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From Third World to First by Lee Kuan Yew pdf download


From Third World to First by Lee Kuan Yew

Click here to download the pdf 

From Third World to First by Lee Kuan Yew pdf download

Details of From Third World to First by Lee Kuan Yew Book

  • Book Name: From Third World to First
  • Authors: Lee Kuan Yew, Henry Kissinger
  • Pages: 757
  • Genre: Autobiography, Biography
  • Publish Date: Jan 1, 2000
  • Language: English

Book review:

From Third World to First by Lee Kuan Yew  this book story all the way to the year 2000 he stepped down in 1990 years on Prime Minister simple now for what I'm gonna do with this review is basically talk about the differences from the first book because alright my criticisms 

my great admiration for the way the book it's written it's all the same between the two books what i will talk about is how this book's true antidotes from the books itself and also showing the pictures in the book how 

this book is different lives basically between the two books it's what kind of advice you wanna get from it but very visionary leader but in case summary the pros and cons of both books are actually pretty much the same thing is that he wrote it 

he wrote it with editions from top journalists and his wife and all but basically all the stories and everything was perfect typed by him so you know the good thing is you got so much detail in there just like 

how i said before how people how much sugars or what the great leader from another country have with his tea or coffee or whatever alright by the same time you can argue that he or myth certain things in order persuade us really does or me as much but that's a point contention and that's

basically the main pro and con for the rest of it and go look at my first review on the simple story up a link to that in the descriptions below now the first difference in the book is from the first book he's always happy to deal with another nation to form singapore safety and of that from this book 

he is looking at it from more like the totally independent they cannot depend on anybody how he builds nation literally from scratch up with no resources or anything like that and that's the different main difference in this book like um how he started an army from scratch literally from scratch and you know how all the difficulties go through and how he had form a whole population in a unified whole with different religions everything like that and 

I think the main lesson you can take away from this book is the simple fact that once you concentrate our solutions and not the problem this is encapsulated in the early parts of the book when it talks about things such as as I a Singapore Airlines which is not war famous and how he made government projects only when the government offered it and then he made it very clear even though these were government sponsored they must be profitable 

if not you're closed and down here and you know P his reputation was due to the fact of practicality that he they knew that if a project didn't work any concern Singapore's future that he would close that even we would smear his name somewhat and the other thing you can take from the book is or calls it look beyond the initial short-term profits one of these that 

made a whole lot of difference was the Kenyan simple River simple at the time like even his fellow ministers were telling him you know leave that finality the environment every day you know wait till we got a ton of money and everything that ever was settled then we'll handle 

the environment he said no you know he's gonna clean up the Singapore River and from a place where they were basically as pungent is horrible is polluted alright he clearly and within 10 years he actually got Singapore's financial kind of consultant from Europe to come over be able to fish in this import and catch a live fish which was not staged you know yes they

allege you know I believe it but you know people will be people and say all kinds of things even because you some short-term difficulties of problems if it benefits you more in the future don't do it such as exercise in my view the other thing that he talks about very clearly for a nation to succeed 

I think even on a personal level is corruption should not be allowed to come about and in that lesson is such a simple thing is prevention is better than cure is always better to prevent upon for happening first before then wait teacher the problem comes then solving I think this is prevalent in both books that he for his memoirs and he did this in several ways which 

he talked about such as ministers pay should be the same as or similar to CEO pay there should be checks and balances even for people the top levels and all that and to set a precedent basically in the government or in your personal life so that these little creeping Evo's don't get a foothold in your nation or in your person but of course in this book he's writing about 

nation and compared to the last book this book of course after Singapore gotten Boeing and became one the most richest developing countries in the world at time this book as you can see he deals with leaders this book talks a lot about would-be relationships in for a lot of other great leaders and time with the war in Vietnam and everything like that and you get a lot of 

insight into so many countries have big differences and how they get he came to the prime minister of the smallest nation on earth as an intermediary because you know he was a very practical man very well known to bridge between Chinese values and European or him and or rather American 

ways of industrialization so they saw him as a good in-between which would get to both countries without you know bringing too much attention because again because being a small nation big news has not gonna always just report like if the American president went somewhere you can exactly hide there a talks was several American presidents like Jimmy Carter how 

he talked about the MacArthur being a very very punctual even with all schedules and everything like that but Ronald Reagan and of about Nixon I really like one an adult about Nixon which to tell you how interesting the book is from a personal standpoint because yet he gives personal interactions with these great leaders they were shaking hands you know at like a White

