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Dangerous Hero by Tom Bower PDF Download


Dangerous Hero by Tom Bower

Click here to download the pdf 

Dangerous Hero by Tom Bower PDF Download 

Details of Dangerous Hero by Tom Bower Book

  • Book Name: Dangerous Hero
  • Authors: Tom Bower
  • Pages: 383
  • Genre: Biography
  • Publish Date: Feb 21, 2019
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Ercules is one of the most famous heroes of Greek mythology. He was the hero of Olympus and the son of Zeus and Hera. Hercules is most famous for defeating the demon Libyan and becoming king himself.

He was also a symbol of strength, virtue and leadership. On the other hand, many stories showcased Hercules, such as when he killed his wife and children to demonstrate his power. Somehow, the story of Hercules has become synonymous with the concept of a dangerous hero.

A traditional interpretation of Hercules associates Hercules with human qualities such as strength, courage, determination and leadership. In addition, many modern interpretations emphasize how Hercules used his powers to help others—creating a moral code based on the human qualities that belonged to his powers.

Hence a hero should always face danger and adversity with bravery. Typically, this interpretation states that Hercules refused to bow to the will of his father Hera or to do forbidden actions so that he could live in peace in his soul. By doing so, Hercules demonstrated a rare degree of moral firmness and integrity.

Hercules embodied many of the traits we consider heroic today. Most clearly, he embodied the qualities of courage and leadership. However, Hercules also demonstrated confidence in his own strength, in his own strength.

During one of his trials, Hercules' father forced him to prove his strength by ripping off a lion with his bare hands. Later, facing the demon Cetus, Hercules again showed confidence in his own strength by slaying the beast using only his hands.

A similar interpretation applies to the story of Hercules' abduction.

Eurysthenes' daughter so that she could prove her strength. In this case, Hercules demonstrated both confidence in his strength and an uncanny ability to control and use his power wisely—a trait commonly associated with heroes such as Superman or Batman who morally exercised their powers. use.

Although most people know the name of Hercules from classical mythology, many historical aspects remain unclear—including whether or not he actually existed. Some believe that he was based on a real man known as Hercules (or Hercules).

His father was the legendary hero Heracles, which is understandable given that some of Hercules' stories involve him proving his worth to his father (such as when he had to kill the Nemean lion).

Why did Hera want to get rid of her... well, she had more children she wanted to eliminate, so she must have been doing it for nefarious purposes (similar to how King Lais killed/exiled his son Oedipus ). Also, since Hera hated her husband Zeus's rich ways, she may have provoked Hercules' conception so that he could spy on her - which is understandable since Hera is also known to be cunning and cunning. goes.

Based on these considerations, it seems likely that a traditional interpretation of Hercules would emphasize how he displayed courage, both physical and moral; believe in your own power; leadership skills; and a moral code based on human qualities. 

On the other hand, a less traditionally viewed explanation might emphasize how Hercules used his powers destructively—such as killing or raping women under false pretenses. 

This interpretation would seem more plausible, as some stories about Hercules involve him killing/robbing people (his wife and children) out of jealousy or anger. Since heroes are often seen as role models for society at large, their behavior - good or bad - can have an impact on society itself.

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