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Ithalar Tea Party by Akshath Jaganmohan book review


Ithalar Tea Party by Akshath Jaganmohan

Ithalar Tea Party by Akshath Jaganmohan book review

Italy Tea Party by Aksha Jagan Mohan. Stay tuned. Hello everyone. The book is inspired by the Boston Tea Party. 

For those who don't know about this historical event, Boston Tea Party was one of the key events leading up to the American Revolution. 

It was a political protest that took place on December 16, 1773 in Boston. American colonists were frustrated and angry with the Britain for imposing taxation without representation. 

They considered it a violation of their rights. They destroyed an entire shipment of peace sent by the British East India Company. 

They boarded the ships and threw 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor. The Boston Tea Party became an iconic event of American history. 

Akshat learned about the Boston Tea Party when he was a student in the US. Later, when he visited Italy for a vacation, he came to know how the British tea plantation owners reap huge profits from these estates by exploiting the poor workers. 

This gave him the idea for his story which later culminated in a full fresh novel. The book is set in 1915 with some parts of it tracing the events of the pre-independence era. 

The story starts with the murder of Anderson Quills, the owner of the English Italatei estate in the quaint little town of Itala. As Constable Stalin investigates the murder, he encounters strange occurrences. 

The dead body mysteriously disappears. The workers of the estate are working just like on normal days. They are least worried about their wages or the future of the TSD. 

During his investigation, someone comes to know about the mysterious Velvet. Some more murders happen and all these murders are linked to the TSD. 

The killer gets in touch with Selwyn time and again leaving him important clues about the murders. Will Silva be able to knock the killer? Who is Velvet? What is the mystery behind the murders? 

I would love to talk more about the story but then this is a murder mystery and I cannot give out spoilers. To find the answer to all these questions you will have to read the book. 

The author has definitely described the beauty of the mileage, its froling tea plantations and early independence era, the simplicity of the people during those times. 

Their hard work, their hopes and frustrations are well portrayed. The plot of the book is gripping and the author has given attention to my new details. 

He has recreated the scenes from the 1950s and his research for that period is really commendable. The language of the book is impressive and it is hard to imagine that this is the work of 13 years old. 

The theme of the book and its writing are far advanced. For the author's speech. The author has brought up very well how great money can lead to one's downfall. 

He has brought to light the plight of the poor workers who toiled day and night but are not paid enough for their hard work. 

The details of the tea cultivation process from going to leave till the transportation to markets are well explained without spoiling. The narrative characters are well developed. 

The author has created quite a suspense around each character and we are intrigued to know their backstories. There are a lot of recent times in the story which pop up every now and then. 

This keeps the readers engaged till the end. However, there are certain things in the book which don't make much sense. 

The English police inspector has no mind of his own and is always asking his constable Selva for the next course of action. The killer always manages to track Selvaram and calls him up at unexpected times and places. 

The killer not only manages to disappear with the dead bodies but also manages to destroy the bodies without leaving any evidence. The court case at the end of the book is more of a mockery of the judiciary, but then this is the work of a budding author and for that Akshat has done a really good job. 

He definitely has potential and I wish him luck for all his future endeavors. In spite of the few hiccups here and there, the book was better than what I had expected.

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