House dinner and you know they were all he gets for coming in and he was shaking hand shaking hands and how Richard Nixon at Law between all this turned to Lee Kuan Yew and he said you know never say it's nice to meet you cause you might met the person before 

so if you say that he would think that you don't remember him he could be offended always say something like it's nice to meet you again how are you because those are very neutral lines you know so you know I mean it's things like that and kids think that's that she could 

advise that's fantastic advice and again to girls shorts I know if I soon how come soon lose out of war is so fantastic because you know anything in that book seduce other Wallace is common sense but once you are taught it then you can actively do it you always amazed how when you open

pass how you didn't do it before it makes much sense but getting back to this book the other thing that this book talks about is the other developing countries such as you can see with Emperor Hirohito right here and you talk about how the differences between Singapore Singapore developed 

learn from the mistakes of places like the Philippines with Mark horse or sue Cano and in the later stages so hard to which he feels is a very good leader until the later years all right of Indonesia and how all those countries had the basic issue was always nepotism and corruption of course being him always mean issue and how they always and here's the thing like I said before with the lesson you in learned before I said before how if you have a plan 

it doesn't work get rid of it bury your pride and then change it to find a solution find a solution and those countries what happened was even with India and everything they just kept sticking to the same plan like a chugging along unable to change alright and therefore the problem never got better 

in fact it always got worse when the Vietnam War and later on the Vietnam invasion Cambodia you know you get to see how international politics really plays out and how is it the strange that how it takes a certain kind of mind such a big Kuan Yew's to really focus down on the practical you know not and non-ideological situation to put pressure in the right places and to push 

new countries in the right places to form a common goal to push your own agenda like he never lies in and that the fact that he said that you know what whatever he did it was for Singapore interests but he knew that if you're just pushing about interests many of these countries won't join 

into the same plan such as many groups that he started such as ASEAN and everything but if you push their agendas to and everybody had a song a little common go you know I just give and take people come together you know such as you can see over here he he'll take a picture with Taiwan's leader 

Chiang kai-shek's his son and here he went on the Taiwanese leader and here he is with Mao Zedong China's premier leader at a time and getting to that China is also a place prominently in the book obviously because 

you know China at the time was rising dragon it's still the rising dragon and it's not the second because he called me into the world in this book also he reveals that his most admired leader was done selling all right the man turned everything around even after you kicked out twice or the government

by the Gang of Four and all that and yet he came to in turn he basically made China wedges and he leaked money was no qualms saying that and pointing out that fat and like a little story about how it was in

 the book but he said how dance helping was a man who always kept his word or rather said things very very carefully like when everybody questioning him and America are sleek want you to get themself in to act on Viet Nam's envision Cambodia and when asked constantly about what would he do or rather China do about the Vietnam invasion of Cambodia and whether 

China intervened than helping always just said if they cross the line you know or something along that lines but basically we meant Mekong River Vietnamese crosses China would have to do something but they didn't want a Soviet backed Vietnam having sense forming a hegemony of like 

you know basic Soviet agent countries and that was their form another Pablo against China itself and being a man of his word and of course all for political reasons China did get involved and invade or rather attack Vietnam which caused them to not be able to take over Cambodia fully and have to pull out later on I think after ten years and the last thing is in a book of 763 pages 

there is a last chapter about his family which lasts about nine pages and it shows the very rare glimpse of Lee Kuan Yew in with his softer side so to speak but yet you can tell he was not a man who showed his emotions very much because just like when he died with having Kissinger who came to attend funerals did an interview said that he and Lee Kuan Yew were not 

the kind of guys who showed emotion a lot and it shows in that last chapters you can see with a picture his family is that he acknowledges and he praises them and he says he's proud of them but it's not like that kind of like very loving kind of language but you feel it you know and it's now you 

see that the soft side of him in these nine pages giving credit to his children and everything like that and his family and how they helped him especially his wife so that is from 202 first an excellent book again it's a great and you learn different things from it but overall you get to learn the ideas in the head of a visionary leader of which even the largest countries in the world 

such as China America and so on came to see this man the leader of a smallest nation the world and thus Kissinger said of a leader of a country so small should not have such an impact on the world this is just a book to read to teach you good lessons in life and also to lead a moral life.


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