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Call Me Tuesday by Leigh Byrne pdf download


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Call Me Tuesday by Leigh Byrne pdf download 

Details of Call Me Tuesday by Leigh Byrne Book

  • Book Name: Call Me Tuesday
  • Authors: Leigh Byrne
  • Pages: 227
  • Genre: Mystery, Nonfiction
  • Publish Date: Mar 6, 2012
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Call Me Tuesday by Leigh Byrne i read its sequel or rather the third book that's still me and i liked that one as well but a few days back i was shopping for some books and this one came in front of my eyes 

so i was like i obviously like the storyline why don't i just read it my by myself and get to get to read a lot of a lot more things about the characters and that's what i did and to my surprise and for you as well i read it in one sitting i'm not joking no trust me

i read this book in just one day because maybe the writing is also easy and of course because it is so engaging and as i said i love all the characters and the story and everything about this book 

now as always let me tell you a bit about its plot me before you mainly revolves around two characters louisa clarke and will trainer now louisa clarke is a very chirpy quirky confused and not a very aspirational girl and one day she loses her job as a waitress in a cafe and that leaves her devastated because 

all her family is kind of dependent on her and then she becomes desperate for us for a job and lands up as a caretaker for a quadriplegic and this quadriplegic is none other than will trainer our second protagonist 

now when trainer is a guy who used to be a very ambitious very uh aspirational and like kind of a perfect man back in his days before he met with a motorcycle accident and that kills all his aspirations all his dreams 

all his goals for life and life for him actually changes but uh then these both both are protagonists me and they change each other's life not in a romantic cliche way but in the most realistic way 

now that you know the plot let me tell you what i really feel about this book by now i'm sure you know how much i love this story and because of course as i said i've watched the movies like tons of times 

i kid you or not while i was reading this novel i was actually imagining emilia clarke and sam clefflin and they they really do fit in the part and the book at the movie adaptation is quite apt to be honest 

i don't say this a lot but yeah in this case it is anyways coming back to all the good things that like the things which i like about this book first and the most important part is the ending oh my god and by the ending 

i want to like say that this book is very realistic and that's what i like about this book it's not cliche at all and the ending proves the same point it's not a romantic cliche instead it's the most realistic approach towards life 

that's what i like the second part which or the second thing which i like about this book is the character development or the evolution the characters evolved 

so much throughout the book not just lou like lu the loot changes from the first to the end and that's what this book is about this book is about her but the way will also changes like he evolves he is shown like an arrogant 

kind of like an like a very rude person but then he evolves and you get you not only feel sorry for him at moments like there are so many moments i felt sorry for him but also i realized that he is the most practical person 

he is a very smart and intelligent person too and i had so much of like admiration for that like character will trainer he was a he was an amazing guy like yeah the way he is written and third thing which i like is of course the plot 

it's it there is there are so many things going but the writing the way it is written the flow of the plot is very smooth and last but not the least what i liked is how simply the author has given away the morals in the most heartwarming way throughout the story it's not a romantic novel instead

it's a novel for you to read and live your life this novel not only tells you how life can change in just a moment how your if you, if you think you are the boss god, will tell you that no you are not the bo not your boss and on the other hand it tells you to live your life on your own terms and what are 

it's such a heart warming at the same time same time heart-wrenching book and i highly highly recommend you to if you haven't read the book go for it if you uh haven't watched the movie but like chances are very rare 

so so realistic so pure such nice dialogues everything is so good about this book but but as i say some like some not so good things about this book first of all i was all about like crying for this novel like 

i wanted to cry because i had heard that this is gonna be like a heartbreaking novel and because i had obviously cried while watching a movie i was up for it but i did not cry and that's i don't know why did it happen and that's something which i did not like 

i think i was like i knew i was in into the book but i wasn't like really crying at the ending especially there were little moments few lines where i was like okay little sobbing but not like fully 

i wasn't like really crying second part which i did not really enjoy is the point of view part like the book is written from mainly from louisa as a point of view but there are moments when other characters come and give their point of view 

but that is something like i wanted will cite maybe or alternate point of views but these point of view was come at a random and at times they were confusing though the name was written but i was like okay is it really necessary it was a bit confusing maybe it would have been better 

if will's point of view would have been there at some point but anyways my last thoughts on this book are you should definitely go for this book grab it right now because this book will not only make you laugh at moments like louisa 

she's so witty and the banter between louisa and will is is like adorable not just this book not only will make you laugh it will make you of course cry at moments i did not but i've heard like everyone cries after reading this novel 

this book will make you happy at moments especially like i was happy while reading the last letter like the ending letter while watching the movie i cried but while reading the letter in this novel.


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