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Something In Between by Melissa de la Cruz PDF download 

Details of Something In Between by Melissa de la Cruz Book

  • Book Name: Something In Between
  • Authors: Melissa de la Cruz
  • Pages: 354
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Oct 4, 2016
  • Language: English
Book review:

hello I'm Christine welcome to book tour this month I've been working with Harlequin Teen and today we are discussing something in-between by Melissa de la Cruz I just finished this book 

I was pretty emotional I really enjoyed it if you don't know this is a contemporary and it's so relevant to life right now we follow the story of a girl named Jasmine who's nursing new year of high school she's an excellent student just kept enough for cheerleading team she gets this amazing all right of her men scholarship go 

wherever she wants for college she's so excited to tell her parents about it gets home she tells them and they're just quiet they're forced to tell her that they're actually not here legally everything kind of comes crashing down around her because she can't accept this scholarship anymore she's a model citizen and she's not technically 

a citizen she doesn't have a Social Security number her family's from the Philippines and they moved here years ago when she was like nine she and her family have been here for years their life is here and now she learns that not only can she not accept this scholarship

but any mistake she makes puts their family at risk of being deported and of course Jasmine doesn't want to give up and she and her family are gonna do everything they can to find a way to legally stay in the United States it's just a really eye-opening story 

if don't know someone who's been through this it makes it harder to sympathize I know myself growing up in the area I did had no idea people were going through things like this it would just wasn't on my radar understanding these issues is so important this book is really important it really touched my heart the love story was a little cheesy at times because I had his cutesy moments that

I hadn't okay sort of moments but I mean the real part of the story is Jasmine's struggle to find her place in this country that is now telling her she doesn't belong here I'd give something in between four out of five stars it's a quick read it's a quick audiobook audio book was really great so if you listen audio books 

I had recommend that if you don't listen to any books and you haven't started yet still recommend it I'm an audible affiliate if you don't know you use my link in the description to sign up the your first book for free I didn't even talk about the cheerleading stuff like jasmine is a cheerleading captain and I just was relating so far to all the cheerleading stuff I was a cheerleader in high school and the terminology like you don't see that much in books 

you don't see people talking about it in terms of like real truly just like the routine and like competitions and your team and the relationship with your team it was really really nice probably six years ago times I think that's all I could say without spoiling you guys great fun quick informative i opening read so you haven't read it yeah I'm gonna ask you to leave now if 

I non spoilery people goodbye okay so I'm really really glad I read this book I cried so many times I feel like this spoiler section is just gonna be like a marker of the times that I cried when she got that scholarship letter though my heart when she read it at knowing cuz I knew who this analysis she was gonna be able to do it was so upsetting when she read the part that like she'd get to go meet the President and I thought she wasn't even be able to do that oh 

I was so proud of her and I barely knew her but I already felt so connected because of the cheerleading stuff in the beginning and everything she was saying about being part of the team and working so hard in school when she met the president oh my god it was so cool that's just so proud so happy you're so happy she got to go with oh I was talking about Royce for a second Royce at first 

I'm kind of weird to me just because he had like such stupid lines she was so cheesy he was like oh wait I forgot something what did you forget to get your number that was this pick-up line can I have your number can I have it can I have it 

I like it here my head but I did really appreciate how supportive he was as we went on how much he cared about jasmine they had a few annoying little spats about like seemingly nothing like when she finds out that he may have dated one of the girls that was also there for the scholarship thing and she freaked out 

I did really enjoy the struggle with his brother Mason so I feel like that's a very real thing that happens and a lot of family and you love your sibling but like they go off in this direction that you can't imagine that they have gone off in and you don't know how to help them and they're just being cruel because they're hurting another thing 

I really loved about this book good quotes in front of every chapter there are quotes in front of chapters and a lot of books and a lot of times are just like rush over it I just every quote in here 

I'll every quote perfectly set the tone for incoming chapter and really hit home it was my father who taught us that an immigrant must work twice as hard as anybody else and he must never give up 

I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind to whatever nation they might be long George Washington you can waste your lives drawing lines where you can live your life crossing them Shawn derives

it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies but even more off to stand up to your friends classic the part when she tells the cheerleading team what's going on with her and her undocumented status

I think that just got the most emotional reaction out of me the support that they showed and that moment was so amazing a lot of times these are girls that you're not best friends with them but you're a team you all come together in these three to five-minute routines and create something epic and you can't do 


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