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Please Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer pdf Download


Click here to download the pdf 

Please Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer pdf Download 

Details of Please Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer Book

  • Book Name: Please Love Me at My Worst
  • Authors: Michaela Angemeer
  • Pages: 133
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publish Date: Oct 12, 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Please Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer  i have a bunch of books a bunch of recommendations that will be perfect if you're in the mood for some cozy reads some small town reads romances that are set in the fall that have a really good sense of family or community and there might be a bed and breakfast and a couple of these books as well as a fall festival or two 

it's so personalized it's totally free to download and once you do you can pick and choose your favorite genres to read your favorite subgenres to read they'll show you a list of books and you can choose the ones that you've read and loved and based on what you choose both on the genre 

the books they will personalize your recommendations so when i downloaded the app they asked me for what genres that i like to read and obviously i choose romance and then i picked some helen huang books talia hibbert and based on that they ended up recommending me jasmine guillory 

This is a small town romance read most of what i'm recommending are going to be small town romances just because those give me the coziest vibes and this is also perfect to read in the fall because it actually takes place during the fall we hear when june owns a bed-and-breakfast and the hero who is an ex-soldier he has recently just moved into town in order to open up 

a bar they are new neighbors and they do not get along at first there's also an actual pumpkin festival in this book which was really fun and clay and june are now forced to work together in order to bring in business and also to make the festival as successful as possible it's a really sweet romance lots of great banter the community is a little bit different than 

your typical small town just because there's some people who are not that happy about clay opening up this bar but obviously there are a lot of people who are more welcoming than them and june's family is also really great to read they're super sweet and supportive and they do push clay and june together because everyone can see that they're meant to be it's just a really great solid small town romance my next recommendation is just a heartbeat away by cara bastone this is another need of me author that i read this year and

 i really enjoyed this one it is another small town romance it's got an age gap and a widowed single dad hero first and just look at this cover it is so perfect for the fall the trees the leaves the guys wearing flannel and there's a freaking dog on the cover so this book is a slow burn small town romance emphasis on the slow burn it is also french lovers sebastian the 

hero is a recent widow and via is his sons his young son's former teacher she helped him a lot when his wife had just passed away and now they reunite a couple years later sebastian is trying to get back out there get back into the dating game trying to build a new life for himself for himself and his son and via has a boyfriend so there's not much that happens romantically at least not at first it's a slow burn friends to lovers romance they 

become really great friends really fantastic supportive friends in the first half of the book there's lots of longing lots of pining but things don't pick up until the second half of the book it's just a really sweet and emotional read the hero is a total cinnamon roll he's a sweetheart i just love the way that sebastian was with his family with his son with via and even with his new dog next i can't really talk about slow burn without including the 

queen of slow burn herself mariana zapata i have to recommend her newest release all rhodes lead here though i could probably recommend a bunch of her other books but this one feels the most fall to me this one just feels the most perfect to read during the fall mainly for the outdoorsy aspect like the camping and the nature that happens in this book so it's another small town romance with a single dad hero though his son is a little bit 

older than the previous recommendation it's a small town set in the mountains it's got some good forced proximity with rhodes being aurora's new temporary landlord he is a very grumpy hero it's got some good grumpy sunshine vibes it gets a little emotional with aurora trying to reconnect with her late mother by moving to this town where her mother grew up in and i mean if you've read mariana's father before you know her books are very slow 

burn but the build-up between rhodes and aurora is just so wonderful and really great to read my next recommendation is it happened when autumn by lisa klepis i mean what's more perfect to read during the fall then a book then a romance with the word autumn in the title this is a historical romance by a classic author of the sub genre it is technically book two in the wallflower series each book is about a different season and this one is of course fall autumn 

it reads fine as a standalone though it's lillian and marcus's book our enemies to lovers couple it's a wonderful opposites attract romance between like a straight laced proper hero and a very wild child reckless and fierce heroine she's an american heiress and he is from one of the most prestigious aristocratic families there's so much great banter here lillian is like the 

only woman the only person who's able to make marcus just feel so much she brings out all this passion in him and it's so so romantic to read i'm also recommending a book that is set in martha's vineyard which is kind of a perfect place to be during the fall this is like lovers do by tracy livesey it's friends to lovers with a fake dating trope nicole and ben are 

really great friends and they decide to do this whole fake dating thing in order to help each other out nicole is his accomplished surgeon but because of this intern who abuses his privilege she's in trouble of losing this fellowship that she wants but thanks to ben's family she might be able to get it back for our hero ben needs nicole's help by pretending to be his girlfriend 

while they're on a trip in martha's vineyard in order to get this ex of his off his back so they spend this wonderful week in martha's vineyard pretending to be this loving adoring couple and feelings actually start to develop it's a really great read i love the romance the characters are well written 

they're strong i also loved nicole and her friends her best friends there's a really strong female friendship in this book it's just a really wonderful slow paced friends lovers romance i'm pretty sure i've recommended this next book on my channel before but i have to recommend it again because it's just too perfect for the fall it's bittersweet by serena bowen there's a freaking 

farm in this book it's set in a farm in vermont the hero and his family own this farm they grow and harvest apples and their specialty is making apple cider like how much more perfect can you get if this doesn't scream fall i don't know what does our main characters griff and audrey knew 

each other back in college they hooked up one time but it never really went anything past that but now they reunite because of their jobs they're both struggling a little bit but they find that they can help each other out business-wise and of course there's some fantastic chemistry still between them i love these two so so much griff is like this protective and sexy 

farmer he teaches audrey all about his farm all about apple cider making griff's family is gray they're all hilarious and the romance is just so so charming this is the first book in a series all about griff's family gross farm 

so the entire series is kind of perfect to read for the fall but this one bittersweet is my favorite i'm also recommending a book that many people i'm sure have already read but i can't not include it it is the simple wild by k.a tucker this is another book i'm choosing based off like the outdoorsy naturey stuff

it's set in alaska and it kind of will make you want to visit alaska the heroine calla who is very much a city girl a pampered girl she moves to this rural small town in alaska to get to know her father a bit more her estranged 

father it is a huge change moving from toronto to the middle of nowhere alaska but it kind of helps that there is this really hot grumpy pilot jonah is the hero and he's just so so perfect for kala it's very much opposites 

attract they don't get along at first jonah thinks that she is too much of a city girl to be able to stay in alaska or at least make it for the short amount of time that she's there the romance is so so good but i also love like 

the family aspect and this book too it gets super emotional i might have cried at the end of this book i love the community the secondary characters the people in their town a lot of people love this book and it is so so deserved 

and the last recommendation that i have is a recent release the x hex by erin sterling and this is the one paranormal romance on this list it's a witch romance it's kind of perfect to read in october with the witches the magic there's also a ghost it takes place in the fall there is this fall festival going.


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