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Lord of the Flies by William Golding pdf download

Lord of the Flies by William Golding


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Lord of the Flies by William Golding pdf download

Details of Lord of the Flies by William Golding Book

  • Book Name: Lord of the Flies
  • Authors: William Golding
  • Pages: 190
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: Oct 1, 1999
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Lord of the Flies by William Golding who was a British author and this book was released in 1954 making it a classic in my opinion probably everyone else's opinion it is a dystopian novel that takes place in England actually 

it takes place in a deserted island but I'll get into that now so what is a book about it's about a group of boys whose plane has been shot down because of the war onto the deserted island and they never tell you 

what the boys are doing on that plane because they don't know each other it's not like there's like school mates we're on a field trip no I I have the feeling that they were trying to evacuate them somewhere safe 

but they didn't make it to that safe place they made it to look creepy deserted island now the book never details what war is actually going on they're not telling you if it's something like world war two or if it's some fictional war just happening in England we never find out the novel is dystopia 

because of what happens when these words are on the island so in order to establish some kind of order and familiarity the boys decided to elect one of the older boys named Ralph asked chief of their little tribe but that kind of rubs another boy the wrong way whose name is Jack

 he really wanted to be chief but when he was like vote for me everyone's like no we don't like you we want Ralph and at first everything is nice and dandy everyone's playing nice and they're kind of enjoying their time in the island because there's no one else to tell them what to do 

but things slowly start to fall apart because well you need some order aside from Ralph and jag we also are introduced to another character by the name of piggy that's right piggy as an oink-oink we never actually find out what Piggy's name is because the author never gives it up and no one calls him by his name they just 

I really mean to him and call him piggy and he probably asks for it a little bit because he's a super annoying know-it-all voice of reason type of character that everyone hates but is right half of the time so it's like why do we hate piggy because he's annoying but he's annoying right now like

I said everything starts off fine but then things are two really go horribly wrong in the clashing between Ralph and Jack because Ralph wants order and he wants things to get done in order for them to survive and potentially get saved by having this fire constantly burning 

so gives off a signal and although Jack promises to keep the fire going he starts to get really distracted by his creepy obsession with hunting and getting me the kid loves to eat meat that's all he thinks about he's supposed to hunt and eat meat and do nothing else well Ralph is like come on guys 

get this fire going we need shelters and he's like no fun hunting me it's like it's like obsession he's just obsessed with eating meat and of course slowly but surely he starts to convince the other kids if they just doesn't also just want to eat meat and have a good time you know forget doing the important stuff 

so everyone kind of starts turning on Ralph and kind of going more towards Jack's side some willing some not willing to because he's not really that nice of a person either until their society starts to go to the crappers and that's where the dystopia part comes and it's kind of giving you a lesson of when there's 

no order things just like just crap out and the worst thing is that the book also implies and we see with the characters that people start kind of getting really primal and animalistic and and this is a big thing which 

I can start to see jack perverting into this really uncivilized person so it was a really great novel it was fast to read the only grape I really had with the entire book was the language it is in British English which I have no problem reading but it wasn't slangy British English so a lots of times 

I have to go back and reread sentences to kind of understand the context of what they were trying to say and the author had this thing about kind of like breaking words up and like mushing them together so instead of saying little ones 

it was little lumps and instead of saying big ones it was big ones and other words like that sauce brambles up together and sometimes my brain would be like no we don't understand what's going on so I often have to go back and reread and be like okay I understand what's going on 

so that's the every only reason it took me like two days to read the book because I really wanted to understand what was going on aside from that I really loved it it's a great dystopian book a really good lesson to be learned a framing lesson in that it is a disturbed which I don't mind it's really dark which again 

I don't mind I like books that feel unsettling from the first page all the way to the last if anyone's curious to know why it's called Lord of the Flies know now that I'm going to say something that's spoiler ish 

so if you don't want to hear it scuff your ears like lalala don't listen but it's color the flies because and what objects hunts he decides to put a Boar's Head on top of the stick and of course this dead animal carcass 

now is attracting flies and one of the other boys sees it and he's starting to go Looney Tunes in the head and he believes that the carcass is talking to him and he decides to name the Boar's Head Lord of the Flies 

so that's why it's called Lord of the Flies if you were curious so here you have it you guys that is my review out of five stars I definitely gave lore defines four and a half to five stars and kind of a two back and forth the language thing did really bug me someone to say for now how to start hey guys sorry about that

so apparently my camera felt like I had talked too much and shut itself off and well I asked if and I forgot to charge the battery so yeah me for forgetting that but anyways I was just saying if you like dystopian novels and you want something that's a light novel 

I definitely recommend you read Lord of the Flies it's a quick read it's got a really good message attached to it even if it's slightly disturbing in the way they kind of convey the message to you but that is my review for today.



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