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The Brotherhood Marcus' Magic by Michele Imiola PDF download


The Brotherhood Marcus' Magic by Michele Imiola

Click here to download the pdf 

The Brotherhood Marcus' Magic by Michele Imiola

Details of The Brotherhood Marcus' Magic

  • Book Name: The Brotherhood Marcus' Magic
  • Authors:  Michele Imiola
  • Pages: 151
  • Genre: Brotherhood
  • Publish Date: 2006
  • Language: English

About the Author

Michele Imiola is a former Army officer who has served and lived around the world. She uses her experiences for the plots and settings for her books and stories. 

The mother of two daughters, Michele and her family are still on the move going wherever the Army assigns her husband. When not writing or working, Michele reads voraciously. 

An avid biker, Michele can be seen riding through whatever town, city or country she lives in this year as she plots her next story.

Book summary

THE MIDDLE OF the 21st century is the time of man. Thousands of years of civilization and technological progress have made man the absolute master of the earth. He rules the lands and oceans and stands poised to take to the stars. Although he is his own worst enemy, optimism reigns. Soon poverty, disease, and warfare will be eliminated. 

A Golden age lies just over the horizon. FROM THE DARKNESS bitter and jealous eyes watch. The world’s true masters-the vampires, rage at the impudence of the human cattle they had ruled at first openly and then from the shadows for millennia. 

In ancient Sumeria and Egypt, they had been Gods. Later they had ruled through the human minions-emperors, kings, prime ministers and popes. Now the teeming mass of humans and their ever more complex technology has driven them into the shadows of legends. 

From the shadows, the Circle of Darkness plots. Soon…very soon the world will be put right again. The true masters will return to rule openly. The Golden Age of man will die stillborn. The new age will be a dark and bloody one. YET NOT ALL the worlds’ vampires seek this dark future. 

The Council of Elders seek a symbiotic coexistence with humans. They believe that together vampires and humans can reach unimagined heights for both species. 

Using their champions, The Brotherhood of the Eight, the Council seeks to protect humanity from the evil of the Circle of Darkness and the terrible future they crave. 

THE SHADOW WAR rages between the Council and the Circle. Individual humans and even whole nations are mere pawns in their complex strategies and vicious battles that will determine man’s very future.


The Brotherhood Symbol (loosely taken from an ancient Sumerian rune) Represents the power of the eight in the form of Infinity, Two diamonds hold the human and the unnatural realm firmly together, An arrow pointing east, where life and death begins.

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