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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline book review


Ready Player One  by Ernest Cline book review

Ready Player One  by Ernest Cline book review

In a dystopian world filled with mass hunger mass poverty fights and wars a billionaire has launched 

A huge online hunt in his online multiplayer virtual reality game known as the oasis he has launched this hunt and the winner of this online hunt will receive 250 billion dollars in their bank account along with a huge price 

The prize at the end of this hunt can be received by understanding and studying 1980s pop culture so all of a sudden in the year 2015 

All of the people in the world are obsessing over 1980s pop culture to understand the rules of this game and to finally find James Halliday's easter egg in his online game 

The oasis was the premise of ready player one a novel by Ernest Cline and a novel I enjoyed immensely I read this in the little time I was gone and I'm super excited to share it with you 

This book is based in a dystopian world this is a world where it's actually the opposite of a utopian world where everything is perfect a dystopian world is where everything is negative or almost everything is negative 

There are mass poverty wars fighting hunger but there has been a salvation for the people there is an entire online virtual world known as the oasis created by a billionaire known as James Halliday all 

He wanted to do was create a simple game little did he know he was going to create the biggest online platform 

The world had ever seen and it grew to the extent that instead of being a regular game with some sets and some rules 

It turned into a place where people can meet across the planet it formed communities it formed clans people were learning entirely online the worst part or the best part of the oasis was its anonymity anonymity 

As it is even today is the best and the worst part of the online world over there anyone can be anything it is a good thing and a bad thing people who do not get opportunities out in the real world have a chance to express themselves openly 

In this online world however you cannot trust a single person because you have to be sure that not a single person is telling the truth online ever all of us hide who we really are and what we want behind 

Those happy smiles online are similar to this book the oasis is such a virtual platform where people can come and since 

It's a dystopian world people are bursting into the oasis so James Halliday created the oasis and on the day of his death

He released a video starting the biggest online easter egg hunt for those of you who don't know easter egg is something 

Some sort of reference to other games or other movies that movies and books usually put in those are known as easter eggs 

So James Halliday has created a competition which goes across the world people have to try to find his easter egg which is hidden somewhere in the oasis

Anywhere in that infinite world, you have to find something in an infinite world and whoever does gets access to 250 billion dollars plus a huge price which holiday's avatar in the game will tell towards the end 

So for four or five years nothing happened on the leaderboard no one was able to figure out anything about how to solve the hunt but one day a young boy named wade Owen watts managed to get his name on top of the leaderboard 

His account name is Parzival and he managed to find the first key and began the ultimate hunt for Halliday's easter egg how did he do this you need to learn everything in 1980s pop culture because Halliday was a big fan of 1980s pop culture 

So everything in the oasis which can lead you to the easter egg has to do something with 1980s pop culture he built the game with so many references to 1980s pop culture which is something you can see 

This book as well which is a negative factor of this book because you can not expect me a teenager living in 2022 to understand pop references from the 1980s 

All the movies the directors the games albeit some people will enjoy that some people will understand the references I personally did not and I do not expect many of you out there to do 

So the main protagonist of this book wade watts has scrubbed through hours and hours of movies from the 1980s he's seen shows he's seen sitcoms he's seen all sorts of comedy shows he's seen movies 

He's seen he's read all the books he's played all the games over and over again which is again something that I did not find realistic I personally again do not feel that a teenager living in 2050 in a dystopian world

Where he should have so many more problems has managed to learn everything that has to happen in the 1980s over one decade of movies internet shows books games

He's memorized them all at par at a point in the book they even have to enact movies without missing a single dialogue or they lose points he manages to do 

Some of them perfectly just lose a couple of points here and there so the thing in this book is you're going to find so many references to 1980s pop culture.

So many times you're just going to be like what's that and that is again the negative part of the book 

Ready player one is also now a major motion picture directed by steven Spielberg who is also coincidentally mentioned in reference in this book as well 

Now here comes the plot twist in the book the corporate world or the there's a corporation called the ioi who intends to take the oasis and make it paid for now 

The oasis is free and anybody can access it which is one of his major points but as soon as the ioi is able to access the oasis they intend to make it paid 

So that they can earn money all the egg hunters as they've come to be known the gunters are now trying to stop ioi from accessing the oasis and having control over all the funds because everyone wants the oasis to remain free 

So after wait, four more people managed to get onto the leaderboard and this is where the virtual reality world touches with their real-life the idea is trying to find out their identities 

They have to run in the real world become fugitives in the real world and survive in the oasis all while trying to find holidays easter egg the thing about this book is if 

I had to describe it in one word I would call it geeky it references all the sorts of things that you would typically imagine geeks and nurses to understand to understand the references to catch all 

You know references with 1980s pop culture and I'm not the only one who thinks the same daily mail has said gorgeously geeky superbly entertaining 

This is really a spectacularly successful debut guardian has said the strength of Klein's first novel other than its geeky referencing of 1980s pop culture is the characterization of the candide 

Like wade and his redemptive quest in both vr virtual reality and the real world so i agree with this the entire book is phenomenal other than is geeky referencing of 1980s pop culture 

Because i'm not going to get those references you're not going to get those references not many people nowadays are going to understand the references from 1980s movies and films and directors and actors and books and games etc

Now about our main protagonist wade owen wards at the start of the book he is an overweight person and he really doesn't like to go to school 

He is sort of socially inept he doesn't like to talk to people he is the sort of person you would imagine that the oasis is perfectly made for he doesn't have to be socially inept in there 

He can be who he wants he doesn't have to be overweight in there he can be whoever he wants now as i said it's a negative and a positive 

He can be whoever he wants but he is ignoring all the problems in his real life at the end of the day he is socially inept that online avatar of his is not going to change anything 

He is overweight he is socially inept and he is going to have to face those facts at one point i believe this book delivers a powerful message of where to draw the line between our online world and our real world 

The online world is phenomenal it is incredible and it connects us with people across the world it has also given access to information that could that used to take years to find in the past you can just 

It's at your fingertips you can access information anywhere for free on that note i wanted to read a small paragraph that james Halliday's avatar says towards the end of the book 

It is a spoiler so those of you who don't want to hear this may skip forward but it's not that big of a spoiler and i feel it conveys a really powerful message james halliday's avatar called anorak took 

A Parseval or wade in his arms and said listen i need to tell you one last thing before I go something I didn't figure out for myself until it was already too late 

I created the oasis because i never felt at home in the real world i didn't know how to connect with the people there i was afraid for all 

My life right after the moment i knew it was ending that was when i realized as terrifying and painful as reality can be 

It's also the only place where you can find true happiness because reality is real do you understand wade replies 

I think i do and iraq says good don't make the same mistake i did don't hide in here forever and thanks thanks for playing my game this book has 372 pages with a relatively big font 

So you can finish it in about a week it is also written in the first person perspective from the perspective of our main character wade watts and it also involves a bunch of action 

A bunch of comedy it is not only 1980s pop culture references if that's what you're going away with no it has action it has comedy has happiness 

It is wholesome and i definitely recommend you check out this book it also has a second part which

I haven't read yet and i definitely want to read that soon enough it is called ready player 2 and it released in i think november of 2020 2020 but i might be wrong.

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