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The Contract by Melanie Moreland Pdf Download


The Contract by Melanie Moreland

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The Contract Melanie Moreland Pdf Download

Details of The Contract Melanie Moreland Book

  • Book Name: The Contract 
  • Authors: Melanie Moreland
  • Pages: 16
  • Genre: Romance novel, Contemporary Romance, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 16 May 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Contract by Melanie Moreland first of all she writes men that I hate really well this one starts with this guy Richard who is Catherine's boss Catherine says PA she took the job purposely because she literally gets paid more because 

he is such a jerk to record that the company cannot keep someone to work for him and that should just tell you how much you're gonna despise this guy from the beginning Catherine on the other hand is just a sweetheart 

she works really really hard because she was going to college and had to quit when her let's call her mother got sick catherine grew up in group homes and then ran away and when she ran away she met this woman this woman actually became a foster parent and everything to keep Catherine with her 

so for all intents and purposes I think of her as Catherine's mom and I think that the book definitely portrays it that way Richard gets passed over for a partnership that he really wanted 

so throwing a tantrum like a little kid decides that he's going to switch from the company that he's currently working at to a competitor and the way that he's going to do that is by making this competitor think that 

he's leaving because him in his PA are in a relationship and this new company allows those types of relationships in like a family environment and the company they work for now will fire them and are completely against 

their relationship which of course makes catherine the center of this whole thing because she cannot stay at her current job she's going to get fired when they think that he's she's in a relationship with Richard and she has to agree to Richard's plan because she needs this money 

this money is how she pays for her mom to stay in this retirement home because her mom has Alzheimer's and cannot take care of herself Catherines insisted that her mom will have this really nice retirement home where 

she can paint and see the garden and those types of things when Richard comes to her with his plan but really what it's like is gambling with her future and her mom's future so I completely understand why Catherine is hesitant but at the same time has no choice and so the plan is that Richard 

Catherine are gonna pretend to be married Richard's going to pay Catherine monthly for her to pretend to be his fiancee because he knows that he needs her in order of this new job to take 

it seriously as a family man and she's going to be out of work it kind of is the best of both worlds but at the same time if he just wouldn't have done it now that have been fantastic anyways Catherine is just absolutely amazing 

really does try to get along with him and make his life somewhat better and she definitely has that see the good in people mentality and tries to make his fair apartment into a home try to have some kind of relationship 

while they're together they have this kind of hate attraction they definitely understand that they don't like each other richard has this absurd idea about Catherine that she just spends her money frivolously 

doesn't know how to take care of herself and stuff like that because she did she lived in a dump because she couldn't afford anything else she ate peanut butter it really sounds just because she couldn't afford anything 

else because her priority was her mother and so it takes Richard a while to catch on to the fact that she just doesn't put herself first that's the difference in their lifestyles anyways my point is the beginningless book it maybe even 

two-thirds of this book I thought we're good but the end where Richard really has to figure out the type of man he wants to be outstanding no they did it again I really liked this book it exceeded my expectations 

I was expecting it to be something like a light romance and instead this is all about the characters this is about their backgrounds this is about the personalities their choices their morals and values and 

I love that you guys know that I'm absolutely about the characters so this was perfect for me as always I'm gonna put her link that's the first link in my description so that if any of you guys would like 

to pick it up that's where you guys can get it if you like this show you go ahead and like it.



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