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Long Range by C J Box pdf download


Long Range by C J Box pdf download

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Long Range by C J Box pdf download

Details of Long Range by C J Box Book

  • Book Name: Long Range
  • Authors: C J Box
  • Pages: 316
  • Genre: Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
  • Publish Date: Mar 3, 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Long Range by C J Box this book i was i was floored floored by how awesome it was and how quick i read it and just this is his first novel this thing came out in 2001 it was his first ever novel and i'm saying for a first novel this thing was polished and professional as hell this is unlike any other debut novel 

i've ever read i mean the guy the guy the guy hit a grand slam home run with this let's talk about the not only that but he won a lot of mystery awards like he won every mystery award that year and this thing came out of the gate a blockbuster best seller and it just and and the joe pickett series which 

i think there's about 20 or 21 of them in the series now every one of them has been a new york times bestseller so i mean i was aware of them i've seen them in the bookstore for the last 20 years i just hadn't read them so whoever out there you people out there that recommended 

i start this great i just got this read it in a couple days now i've got 20 other books in the joe picket series i got to go buy which i will do you know i will do it because these are awesome we always talk about the covers one of the things i

 like about this series and if i ever do a book haul on this series you're going to see that all the covers are very elegant and i know you can't tell from 

i don't have any of his other books with me now but when i do the book haul when i buy all 20 you'll see that they all have a matching spine they all have a matching wonderful cover big elegant nice cover of wyoming scene 

which i think is great so let's get to the book itself joe pickett he's our main character he is a game warden hey this is the first series i've read about a game warden you know my my uncle verdon was a game warden in utah and everywhere i go people are like hey did 

you if they find out my last name is durfee they're like hey did you know verdon durfee he was a gamer game wardens in states the size of wyoming and utah everybody who hunts everybody who lives they know them 

i mean there's only there's only 50 or some odd game wardens in the entire state of wyoming it's probably not that much more in the state of utah and they all know each other they're all police they're all law enforcement and anybody that's a wildlife enthusiast or any 

they all know all the game wardens that's part of the plot of this book is that joe pickett is a brand new game warden on the job and he has just replaced a guy named vern ver vern yeah vern vero verl vern i can't remember i think it's vern that he replaced there's a game warden that he play 

he pro he he takes over the job of this game warden that was very popular a retired game warden who was super super popular within the whole state amongst all the other game wardens against all the ranchers with all the hunters and and trappers and people that make their living off the land and wyoming this game warden was super popular 

now joe pickett is two weeks on the job and he's replaced this popular guy and everybody kind of thinks this joe pickett is like a barney fife like he's not really capable for the job and really the first call that he ever goes on out on proves this and it's in the prologue so i'm not going to spoil 

much here but he goes out he finds that there's this guy who's poached a couple of deer the guy named oate has poached a couple of deer and he goes out to um talk to oat and otis skinning the deer and um and he's like the game warden just caught me poaching and but but oate is used to the old game warden who 

let who used to kind of understand that people lived off the land and sometimes they lived off just the deer that they could and so he would let stuff like poaching slide but joe pickett he's like he's new so he's got to do everything by the letter of the law he's got to do everything 

by the book so he's going to write the guy a ticket and a ticket for poaching can can ruin this guy's life and so there's a little scuffle the guy's like hey man why don't you just let me why don't you just let this slide like the old the old game warden that everybody used to love would let things slide a little bit why don't you just let this slide you know

i got to feed my family with these deers and joe pig's like no i'm gonna i'm gonna give you the ticket and then there's a scuffle breaks out and joe pickett gets his gun taken from him and and oh points his gun at joe pickett and is like well what you gonna do now well long story short oat is basically a decent guy 

he doesn't want to kill the game warden he gives the gun back but in his dra you know and a couple months go by and in a drunken uh sort of bragging at the bar oat was like yeah you know that new game order that joe picket 

he's a real lame ass i took i took his gun we got into a wrestling match out in the woods and i took his gun and so then there's an investigation this is this is all happens in the prologue this is the setup to the story so i'm not spoiling anything here so there's an investigation and joe pickett 

