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Legend of suheldev Book pdf download


Legend of suheldev Book Review

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Legend of suheldev Book pdf download

Details of Legend of suheldev Book

  • Book Name: Legend of suheldev
  • Authors: Amish  Tripathi and an immortal writer
  • Pages: 325
  • Genre: historical fiction
  • Publish Date: 20-06-2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Legend of Suheldev by Amish Tripathi, I have read this book and I am going to tell you what I thought of it but before that, I think you should know a few things about this book 

the cover of this book says that this book has been written by author Amish  Tripathi and an immortal writer center now this has been revealed in the foreword of this book 

The concept or the idea of the book came from author Amish then the first draft was prepared by the writer Center and then the final writing was done by author Amish.


So this is a fictional story but it is based on true events and the genre of this book is historical fiction, a map of the 11th century India has been provided here so that you can consult it to know about the geography of the India of 11th century 

The story in this book begins in the year 1025 AD when Mahmood of Ghazni keeps sending his Turkic army from Central Asia to northern India to attack different kingdoms of northern India 

So this Turkic army raids and loot these kingdoms and also kills and rapes the people of these kingdoms and nobody is able to put up a fight against this Turkic are me

Some kingdoms do try to fight them but this Turkic army proves to be absolutely brutal, ruthless, unfair, cold, and calculated and nobody is able to stand up to them and things keep getting worse.

Amidst all this destruction and chaos a prince from a small Kingdom in North India called shawabti decides that it's time for him to do something for his motherland and he decides that he will bring the end to the barbarism caused by the Turkic army 

This warrior Prince turns out to be none other than Suheldev and Suheldev along with his band of warriors develops this reputation of being a bandit prince in the years to come, where they show immense courage bravery, and heroism in fighting the Turkic army.


It's a story about how they unite all the Indian people irrespective of which community they come from, so the two most commonly recurring themes in this book are unity and patriotism in terms of unity this book has talked about how as Indians we have so many divisions among ourselves and that should not be the case because united we stand and divided befall that is the message that this book has continuously tried to send to the reader 

Another thing is patriotism this book has really, really stressed the fact that you should really love your motherland and that your motherland comes first

So this story literally goes out of the way to be inclusive of different communities and to be respectful towards them also since this book is historical fiction and the premise is how Indians stood up against the Turkic army you can expect a fair share of adventure and a lot of battle scenarios 

A lot of times this book made observations about Indian people and their temperament and as an Indian person myself I had to agree with a lot of them 

The story is suspenseful but at the same time I have to admit that it's not as strong as I would have liked it to be, yes there are some moments that are unexpected in this book but they do not really shake you the way you would expect 

So the suspense factor in this book is decent it's not bad but it's not the best, so this book definitely has some emotional moments that might not make you ugly cry but there are quite a few moments in this book well you do tend to get a lump in your throat 

As I told you this book has tried to be inclusive of different communities so definitely that has reflected in the characters in the story as well because the characters are a wide variety of people from different communities 

Suheldev who's the protagonist character is that of a quintessential hero his character is everything you would expect somebody like him to be and I am satisfied with his character 

Apart from that there are three more characters in that I particularly liked and they stood out to me but I cannot tell you about these three characters because that would cause me to spoil the story for you which I don't want to do.

If you have read this book and then you want to know which characters I like those three you can comment and ask me and then I'll tell you 

So while reading this book there were some parts in the story that were very interesting and engaging but then there were some portions where my attention good kind of start to wander and the reason for that is that the pace of the story is not uniform sometimes it gets fast-paced and sometimes the pace gets a little slower than you would like 

So, on the whole, this book does form a decent hold on the reader but it does not form a deathlike grip on reader this book has 325 pages and I read this in multiple settings, to be honest and the reason for that is what I just told you that this is the kind of book that does hold your interest but you do not mind putting it down some time to time 

In my personal opinion, the best thing about this book is how it has tried to highlight and showcase the spirit of India all through the book and all through the story I love that 

Overall this is a decent book it's a nice book but as somebody who is waiting for the fourth book in the ramchandra's series and as somebody who has read and loved the previous work by author Amish Tripathi,

I have to say that this book is not his best and the reason for that is that a mystery party has set a bar that is very very high and this book doesn't match up to that 

So those people who want to begin reading books by a mystery party I say that if you want you can go for this book because this is an easy read after all but personally I would recommend that you should go for the Shiva Trilogy because then your experience would be marvelous. 


This book is not a bad reading experience but it's not my favorite either that was it that was my review of the legend of so Suheldev the king who saved India by Amish Tripathi and immortal writer Center 

so I hope you like that I have been very honest and upfront and how I felt about this book, if you have read this booklet me know in the comments about what your thoughts are I look forward to hearing from you.

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