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The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams pdf download


The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams

Click here to download the pdf 

The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams pdf download

Details of The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams Book

  • Book Name: The Fastest Way to Fall
  • Authors: Denise Williams
  • Pages: 353
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Nov 2, 2021
  • Language: English
Book review:

The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams. This is the story of Brita and Wes. Britta works at a magazine and she's trying to get ahead become a full-time writer for the magazine because right now she's just been doing a lot of editing work. So she and a co-worker pitch an idea about going through a fitness journey reviewing a couple of different fitness apps. 

Britta will review one of the apps that's most focused on fitness while her co-worker will review an app that's focused on like weight loss and beauty. So she starts on this journey. She gets on the app and she signs up for it. 

As part of this app she gets a one-on-one coaching session or several coaching sessions with a fitness expert. Enter Wes. Wes is one of the founders of this fitness app. 

He's also a like a coach and hasn't been doing a lot of coaching lately. He's been bogged down with a lot of administrative stuff and he's looking to get back into the things he really loves which is coaching and working one-on-one with people.

It sounds, by the sound of it, I think a year back he had broken up with his girlfriend who was also working at the app and then had gone on to start a rival fitness app which is the other app Britta's magazine is reviewing. Enter absolute cuteness. 

The text messages between Britta and Wes are so adorable, so well done. The writing here, the way Williams writes characters is fresh, it sparkles. There's so much on the page chemistry between the two characters even before they ever meet in person or have any kind of sexual contact with one another. 

One of the big issues in the book is the issue of like the ethics of a coach sleeping with someone he's coaching. I thought that was handled really well. There's also the issue of Britta writing and reviewing for a magazine in which she's she's falling for the owner of the app she's reviewing. 

Even though she doesn't know he's the owner and then there's the big issue in here which is a discussion of fitness, weight loss, fatness, all of that. So major trigger warnings for all that stuff. 

So if that is not something that you feel comfortable reading about, if it's going to trigger any kind of food disorder, image issues please stay away from this book because it is so heavily dealing with those topics. 

But that is what Williams does so amazingly well. She is able to talk about really hard, important social-cultural issues and do it in such a way that is so beautiful realistic. 

You see what happens when one of the characters goes through extreme dieting. So you see the health consequences of that but also the mental health consequences of that. And you see, to go through all the social issues and hang ups that even somebody with a healthy body image can have. 

Our main character Britta is fat, she's fat. She uses those words. She does not shy away from it. She's also very clear that her goal is not weight loss. She wants to be able to just like be fit and Wes helps her with that. 

And Wes obviously is described as having because he's a coach, he runs with fitness app, as being like super into fitness, being very fit and all of that. And it's something that is discussed and like it's part of the story. 

I just thought that was handled so so well and in fact now Williams is now one of my favorite authors of all time. Like not just one of my favorite romance writers, she is one of my favorite authors. Her first book was How to Fail at Flirting that I fell in love with. 

I started reading this December 24th of last year you know, 23rd at night and then I stayed up all night reading it. So on the 24th when I was having to make tamales and pozole I was tired from having stayed up reading this book.

But this book engages with the topic of like domestic abuse and violence so so amazingly well. Like this is not, like it's not a gimmick, it's not something to just like grab a reader. It's seriously handled in this book and lovingly handled by Williams via the characters here. 

And so you know, when a writer is able to do two back to back books like this, just this amazing, I just, it's a new favorite for me. Like especially like for a debut author, for the second book to be just as good or even better than the first one, I think is so rare and Williams has just done this. Like she has done the impossible in writing these amazing books. 

These are interracial romances I believe both of them have been yeah, The Fastest Way to Fall, Britta is Black, Wes is white. That is also discussed. 

I love that in my romance novels I love when in an interracial relationship there's an actual discussion about what that means for the couple. As someone who's in an interracial relationship I just really appreciate that. 

Williams herself is a Black woman and so I originally like picked it up because I wanted to support a new Black writer and the book sounded really good, right up my alley, with all the tropes and then I just I'm fully in love. 

I know two books is not a lot to name someone one of my favorite authors of all time but I just think these two books are that good. She's an auto buy for me now. 
Whatever she writes I will buy and I will read and she has made me so infinitely happy as a romance reader, as a reader and I just cannot recommend both of these books enough. Please go pick up The Fastest Way to Fall. 

It's out in bookstores now and or you might be more interested in How to Fail at Flirting which I think is also just a really amazing book. 


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