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The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec book review


The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec book review

The witch's heart by genevieve gornicek this book was our bibliothecary read along buddy read for this quarter so once a season once a quarter 

We all buddy read a book together on discord all of the bibliothecary community and starting this quarter with this book we are also going to be doing a live show kind of like book club discussing 

The book for anyone that wants to join in live instead of as they read or both so if you're interested in having like a smaller book club like that to participate in that's 

That's following her main character of angkor boda and she is known in mythology as the mother of monsters 

She was loki's giant test wife and in norse mythology giants aren't actually giants in stature they're just like another type of people 

but her and loki had three children hale who's like sort of goddess of the dead is like a goddess of the underworld fenrir the giant wolf and the name that i always mess up gorman gander gorman gorman 

Yeah the world serpent though the snake that wraps around the world but in this story 

We're specifically following her and them sort of like falling in love and her living in the woods and being a forest witch 

Which i love and her becoming the mother of monsters and all that so this is to norse mythology what cersei was to greek mythology honestly 

It's not the exact kind of same story the writing style is slightly different but i will say that this resonated in a similar way with me that cersei did also i love a lone witch in the woods or on an island in cersei's case,

So i was going to resonate with this regardless but first we'll talk about the world building so like i said north mythology this is mostly set in the ironwood forests 

I love a witch in the woods i love a witch in the woods so it's mostly taking place there and what's cool about this too is again similar to cersei 

If you read that one i don't want to make a ton of comparisons to it because they are different books 

but in the way that cersei weaves cersei into other mythologies or other like myths that aren't just hers and like the odyssey this does that as well with our main character here 

So there's a number of different figures that are sort of like one-off figures within norse mythology that uh are explained as being her 

So she gets a more fully fleshed out story which i think is really cool and i like when retellings do that and i like norse mythology 

I like most mythologies i think mythology is cool i think norse mythology is wild and it just reminded me some of the like myths and things that i already knew like ragnarok plays a part in here and stuff like that 

But also added some new things that i then looked up after to be like was that the actual myth or did she tweak that or whatever 

So that was really fun next we talk about our characters our main character again i love a witch in the woods 

So i was obsessed with her like i i love i love that also her being the mother of monsters like it hurts my heart i love i love that her dynamics with her children are very compelling 

I just like completely feel for her i will say the other characters slightly more lackluster um in particular her dynamic with loki i don't really buy it 

yes it's the part of the myth and whatever but in the story i really wish that he would have been a little bit more compelling a little bit more interesting now i know loki before someone says this to me 

I'm not stupid i know that loki is not the same as like the mcu looki but when i'm saying loki as a character or as like a myth as a deity whatever 

He's like a very charming dude and very like interesting and in this he felt a little bit more juvenile and in a way that i was like why is she even into him like this really makes no sense why they have this connection and he was always sort of seen like as a little bit not quite slimy 

but like a little bit like that from the beginning so i wish he would have had a little bit more dimension i really like all of our kids and just like the ways that they are similar and different and like those dynamics and there are a few other characters again from myth that i really like 

I will say because i didn't know this going into it this book is safic so yeah not only do we have some stuff with loki we have some stuff with other people and i really dug that uh so some of those dynamics were really interesting i think it's a little bit hard and i will get into this with the plot stuff 

I do think it's a little hard to depict some of these relationships and things because this book takes place over a very long period of time and what i think is kind of cool about that and the way 

This is written that although sometimes it felt like i was a little bit disconnected from it i think it did a good job of showing how time passes to immortals where 

It's like yeah it is like a blip it is a page turn and then it's been hundreds of years you know it's been a millennia like that makes sense to me and this ultimately being a story about her about her like identity things that 

She doesn't remember about her past which like the story gets into and all that like her as this character as his archetype and almost as like every version of femininity in a way chef's kiss i loved it so 

I gave this four to four point five stars i couldn't quite hit a five because of some of the like the character things and again like the loki relationship which is so central but her i love her i was looking up like a fan art of her and her kids after and like you know old art is obviously she's part of norse mythology.

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