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Set boundaries find peace book review


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Set boundaries find peace book review

Details of Set boundaries find peace

  • Book Name: Set boundaries find peace
  • Authors:  Nedra Glover
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date: 16/03/2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Self-Help Book


Set boundaries find peace by Nedra Glover, I feel overwhelmed kem sia burying her head and her hands she has started seeing me two weeks after she had returned from her honeymoon newly married and excelling 

In her career kim prided herself on being the best at everything she did but her worries about getting it all done had become all-consuming 

She was depleted and dreaded getting out of bed in the morning she not only was determined to be the best for herself 

But she also always showed up as the best for others the best friend best daughter best sister best co-worker 

Now she wanted to be the best wife and someday the best mother being the best for kim meant always saying yes saying no was mean saying no was selfish she came to me hoping to figure out 

How to do more without feeling so exhausted on my couch kim went down the list of things she had agreed to do for other people in the coming week 

She insisted that her friend needed her help to move her coworker would not be able to manage his project without her assistance kim was eager for solutions 

She was trying to create more time to do all the things she'd signed up for as she rattled off everything she was trying to figure out i asked her to pause i gently pointed out 

That it was impossible to create more time she looked a bit stunned at first don't worry i said i can help you lighten your load instead from the look on her face it seemed 

As though this approach had never occurred to her i wasn't surprised i meet so many people especially women who give and give so much only to feel exhausted and even depressed as a result 

This is why we live in a culture of burnout to start i encourage kim to make a list of everything she needed to do at work and at home that week 

She already had her week completely mapped out of course she did she sketched a schedule for completing each task she quickly saw that there was simply not enough time to do all the things 

She had planned i asked her what do you really have to do and what can you delegate do you think your friend might be able to find someone else to help them move she molded over and said 

Yes but insisted that she wanted to help at that moment i could see that kim had an issue with setting boundaries around how much and how often 

She's willing to help others and that this was contributing to her anxiety she meant well right all she wanted to do was help people but her level of willingness to help was impossible to sustain 

She desperately needed to do less when i mentioned delegating kim dismissed the idea immediately she knew only one way to help others and that was to say yes to doing it herself 

Kim's refusal to say no had led her to my office and was the root of her worry stress and crippling anxiety according to studies 

Anxiety is rising complicated relationships are among the leading causes of increasing rates of anxiety and anxiety and depression are the two most common reasons people pursue therapy 

Just like kim people enter therapy when anxiety is starting to impact their daily life 

I work with kim to unpack her need to be present for everyone i helped her see that saying no would give her the time 

She was seeking saying no would give her the freedom to settle into her role as a wife saying no would reduce her worries 

So that she could get out of bed and face the day without immediately feeling overwhelmed you.

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