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The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary PDF Download


The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary

Click here to download the pdf

The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary PDF Download

Details About The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary PDF

  • Novel Title: The Belle and the Beard
  • Author: Kate Canterbary
  • Genre: Contemporary Women Fiction, Women’s Romance Fiction
  • Publish Date: 23 April 2021

Book Review:

The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary if it's a school teacher a heart surgeon or a political strategist and a tree man because let's just say the beard and the bell and the beard have a beautiful story to tell this is jasper and Lyndon 

let's just say jasper their first meeting you want to either hug her or you want to keep close away because you don't know if you know what you're gonna get and that's a good thing it's because she is on her toes at all times this was her job 

it was just like one of those things that you just have to enjoy that she is a strategist she knows what she wants she's gonna get it but now she's at her aunt midge's house trying to close up another chapter in her life 

it's closing that chapter she starts to kind of look around is this really what she wants but is it her gruff and tough lumberjack neighbor linden kind of peeling back that layer letting her know maybe you are more than that you're more than 

In the next political campaign, linden is a triplet you would think most triplets would like to be company but no Lyndon likes the solitude he likes being one with nature going out and picking mushrooms and checking the life of his trees that 

he truly does care about Lyndon is burly he loves flannel and he's not afraid to speak his mind and I think what's really entertaining about this story is the banter that Lyndon and jasper give each other like truly 

who bakes a pecan pie and her crock pot jasper does who bakes a banana bread in her crock pot jasper does and you have to chuckle every time she tries to do something home cooked Linda's like no really 

I don't want your cooking to thank you for you're welcome to use my place but please quit cooking stuff in your crock pot and you just have to chuckle because the chemistry of their banter is spot on like I could depict 

These two people going back and forth you know humorously and then the chemistry sparks the fire and throughout the story, this powerhouse political strategist jasper is brought to her knees by this big burly bearded man 

when he calls her out what she truly wants and he sees it he kind of he sees right through her you know she thought she had the perfect poker face but guess what linden saw through that poker face he knew kind of not when 

she was hurting but kind of knew when she was just needing something else you know just the squeeze of the thigh or just you know the wink of his you know just looking at her and that's what's fun about Lyndon is that his

their banter back and forth brought so much humor but it brought again more depth to the character and I just I kind of just loved it and I wanted more because I could just see when they're all together at their family dinner you know they're all talking and pretty much 

Lyndon just calls out his mom but his mom Diana is just she's a spitfire and that girl I would love to just sit around a dinner table and have a cocktail with her because I think she also just adds a little bit more to the story because she sees also what Lyndon sees 

there's just love and lust and you know throughout the story I kind of just kind of swooned and enjoyed and savored and I didn't want the book to end but I think we always say that one that's a good book 

i highlighted a couple of things that um you know it's just people said this is something Lyndon said he goes nothing blooms in every season you shouldn't expect that from yourself when it doesn't occur in nature and again 

it's just you know he sees so much to it and he goes there's no limit of the number of acts in a play you get as many as you want you just have to keep getting on stage 

this is something that jasper's mom said to her when she was just trying to like find out where she's gonna fit in the world her story's not over yet the acts can keep on going you can have an intermission 

I think that's what Lyndon was trying to tell jasper throughout the story he goes your story's not over you don't have to do a job you don't hate and you know I think everybody has said it everyone's heard a grandparent aunt uncle boss say you will never work a day in your life 

with the job that you love and I think that's what Lyndon loved his job and he knew that jasper just needed to find something that she loved too guys this is the belle and the beard by kate canterbury and I'm rambling.



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