant to this book and the topic that this book is discussing and this book 

As i told you discusses quite a few topics and apart from that there are a lot of relevant quotes by very famous and successful people as well so, on the whole, this book is a complete package of advice and motivation 

So now that you know about the book I want to share my experience of reading this one this book has 170 pages 

So it's a very short book but I took my time with reading this one because it's a non-fiction self-help book and most books like these take me time to finish because I don't find the motivation to read a self-help book in a single sitting 

So this book was no different in that regard i used to read one chapter every single day there are seven main chapters and five smaller chapters 

If you are the kind of person who is constantly looking to improve your life and you are always striving to do better than you did yesterday then this is a book that can surely attract you 

Because it literally spells out how to go about achieving your highest version now this book can be a little too idealistic and preachy at times 

But then that's the purpose of this book it is meant to help you awaken your best version which is fine while reading this book I felt that there were certain things that this book asked the reader to do that are easier said than done 

This book focuses a lot on introspection things like getting to know yourself and finding yourself these are the type of things that are not very easy to attain 

They take time and when you read this book you cannot expect to transform yourself immediately but with the information that this book provides you 

If you implement it properly then yes definitely this book can facilitate a life change that can lead to very fruitful results depending on what stage of life you are i

This book is going to impact you differently so if you are somebody who is just starting out your career then obviously this book is going to impact you in a certain way 

However, if you have an established career and you want to make a transformation this book talks about that in detail, and if you want to understand how to move ahead in life  

Then this is a book that will definitely impact you on a much deeper level but then again as I said before when it comes to self-help books no matter how good they are the doer of the deeds has to be the reader 

Because as they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make a drink now if you are somebody who is already sorted out if you have figured yourself out then 

This is a book that you need not pick up however if you feel confused if you feel baffled as to which direction to go and which direction to choose and how to figure things out then this is a book that can at least give you a push 

So the overall vibe of this book is spiritual as well as psychological so the reading experience is calm and peaceful one thing that i want to talk about is the writing and the language 

So the language of this book is simple and easy to understand but this book lacks refinement due to editing errors there are spelling mistakes and wrong sentence constructions 

I wish that can be fixed because apart from that this book has a very good intention and i appreciate that so guys that was my review for myth the mental blocks by Sangeeta Varma.

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