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Atlas Of The Heart By Brené Brown PDF Download


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Atlas of the Heart PDF Download 

Details of The Contract Melanie Moreland Book

  • Book Name: Atlas Of The Heart
  • Authors: Brené Brown 
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Publish Date: 27 November 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Atlas Of The Heart By Brené Brown  is an excellent author whose work occupies a unique important and often overlooked space in every self-development junkies library

let's be honest tackling topics like vulnerability courage shame belonging and more it's meant to open up a nationwide conversation about human elements missing from most everyday lives in a country like America 

i have reviewed all her books and she comes out with another one what makes this one different what can we learn from it what can we expect is it actually good is 

it any better than our others these are questions we're gonna try to answer in this review and basically every review on this channel going over a summary of it including my thoughts on the chapters standout quotes 

who i recommend this book to and what books to maybe check out next just so you guys know there are affiliate links in the description and if you guys buy anything through those links like for example 

this book then i get commission which helps me build this channel and keep making these videos welcome back to my channel my name is sam and i want to make self growth normal because people should not have to look this information up it should just be mainstream knowledge 

if you agree please make sure to smash that like button brown has a tendency to talk pretty often about herself and her work on occasion throwing in this big relation to larger things like here's how 

this applies to people today she leans much of this weight on her writing skills on the art of storytelling it seems however that shifting from this to studies and quoting certain well-known researchers sometimes even movies or novels or maybe songs 

as well as honestly how she taps into these things this one's a little bit more mature and balanced than i was expecting which is probably saying a lot because her books are usually pretty mature despite her fun-loving southern personality and relatable sense of humor 

this book she wants to be an atlas for all of us because with adventurous hearts and the right maps she believes we can travel anywhere and never fear losing ourselves even when we don't know 

who we are i love what she was saying about the differences between stress and overwhelm using her experience as a server at a restaurant during college as a reference we feel stressed when we evaluate environmental demand 

as beyond our ability to cope successfully but overwhelm is an extreme level of stress an emotional or cognitive tense intensity to the point of being unable to function and when i think of this i think that what used to overwhelm me now kind of just stresses 

me the following chapter about vulnerability and comparing yourself to others really stood out where she take where she took a plunge into the differences between jealousy and envy it seems like through the structure here understanding the language 

we use to navigate the emotions we associate with what matters to us is paramount to being the map makers and travelers that she's talking about at the time i got to the boredom chapter 

i realized that what she's doing in this book is just showing us all these insights about what emotions are each one of them and that adds so much cohesiveness to this book also explaining how some researchers believe 

all inducing events may be one of the fastest and most powerful methods of personal change and growth she'll add something like we don't have to stand on a cliff and see the northern lights to feel awe or wonder although hashtag bucket list 

i definitely want to stand on a cliff and see the northern lights but sometimes i feel like my dog lucy is staring into my soul and i feel a huge sense of wonder like how did i end up living with an actual ewok in 

my house it's unreal at this point writing the review i realized in my video about what to expect from this book i mentioned that there are what is it like 78 different emotions we experience that brown talks about ableists of the heart seriously went in on these emotions 

but again that balance of like here's a little about me and here's what we learned in our research it's there we're talking about stuff like irony sarcasm nostalgia wonder envy bitter sweetness curiosity anguish hopelessness despair no 

they're not the same thing and at the same time she'll add in certain compliments to these like info about the learning curve of the skill of setting realistic goals and what life is like when you're living with grief i know 

i know it's this thing of like i don't want to talk about my feelings no never let's talk about feelings and when i say talk about feelings i mean about feelings she goes much deeper and concisely too which is astounding into these things than just definition 

it's definitions differences occasional humor occasional instructions like the do's and don'ts of empathizing versus sympathizing and this very organized layout of these emotions that make atlas of the heart 

so good like if you add bernays brown's personality onto that it makes for a wonderful very enjoyable piece of work what's pretty significant about this is that brown tends to understandably

talk a lot about really certain emotions not this whole breadth of them so to hear her take on very very specific individual ones it was it was illuminating a lot of them she maybe she has talked about them in other 

books but nothing close to the degree in this one and again it was very concise if the audio version was like eight hours long to talk about that many emotions so deeply in that amount of time is it's it's very impressive to say the least here's one thing she said that stood out about embarrassment 

if you've raised teens or tweens and been in their general vicinity you know that they can oftentimes spend more time being embarrassed than not embarrassed it's constant cringe when we start seeing ourselves through others eyes and it stays that way until we get to mid-life 

fall apart before we realize it just takes too much energy to try to manage perception if i haven't said like 97 times in this review she talks much more about her studies in research in atlas of the heart than 

i thought she would something else that fascinated me was the chapter about joy where she discussed what joy does to us and why it's so hard to describe the feeling of joy in my opinion joy is such an underrated emotion possibly because it may not be something that a lot of us experience or see every day 

joy colors seem brighter physical movements feel freer and easier and smiling happens almost involuntarily who doesn't want that i mean probably anyone at a funeral or in the hospital finding out that a relative 

has a life-threatening disease and then she talks about the relationship between joy and gratitude describing it as an intriguing upward spiral the more grateful we are the more joyful we are and the more joyful we are the more grateful we are some of what you'll hear in atlas of the heart which 

i also found interesting i find so many things interesting in these books i can't imagine how many times i use the word interesting in each review you'll hear brown correcting herself from her previous work or bouncing off of things that 

she said about each of these emotions in her previous works there's a passage in her other book braving the wilderness the first of hers that i actually ever checked out a long time ago by long time 

i mean five years talking about times and places where demographics of people were referred to as sub-human or animals dehumanization through language and she explained here for example it came from some form of specifically disgust no one talks about these things no one like atlas was really 

a dive into emotions like unlike any other compared to her other works i would say it's more cohesive it's very organized very balanced what occasionally on this channel will refer to as the study story ratio which 

may not be practical because how do you quantify that is again very balanced the topic is useful and not often explored and she was able to discuss it with the type of maturity and brightness and warm loving personality 

we've maybe come to expect from her this one i think is definitely gonna be one of the top five of this year as well quotes if you were to put all of my memorabilia and artifacts together you would get the most accurate story of who i was and what i valued at any one point in 

my life you are afraid of surrender because you don't want to lose control but you never had control all you had was anxiety your lack of work isn't making me resentful my lack of rest is what's making me resentful boundaries are the distance at which i can love you and me simultaneously direction one 

i recommend this book for anyone who wants to better understand his her or their emotions it has minor heavy left leaning political undertones for if you're open to hearing those and not ripping your teeth out and throwing them off the top floor of a new york city skyscraper direction too if you like 

this book i think you would love her book gifts of imperfection atlas of the heart by brene brown there's a link in the description if you guys want to check it out and read the reviews that and all the other books.


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