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For Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa pdf download

For Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa pdf download

Click here to download the pdf 

For Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa pdf download

Details of For Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa Book

  • Book Name: For Butter or Worse
  • Authors: Erin La Rosa
  • Pages: 294
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Jul 26, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

For Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa this seemed to be the week to reading some books by authors i have never read before and that's with the case of this book in fact not only is it a new book that i read that i mean a new author 

but it was a book that i really loved that i gave five stars on goodreads so when i write up my review i'll also you know give it five stars on my blog and so forth now what is this book about 

it's about i hate to love that's the trope hate is it hate to love love love haters to lovers i forgot the name of the trope but that's that's pretty much the truth okay you have i'm just looking at Goodreads so i can see

if i can get the name i i can't get the name of the trope anyway so you have two you have two people okay they're like oil and water and you know what they say about oil and water oil and water don't mix 

you have chef is nina lion and then you have a restauranteur named leo o'donnell now they start off working together on a reality cooking show it's called the next cooking champ 

they both have a reputation nina has a reputation almost like a female gordon ramsay and as co-host leo is comes off as a jokester as a jerk as someone who always gets under her skin well at some point nina has enough enough 

it's over now the thing is if she leaves the show what's going to happen to her career well in order for her career to not take a total dive considering the fact that she quit on live tv after a big fallout 

they find themselves in a very strange situation in fact it looks like they are in a compromising situation but here's the thing reality tv stars and so then they are constantly followed by paparazzi 

because of a certain group of pictures that were taken then a plot is formed they're going to act as a couple anytime there is a photo opportunity this this will allow nina to have a better chance at getting her career back on track 

but it will also help to protect leo and the restaurants that he owns in fact because of some issues he's having to sell some of his restaurants and now they have a chance to play act to have a showmance a fake romance 

but what happens you got it fake to real you know haters to lovers and i'm still calling the trope wrong but enemies to lovers that's what it is enemies to lovers 

now i love this because it's all fake anytime there's a camera and not just a random paparazzi but planned events where they know there's going to be a photo opportunity 

then there's times when maybe they should kiss because it's a good photo opportunity but guess what somewhere along that line that hatred begins to morph become begins to become more 

the chemistry starts to explode okay now along the line there's some sensitivity in this book and the sensitivity is what makes this book work or what made this book work for me to where i would give

 it five stars instead of say three or four stars and with the sensitivity in this book we have things that leo had said to nina that he has to fix okay and so it's like they're doomed misunderstandings bad feelings 

unnecessary arguments all of those things but at the same time feelings start to grow between them now it's like do we act on these feelings do we identify these feelings do we go with them and there's something 

i liked about this book as it started to uh unfold is when you have an enemies to lovers and yes i'm gonna call the trope by the right name this time you look for that line of demarcation 

when does that balance start to shift okay you got enemies to lovers and now we'll say that this is love when does that line start to be drawn in the sand that makes a couple that really had antagonistic feelings and actions towards each other develop into something more and that's what 

this book came across to me it's a harlequin book so i you know you know it's going to be a decent romance at least at least you would expect that right well 

there's one more thing about this book beyond the enemies to lovers beyond the fake romance beyond all the paparazzi and with the feelings that are coming along the way 

there were some humorous moments in this book some moments that i found myself chuckling and i found that to be a really nice balance to a story where you want some warmth you 

you want some growth and you want to see these characters come together and it all happened and that's why i was able to give this book five stars 



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