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You Are A Star by A.R. Dara book Review


You Are A Star by A.R. Dara

You Are A Star by A.R. Dara book Review 

You Are A Star by A.R. Dara is a story that is taking place in the Bombay in the 1990s as I told you the story in this book revolves around Bollywood be it about the biggies of the Bollywood or be the corporate companies wanting to enter Bollywood to make movies be it struggling actors directors and writers 

So Mr. Bajaj and Mr. Khurana are two big names in Bollywood Mr. Bajaj is kind of like the ruler of Bollywood and he doesn't let any corporate companies enter Bollywood to make movies 

He is very nepotistic like that and that's why he also has connections with the underworld so that he can rule with an iron fist then there is Mr. Khurana who is the head of a production house that wants corporate companies to enter Bollywood 

We come across a wide range of characters in this particular story we come across a man named Oscar who wants to become a director 

But he works as a sweeper in a film studio and he's waiting for the right opportunity to show his talent then we come across a guy named Anand who is a gold medalist in literature and he comes to Bombay in order to become a writer 

We also come across a guy named Dave who is very rich he is returned and he leaves the comfort of his rich life to become an actor in Mumbai the story also has characters from the Anglo-Indian community 

We meet Tina a beautiful girl who gets acquainted with das Anand and Dave through really unexpected events and then there is the character of Rex who is a local gangster among the young Indian community and he wants to become at dawn 

So you are a star by AI darai the story of the power games played between the powerful the big shots and it's a story of the ambitions and aspirations of the people who are struggling to enter Bollywood 

So since this is a story about Bollywood it has raised several issues that concern Bollywood but apart from that it has also raised some general issues as well it has especially talked about the harassment of women in Bollywood 

As well as generally for example there is a scene in the story the scenario is that of a crowded bus and the story explains very very openly and directly how women are often molested in such situations 

How they are often harassed in similar situations has been shown in the case of Bollywood where the scenario of the casting couch is there in the book which has been written in a very open and an explicit manner 

A story has actually called out such a sick mentality because of which these things take place in the first place case of this story 

There are some characters that are very very obviously bad because of what they are doing then there are some gray characters among the grey characters I disliked Annan's character a lot because of the way

He was crafted although I'm pretty sure that he is a very real character but he was somebody I did not like reading about my favorite character was that of class because I felt he had a very calm and a collected personality 

It often happens that people with a lot of power often get very very insecure about their power and position they do not want to get replaced and as a result of that they do not like the entry of newcomers or fresh talent from the outside 

So they place barriers for such newcomers and at the same time they also only support people from amongst themselves the two big evils of entry barrier and nepotism have been talked about in the story as well 

So the story has the characters from the Anglo-Indian community so by reading the passages and paragraphs that talked about the people from this community I felt there was some labeling going on as in this is the way they dress 

This is the way they speak I felt that the story was stereotyping the hello Indian community to a certain extent so the pace of the story is fast events take place very very quickly there is no beating around 

The bush the story comes straight to the point which is why this becomes a quick read apart from that the writing of the book is very simple and easy to follow and also very direct 

The directness of the writing works in the favor of the story for the most part because it does not lead to any unnecessary explanations because of which the reader might get bored but sometimes 

This directness does lead to some abrupt scenes taking place in the book the editing of this book is okay for the most part but there were certain portions in the book that could have been a bit more refined with a little better editing in those particular portions 

In terms of how gripping the story was for me, I will say that there were some portions in the story that were quite gripping and there were some portions in the book that were not as gripping so in terms of the story this book definitely had its ups and downs for me

But I particularly liked the way the story ended I'm not going to lie that when I close this book I had a smile on my face 

So, on the whole, you are a star by A.R. Dara is a book that has raised some very important and pressing issues and it has also shown certain scenarios in a very open and direct manner

The book has its high points as well as low point but on the whole, this book is a breezy read meant to entertain the reader so that was my review of you are a star by A.R. Dara.

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