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Keep Going by Austin Kleon PDF Download


Keep Going by Austin Kleon in PDF Download

Click here to download the pdf 

Keep Going by Austin Kleon in PDF Download

Details of Keep Going by Austin Kleon Book

  • Book Name: Keep Going
  • Authors: Austin Kleon
  • Pages: 139
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: Apr 2, 2019
  • Language: English

Book review:

Keep Going by Austin Kleon this book is basically about how to be a creative and keep being a creative in a world that is constantly grabbing for your attention your energy your ideas your money your emotions all these things that distract us from our work this is just a great great book that addresses all those major things and how to overcome them so the first thing 

i want to talk about is what did i like about this book first thing is he talks a lot about how to keep the habit of creating so that means like creating daily rituals creating a specific space in your house or specific time slot in your day or your week to create and then once 

you sort of establish some of those things to then sit down and do the works that you can earn the title of artist or creative or whatever it is you do the second thing is that he does a great job of reminding 

you why you make art which i know is kind of weird because we all make our party for different reasons but honestly the deep down reason for making art is for people to enjoy it he talks about basically reminding yourself that people need to see art and need to see your art and therefore 

you need to share your art and so he's giving us permission to give our art away which is kind of the opposite of what a lot of people at least in my life throughout the years have told me like you really don't want to give your art away because then it's value goes down because 

you've just given something away that took a lot of time and energy and skill for free to somebody oh and i've had people tell me you shouldn't do that and honestly there's a lot of truth in that as well like you don't want to just just be giving your heart away but art should be given away some of the time and i think he just does a great job of reminding us

as artists to not be afraid to share it and to sometimes share it for free it's a good reminder for us as creatives to be reminded of why we do it and the excitement behind it when we're giving it as a gift to somebody and the other way that he reminds us why we make art is reminding us that art comes from the ordinary it comes from everyday life comes from everyday things 

you know if we're not looking around if we're not paying attention to what we pay attention to that's what he says in his book like there's things that we need to be doing in our lives to be rejuvenating that love for art and wanting to keep going so going on a walk reading a book cleaning up 

your creative spaces in your house a little bit periodically those things can help you create art help you to focus on what your goals are help you to be just a better creator and the third thing that i loved about this book is that it's an easy read now i personally i i like reading 

if i get into the groove of it and i find a good book but this just made it that much easier because it's short it's small it fits in your hand it's got pictures and images and just great graphics and the chapters are short and understandable and every single sentence you read is so full of good stuff that you can read you know half a chapter or a chapter which are short and then call it 

a day and be like okay that was enough information enough inspiration for me to then get on with my day and start creating and honestly keep going the content in this book i was just soaking up like a sponge i think it was the right timing for me to read this book um it definitely just is perfect for where i'm at in my life

right now with my art and my art business and all of that so it came to me at just the right time so would you like this book let's talk about who would benefit from reading this book i think this is a perfect book for the established artist someone who's been doing art for a while whether professionally or just for a hobby but you're doing it enough that

you'd understand these concepts and they'd really resonate with you if you are really devoting a lot more time to your craft i think it's more beneficial for people like that perfect for those of us that get stuck in ruts and get bogged down by the things in our world that are distracting and keep us from doing our work or if you need motivation 

you need help getting back on track this is that book in my mind it's the perfect creative pick-me-up you better go get a copy in closing here is a quote from the book that just in my mind really summed up to me what 

i needed to hear uh as a creative person and this is what it is worry less about getting things done worry more about things worth doing worry less about being a great artist worry more about being a good human being who makes art worry less about making a mark worry more about leaving things better 

you found them keep working keep playing keep drawing keep looking keep listening keep thinking keep dreaming keep singing keep dancing keep painting keep sculpting keep designing keep composing keep acting keep cooking keep searching keep walking keep exploring keep giving keep living keep paying attention keep doing your verbs.


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