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Revenge by Tom Bower PDF download


Revenge by Tom Bower PDF download

Click here to download the pdf 

Revenge by Tom Bower PDF download

Details of Revenge by Tom Bower Book

  • Book Name: Revenge
  • Authors: Tom Bower
  • Pages: 447
  • Genre: Biography
  • Publish Date: Jul 21, 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Revenge by Tom Bower if you guys want part 4 let me know in the comments down below before we start be sure to like and subscribe for more Megan and harry content follow us on social media 

It's where i'm very active with you guys and i get to reply to everyone and now let's talk about these four crazy bombshells in revenge number one megan personally asked cnn to retract their article exposing her inconsistencies on oprah when megan and harry went on oprah 

I don't think they thought that their words would be dissected as much as they did to the point where they started blatantly lying however people were quick to catch on to their lies and points out their inconsistencies 

I guess megan didn't believe that the us media was fact-checked the way oprah obviously didn't but that's where she was wrong i made two videos dissecting their lies on oprah 

So make sure to check them out tom talks about how gaining control of the media was very critical to her and that they couldn't just leave things up to chance he writes at her request cnn withdrew a report exposing her inaccuracies in the oprah winfrey interview 

I'll link the that they try to take down in the description box now on top of that they denied any access to anyone who wasn't ready to just salute them and take everything they say as the truth and nothing but the truth why did the media comply 

Well megan made sure they did because of her negative influence tom says anyone that has inquired about her past life was met with aggressive silence and the fact that everyone was too scared to comment showed megan's 

New authority this new revelation reminded people of when megan got piers morgan fired from good morning britain when she sent an official complaint to his network it was reported by chris shipp 

itv's royal correspondent that megan formally filed a complaint to itv the network which broadcast the show on monday after piers morgan called out megan for her untrue claims on oprah apparently the one-liner that crossed the line for megan was when he said 

i'm sorry i don't believe a word she says i wouldn't believe her if she read me a weather report i mean megan if you were telling the truth on oprah why'd you get so hot and bothered why not let the truth speak for itself oh wait it did and it found that 

the only thing megan was spilling on oprah were lies upon lies upon lies and if you are trying to censor the media that means you have something to hide number two megan and harry stopped trying to appeal to britons and instead focused 

Their energy on america to maximize their income after the uk saw right through megan and harry and were deemed a lot smarter than them considering the uk general public seemed to know more about royal protocol than the actual royals megan and harry's agenda shifted from trying to redeem themselves there to focusing on building an empire for themselves in America 

this had to do with two things number one tom writes that america was their bedrock of support and number two to maximize their income the state of delaware is where a lot of businesses register their corporations because it's easy to be secretive there the key benefits to incorporating in delaware are tax benefits privacy simplified structure and the corporation court residency is also not required and investors prefer delaware i can go on for 10 more minutes. 


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