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Book Lovers by Emily Henry pdf download


Book Lovers by Emily Henry pdf download

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Book Lovers by Emily Henry pdf download

Details of Book Lovers by Emily Henry 

  • Book Name: Book Lovers
  • Authors: Emily Henry
  • Pages: 315
  • Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance 
  • Publish Date: May 3rd 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Book lovers by Emily Henry, this is a standalone contemporary romance this follows the main character of Nora she is a booking agent in new york city and at the very beginning describes herself as the woman who is the woman that gets dumped in rom-coms

For example, when you have a hallmark movie in particular this is like definitely the truth that they're going for you know the hallmark movie

Where the person goes to a small town and their current partner that lives in some big city is calling and like still wrapped up in the city and doesn't get their small town like drive  to potentially like leave the city or whatever the situation is 

So they end up breaking up with that person she basically says I'm that person and she's now had three or four relationships that have ended that way well turns out her younger sister wants to go to a small town and kind of do this bucket listy small town thing she's like you need to have that experience or whatever and she's like I am just so not that person 

Well while they go there she sort of has this bucket list that she's doing with her sister and there's some sister dynamics going on but she also runs into charlie who is a book editor that is almost like a rival nemesis like they bumped heads years ago and also sometimes have this like weird work banter 

But haven't worked together a ton and he just so happens to be in this town she doesn't really know why and everything kind of goes from there 

So just preface this because I'm sure you've heard a lot of people talking about this book I do love Emily henry's contemporary romances her  contemporary romances I love 

Beach read is one of my favorite books of all time and probably my favorite  contemporary romance though spoiler alert this is like right up there as well I don't know which one I love more I also enjoyed people with me on vacation 

But not so much because it didn't have some of the tropes that I really like this has so much going for it so first off let me get into the sort of like world-building elements of this 

So this is like small-town Emily henry I will say as far as the world living for this one Emily henry leans so hard into some of the tropes that we all know from romances 

She does a really good job of being very self-aware of the characters being really self-aware and for being more of a commentary on that than for you necessarily taking it seriously all the tropes that do happen feel very realistic like in her books 

Like her books feel very real her characters and the relationships feel possible in a way that sometimes romances don't because they're so escapist 

I don't really find her books to be very escapist like they feel very grounded in reality and she does that in a sort of like the building of the world and things so let me talk about our characters Nora is a character that I related to 

So hard I love a forest right I always joke about being like a forest however i live in a big city I live in Chicago and i love it and I love that like big city thing like I can't imagine like actually living in a small town 

So I get her she's very again city girl but also like very motivated um can sometimes come off as cold is very anxious for a number of reasons that kind of comes in with her dynamic with her sister has just a lot going on 

What I loved about what this book did and I can talk about this more in the plot but it sort of also applies here no one and the plot itself doesn't try to change her and I love it 

So much charlie as a love interest perfect Emily henry again writes really amazing love interests as well and again between him and the guy from victory guys I don't know who I love more possibly charlie 

So the dynamic going on here is not only do we have this sort of like rivals to lovers again they're not quite enemies they're just like a little bit of misunderstanding the dynamic we have here is two very similar people falling in love and I had forgotten how much 

I am obsessed with that uh two people who you could almost classify as like grumpy um but two people who understand each other and can just like see each other are almost like mirrors of each other in the best way who get each other without having to like necessarily talk about it which communication is great 

But two people who like truly understand each other oh my god and like just are on each other's side and appreciate how the other one is also on their side or on the other side like they see what the other one does and understand it and i that is a dynamic that i want so bad in like my own life 

So i was just sitting there like oh my god like sometimes crying was just like how much things resonated so good we also have this dynamic like i mentioned with her sister 

So we have if you like sibling dynamics we have that we have like a lot of like interesting family dynamics um there is a mild trigger for the fact that uh Norah's mother passed away in the past off-page 

But that is kind of like brought up that grief story and just like these sibling dynamics like uh Nora being the older sister her sister being the younger sister and like those protective dynamics and things like that and all that's done really well Emily henry 

Does a really good job of like balancing life stuff with romance last night about the plot there are a lot of like I said plot elements that are tropes but very self-aware and work really well 

Then we just have the fact that like these two characters are book lovers so this is a romance for book people a lot of it takes place in like a bookstore just around like book things 

So as book lovers are going to enjoy it and what I also really love about Emily henry's books although she does this happens in people to be on vacation but in beach read and in this there is no third act break up there's third act tension which is what the actual trope is for romance like the structure 

So a lot of books fall back on the third act breakup as like a breakup is happening this is outside force that the characters have to contend with and I appreciate that so much more because I find that so much more realistic than the characters fully breaking up and then getting back together 

At the end of a romance book because we know that they do because happily ever after that's a romance staple blah blah the having them potentially overcome outside factors that are potentially keeping them apart is so much better and that does 

This is really well she didn't be treated she didn't get in here having third-act tension third act conflict and not having it always be a breakup i need more authors to do that I also just find her books compulsively readable like once I pick them up I cannot stop so i read 60 of this book in one sitting 

so yeah I love this i gave this 5 out of 5 stars i adore it Emily henry's books,  her romances are some of the only ones that i would actually reread.

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