now might lose his job because he got his gun took and he didn't arrest the guy for taking his gun because it's a really serious crime he gave the guy the ticket still for for um the deer poaching but he didn't arrest the guy for taking his gun he's just like he's like okay he's embarrassed let's not speak of this 

so now he's under investigation for um not arresting this dude that took his gun and threatened his life and it makes him look like a weak ass bugger and he's like kind of kind of like oh man what do i do i've really screwed up here and that's when all the weird stuff happens that's 

when the human flesh-eating weasels show up so this is a great great story i was wrapped up into this story because i know what it's like to be i work law enforcement i know what it's like to be new 

a brand new fish in law enforcement as we call them in our in our department fish with their rookies they're they're green cops you know now we've got um this joe pickett he's kind of unsure of himself as a new game warden and then oate the guy that bragged about him uh taking the gun 

out mysteriously is found dead in joe's wood pile so now he's got a mess of problems and his daughter has little furry friends that live in the wood pile and they're flesh eating human flesh-eating weasels and his daughter is made friends with the human flesh-eating weasels i kid you 

not the story is dynamite the story is dynamite and you know one of the things is joe pickett has married another thing that is i love about the stories it's not just about joe pickett and law enforcement but it's about joe pickett's whole family and that's what i love about this is because 

we get to meet his wife and his kids and and all and we get to meet the other people that work in the force with him that work on the in the game war and a lot of the other sheriffs like the county sheriff that he works with closely we're going to meet all of these characters and that's great because 

joe is just he starts out the and 2000 it's the years 2000 when this takes place and he starts out and a 26 000 salary and his wife is kind of a little disappointed because she she's like she wants a dude that makes a little more but she's still a good woman and it's gonna stick by him but she she wants 

a little better life than a 26 thousand dollar game warden is giving her and and joe pickett is very very insecure about this and well just so you know joe just so you know when i started my law enforcement career in 2008 i think i started about 36 000. well now we're up to now I've 

you know now it's like a long years i'm not mine we were doing pretty good i think we're 70. somebody somehow thousand seventy i mean i'm not gonna say but it's a lot and then with my book earning money and then the other stuff that i make i mean we're doing it it's just so hang in there all 

i'm saying is hang in there joe hang in there joe you know law enforcement career you can you're gonna it's gonna it's gonna add up over to you're gonna make making a lot more money than that down the road 

so just you know all the money i'm i bet i've made i bet you i make 25 7 250 million thousand dollars a year off of what i now now so hang in there joe hang in there right hang in there law enforcement will pay off after a while 

so anyway where where where did we left off at the flesh eating weasels and the little daughter and the dead guy on the wood pile well that starts a whole other set of mysteries and a thing about endangered species and this thing is the the themes that run through this book i was reading this book 

so carefully every line is just so great so great such a great debut and the themes of the endangered species and how even the game wardens are endangered species themselves i mean it's like every every every year each state hires less and less and less of these guys and um but yet still they're 

so important for the environment and they're so important for just extra law enforcement out in the i mean a game warden he runs across a crime out in the middle of the wilderness and he's by himself he's got no backup for hundreds and hundreds of miles and that's one of the stark realities of 

this book that um cj box has written is just the endangered species theme running through this not with just the flesh eating weasels but with you know joe pickett himself and law enforcement and even just hunting and ranching in general if you've ever watched that show wyoming with kevin costner 

where this is if you like that show wyoming with kevin costner or even the um longmire series by this is gonna be right up your alley this is a great western novel a great western mystery one of the best books probably one of the best debut novels i've ever read and i know what it's like to write 

a first novel i mean my first novel crappo and it'll never get published this guy's first novel came out of the gate just on fire and i can't wait to read the rest of the series cj box joe picket series book number one was dope everybody's got to get it everybody's got to get it you know i give this 10 out of 10 man 

i can't imagine a mystery novel getting better and i can only imagine that he does get better because this is the first one and now there's 20 somewhat uh this this thing was just you could tell this dude was having fun while 

he was writing this what how do i compare it to a craig johnson's longmire i think i like this better i think i like it better anyway everybody go out and get this i'm excited about this one 


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