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Rich dad poor dad book review

Rich dad poor dad book review

Rich dad poor dad book review 

Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, what's inside the book rich dad poor dad the chapters dedicated are 

The rich don't work for money, why to teach financial literacy mind your own business, history of taxes and corporations, the rich invent money work to learn, don't work for money overcoming obstacles, getting started and lastly want more here's some to do's 

Here's what I didn't like about rich dead port towards the end it seemed more like fluff work than it was really helpful advice it's got a lot of pep talk writing 

In the end and while nice for some, I felt that it was a waste for myself it could have been thinner and a sleeker book and it would have been just the same to me additionally 

It comes off like people who work at jobs are dumb while I agree that owning a business is efficient it's not to say that working at regular jobs is totally bad additionally 

It might be the only way for some people to get money without risking money while going into debt but here's what I liked about rich dad poor dad it was a fun and easy-to-read book 

Most of the chapters are conversations and there are lots of examples in simple theoretical situations 

Number two it's probably the best explanation of cash flow his cash flow quadrant explanation is excellent and it's easy to emphasize the importance of assets from it 

This also shows poor middle class and rich differences while using this quadrant explanation in my opinion the best chapters are 

Number two why teach financial literacy as the number one chapter of all in the book chapter four the history of taxes and the power of corporations 

As the number two chapter and chapter six work to learn don't work for money as the third-best chapter in the book 

So going into the third-best chapter the work to learn doesn't work for money the main idea is growing skills and developing yourself is being a greater payoff than a little bit of extra pay in a different job 

Sometimes taking an unpaid or low-paying position will get experience is much better than a dead-end job with higher pay at the time and never stop developing your best asset that which is yourself 

The second best chapter the history of taxes and the power of corporations the main idea is how companies are taxed compared to employees 

Why the ultra-rich make their money through growing their business and how they do it and the importance of legally paying as little tax as you can and the number one best chapter in the book is 

Chapter two why teach financial literacy where the main idea is the cash flow quadrant for income expense assets and liabilities the real difference between the poor middle class and rich people 

But the question isn't should I read rich dad poor dad it's should you read rich dad poor dad this book is for people 

Who is anybody who's new to financing someone interested in starting their own business or buying real estate or people who want to learn about cash flow 

Here's who this book is not for it's for somebody looking for stock or bond advice or very specific information it's more general for beginners.

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