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The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang book pdf


The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang

The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang book pdf

The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang as I mentioned this video will have spoilers in it so if you haven't read 

This book go and check out my spoiler-free review which is linked on the screen so I don't have like a ton to talk about with this because I feel less gushy I mean I still really like this 

But like there's just like a few things i want to talk through and then like wrap up when i eventually read the burning god hopefully probably not this month 

So from the get-go a little frustrated with her in the way that i'm frustrated with like any sort of drug addiction not frustrated with a person frustrated with drug addiction and kind of being like rin stop 

It like you are not helping yourself um that was just like a like a boo feeling and then seeing her repeat mistakes over and over what i do like about what the series does is that it's like made very obvious that rin likes sort of being told what to do in a structured 

Way people accuse her of like you're just a dog you're just a slave blah blah it's not that it's that she really likes the structure of like she had a tutor and she really liked the structure of that 

The structure of the studying and the structure of school and working with Jiang and like all of that and then when she has thesara by Sarah i don't really know how to say a lot of the names 

Because i read it and didn't listen to it um he's just another person that can like tell her what to do make her into a weapon she thinks she's only good for war 

So she's like this is another place where i can just like do that so that i understand as frustrating as it can be to see her like do this because you're kind of like from the beginning here like 

he's not he's not some noble dude um you're still like i get why you're doing this because you feel like you're only made for war and this is a person giving you that opportunity and sort of telling you what to do

I really like the new stuff with the vipres and just like i want to know more about like that god right 

because we don't like you know there's been some kind of hints that like that's a really old god and that god shouldn't exist they should be able to do that and you're able to like seal people 

The sort of standoff they had at the end too of like you don't exactly know what's going on um she gouges out her eye and the woman still like leaves i don't know bad ass 

Again respect women's rights and women's wrongs so i kind of like both of them i almost want them to team up but i don't think that they will and there was a few lines too about how like there's a prophecy about the trifecta 

but also they're like the emperor can't be dead because then dodgy would be dead so where is he is she trapped him somewhere what's she doing i want to like the on-page content between her and like nija again 

I think that's how you pronounce it based on some of the pronunciations from iron widow because those are also chinese i'm trying to learn here 

But a lot of that is more like me and like the reader reading into it than actually getting anything on page like even in the pop war i was like why are you guys alive all of a sudden why are you guys getting along 

There has been no transition here and here it was like oh we kind of love each other and it's like how so his betrayal at the end while being like ugh like i wasn't like oh devastated because i was like i haven't really gotten to like see them like why are you guys even allied like reluctant allies at this point would make more sense 

But the fact that they're like seen as like friends slash lovers these people joke about them being lovers all the time i'm like i haven't seen it even her and kate like being as close as they are more so you see it with the bond once the bond forms which i really liked that 

But it's like he's the one person i love we're best friends and it's like are you even the stuff with the psych like a lot of them i didn't feel any close attachment to as they're dying i'm like not super caring because i felt like at arm's length from everybody besides her during this whole book and i didn't feel that way about the poppy war 

So i thought i was gonna have like closer attachments to characters in this book and then when i didn't i was like what happened uh i don't know i don't know why i felt like cech at arm's length 

But i felt like we needed a little bit more showing and not telling in regards to that when she does that so well with everything else 

So i don't know why that was a thing when she does eventually get her powers back love to see it and the amount of control she has over it and the flying machine thing like all of that super super good and just the end of being like i am destruction i am going to ruin everything i'm like okay i'm i'm ready 

I want her to just unleash destruction on everything honestly she probably won't um now her and like nija are going to be against each other oh i didn't even mention him being a shaman 

Did not see that coming at all even though like he survived the gas and he shouldn't have like i thought there was a non-magical explanation what 

So i liked their conflict like that conflict was really good with that where she's like i get it and he's like you don't she's like well maybe i don't completely get it but i get it a little bit and like all of that super interesting and there's a line there is a lot like 

So there's parts that are like really good about their dynamic but that again we don't see enough of it on like paige where she's saying something towards the end about like fire and water look so beautiful together but they're destined to destroy each other and like you know 

So like there's a lot of more reading into things in a way that like i wouldn't even call it subtlety like i think there's not enough personally um i don't want like romantic love scenes i just want like more substance to their almost like slow burn enemies to reluctant allies to friends to potentially more that's what i want we don't really get to see it they're going to be going head-to-head in the last book 

So intrigued about that the um is it the historians because there's experience in the hinterlanders so the hisparians being the bad people obviously the white people essentially if we're going after the chino japanese war those are the americans just everything up 

The creepiness of that is like on the same level as like umbridge in the harry potter books where you're like oh i i see this this religious fundamentalism missionaries all of that like a yikes like they're arguably the most terrifying like what's nice about 

This book is that there's a certain level of moral greatness to everybody and i really like that kind of thing but there's definitely like bad guys and like those people are the bad guys right 

But then everybody else like even dodgy you're like i don't know like you've done bad things but like i sort of get why you know so you have that kind of like back and forth where like them you're like okay you need to like do something wipe them out or something 

So yeah entry to see where the final book goes now that she fully has her powers fully feels like a leader doesn't have a psyche anymore because now they're all dead it was talking about raising a shaman army though so she can go back to the mountain and like take some more of them out

I kind of want jihan to come back so here's here's my hope don't hint or tell me anything you guys know my rules do not hit anything in the comments i will be very mad at you 

But here's what i'm sort of hoping happens we're obviously going to have like some political stuff like war time whatever with like her working with the southern people and she's going to be like sort of uplifted as a god to them and her being a lot of power there 

What i want is giant to come back um i want more explicit tension moments with her and nija those are really the things that i really want john to come back i love him 

The gatekeeper you know better than that i don't really have any wishes i want to destroy things i want her to destroy things i want to burn everything down i love that divine feminine rage and she really embodies it 

So that's what i want for her so comment below let me know what you thought of this book i will probably read the burning god not in june but possibly july i don't think i'll get to it in june but possibly july I want to keep like trucking along with this series and finish up.

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