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Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download


Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download

Click here to download the pdf 

Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download 

Details of Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Book

  • Book Name: Love on The Brain 
  • Authors: Ali Hazelwood
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood so it's typically never that serious for me it's very rare that i buy multiple copies of the same book whether it be like special edition physical copies or if i have an e-book you know you buy a book once and that should be 

It but i got two copies of it because i just had to have the physical form of it because i enjoyed it that much i completely got swept into the hype i was very skeptical very skeptical 

I first heard that it was reylo fanfic and i'm not really huge into fan fiction fandom lore of um star wars at all in any iteration at all like i've really stayed away from that sector fandom like i'm deeply entrenched in fandom but not in that kind of fandom but i heard 

So many great things that i had to check it out and i'm so glad i did i just i i can't get over how charming of a book i think this hypothesis just was everything that i was looking for and a really sweet rom-com it had its basic story you know we're dealing with two scientists here it has 

This really really nice uh overall sustaination on how important it is for women to be in stem and i love that you know olive was a scientist and that she had this research project that she felt really emotionally resonant with and that it was her passion and that was her backstory 

It wasn't just focused on the romance element but the romance element really played well i love adam i can't really say much about the tropes that exist in the reylo fandom era because again i don't really read reylo fan fiction 

But i can say that the book is really self-aware i can tell that the archetypes of the characters like olive's friends were clear representation of like finn and poe and i just i i i just found the book just insanely joyful the tropes were really well integrated the book was self-aware 

The book could poke fun of itself yet there is the emotionally resonant story behind it and mainly does with the research that olive is doing and the breakthrough that she's trying to achieve with her research as far as pancreatic cancer and finding 

Some diagnostic tools that would be helpful in early detection uh the romance itself like it starts off kind of like enemies to lovers but not really but i kind of like the misunderstandings that were happening between the two of them one of the complaints i could see a lot of people saying outside 

If they just don't like the novel at all is that it's not so much miscommunication but a lot of the conflicts could be resolved if they were told like within the second act 

So like if they had just really got honest conversation the relationship wouldn't have been pulled for that long as far as like tension is concerned but i actually didn't care because i was 

So insanely charmed by this book i just found it really entertaining their intimate scenes were fantastic i didn't feel like they were cringy but they're really hot you know there is some great one-liners that the hero drops i think at one point um there is like a subplot where it deals with sexism and olive is being sexually harassed and there's like 

This big confrontation scene and the hero just essentially goes adam he goes right up to the aggressor and he's like i am going to kill you like if you ever talk to my woman like this again sorry that's kind of getting into spoilers like that 

I don't need to spoil anybody but let me just say that there's this really big confrontation scene and he's like yeah i'm gonna kill you dude like let me just get at you anyways and i know that whole barbaric overly aggressive macho mask presenting like scenes can sometimes be a turn off for for readers 

But i just think it worked in this setting and i just i just love another scene where there's a line and sorry these are like mild spoilers but i don't think it should stop you from reading it if you're still like on the fence about 

It i think there's at one point he adam says to olive look i'm gonna go handle this situation and then i'm gonna come back and i'm gonna take care of you and it's just like the simple line mic drops like that that just make or break a romance it just like i'm reading i'm telling you all this out of context 

But in context in the book it just works so well i have been so surprised by my reception to this and i have to say just by me buying two copies of it should tell you how much i enjoy it there's so many amazing books out there from 

So many genres you know there's books that have the most highest of a claim and i'll read them and i recognize that they're good work and narratively they're really well constructed yet 

I won't go out and buy like multiple copies of it but books that just make me feel warm and fuzzy and cozy that are just simply enjoyable to read i will have copies upon copies so that i can reread them let me tell you i'm going to reread this again so that is my long ramply review 

I love the love hypothesis i think it's worth the hype i don't know if you're someone that is super picky with your romance novels you're a very well seasoned romance uh reader and you have super high expectations and you want like a really dark twisty romance that is germ bending maybe this isn't for you

But if you're someone that just likes cute fluffy reeds and you just want something that's just really warm and just easy to digest and you just want something cutesy that just kind of hits the spot 

I think this is the book for you i enjoyed it so much and this is what i was looking for in my romance this year like i've been looking for that one rom-com that just makes me feel that good like i can't remember the last time 

I felt this good about a romance novel since like natalya hibbert brown sisters trilogy and the hating game by sally thorne i know that book is really contentious with a lot of romance readers in general 

But i still love the hating game and it's still up there and even though these books these those two books are like polar opposite one another it just reminds me of the feeling i had when i finished it like i just overall enjoyed it.



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