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The Wisdom of a Broken Heart by Susan Piver pdf download


The Wisdom of a Broken Heart by Susan Piver

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart by Susan Piver pdf download 

Details of The Wisdom of a Broken Heart by Susan Piver Book

  • Book Name: The Wisdom of a Broken Heart
  • Authors: Susan Piver
  • Pages: 240
  • Genre: Selp-Help
  • Publish Date: Dec 29, 2009
  • Language: English
Book review:

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart by Susan this I read the first book last week so if you want to hear my thoughts on that that vlog will be there I'm picking up the sequel I like that there is a 10-year time jump um which is an interesting thing to do for a duology and actually makes it feel more like two books in the same universe but there's quite a lot of calling back to book 

one and what what happened it's close enough but not too close you know there's some interesting stuff happening I think I mentioned this on my discord which linked below but who'd have thought reading the sequel not 10 years after 

you read the first book would actually be a good idea uh reading the first book and then reading the sequel revolutionary I mean really and then I am still working on the audiobook of the way of kings which is the first book in the stormlight archive big chunky epic fantasy 

I have about seven hours left I think at the speed I'm listening to so probably more like eight if I take some time to listen to it a bit slower when I'm doing something that requires a bit more focus 

I'm still really loving that I've got a lot further through that this weekend and just it's just good stuff it's a nice thing to have on while you're walking places it's all epic and battles and yeah it's very rousing uh not arousing rousing 

I haven't planned anything else in to read I would quite like to get to once upon a broken heart is that the stephanie garber one just because that was also on my tbr and I find digital books quite easy going for when I'm in a bit of a slump so I might see how whether that comes around this week that's kind of all I want to commit to at the moment

I don't I don't want to over commit stick with me I will be checking in every so often telling you about the things and maybe updating you on my sewing project which is behind me uh I don't have a sewing table set up in this room yet because I need to work out shelving and blah blah blah

so I can only really sew when I've not got any laptops out so sunday is the day where I can sew and I'm working on a dress for the lovely asha over at a cat a book and a cup of tea and I have like a top part done can 

I show you a top part done it's gonna be impossible to see on camera um this is this is not a forgiving fabric for the camera it's looking really good I'm really enjoying the pattern um I think making something for someone else is nice because you're kind of forced to do it all really properly because it's it's for someone else and I think that might be something 

I carry forward into my own sewing projects is myself as the person who's going to wear the thing as another person and doing it properly for that other person rather than being like oh it's only for me I don't need to worry about this neck looking quite proper whereas um when someone else you're like 

I should probably make this wearable for this person because it's going to be a gift I think that's a good piece of life advice for me I'd better get on with my day I want to eat some breakfast I'm trying to eat breakfast at the moment it's going quite well I think that's everything that you need to know for this week so I shall speak to you I don't know if you can tell but it is now the end of the working day is this evidence enough um I've just come in 

I don't normally do two check-ins a day now but I thought I would attempt to capture my current thoughts on once upon a broken heart is that what it's called I can't the the new stephanie garber I'm kind of getting annoyed at it and I haven't read a book that has been so annoying in quite some time and I don't think it's bad as a book I don't think it's like oh no this is problematic and terrible and everyone will hate this but 

I read this kind of expecting that a lot of the problems I know a lot of people had with caraval people loved it people loved caraval but um somebody on my discord I can't remember who it was now said it was like zero substance and all vibes and I was like okay that was fine but what are we gonna do with this book and so far we have our main character who 

I believe is called evangeline which is already a bad sign no offense if you're called evangeline but as a main character name oh it's intense um and she's tried to turn other people to stone and then she got turned to stone now everyone's really interested in her and her and her sister-in-law not sister-in-law's stepsister there's a whole stuff going on and she's so whiny if she doesn't improve from here I'm going to be so sad because 

she's just very boy-obsessed and nothing will be good if she's never loved and uh the most important thing is finding a boy or fate slash god to hang out with and just it's just nothing about it so far has gone oh yeah that's that's a cool or oh yeah that's a good bit of writing or oh that's an interesting character 

I don't think I'm gonna dnf it because not it's not super long it's like 400 pages or something but it it's not dnf worthy yet and I want to explore I want to get to the end because I want to know why I don't like it the way that 

I am getting my brain to read it is imagining this as a dollhouse that somebody is playing with and these characters like just like bashing into each other kissing and like just ambling about this nice dollhouse and that's the only way I can think of it is it's that level of yeah these are very plasticky people doing very plasticky things it's bugging me I have just reached the start of part two which is chapter 11 

I don't have high hopes for the rest of it but I am willing to see so I guess join me this week as I discover just how much I don't like this book uh and to be fair somebody on discord was saying um why are you reading this and in some ways I could just stop but I have a review copy of it from netgalley 

I would like to be able to review it and I think it is interesting as a caraval the series was undoubtedly very successful and I think a lot of that was down to marketing and hype and I was really interested into as whether this you know fourth book it's not in a series but the fourth 

book that this author was coming out with would be different and whether we would see that development of writing or the chance to really get a tighter edit on now that you're not dealing with the hype of a series whether that would do anything and at the moment my answer is broadly speaking no we shall see there are 300 or so pages left so stay tuned for that 

I am going to dilute it with some Jemisin because so I can just remember remember what good writing is like oh continuing adventures of vlogging on the floor because I forgot to move my camera downstairs happy tuesday uh I look like a budget anime character I don't I finished the shadowed sun by nk jemisin this is the second book in the dream blood duology

I just sort of sat down and cracked on with it yesterday um I really enjoyed is enjoyed the right word it's got a lot of very dark themes and there's a lot of like quite hefty content warnings that would apply so I urge you to go and look those up so enjoyed isn't quite the right word but I think 

I think it's a really good story and I would definitely recommend doing what I did this time around as opposed to what I've done previously and reading the two back to back because while there is a time jump between the two I think you need the background knowledge of what happened in book one to understand why people do the things they do in book two it's not necessarily about why the world is the way it is but why people act the way they do I feel like that's that's why it's important N k jemisin's writing is lovely 

I can't actually remember when this came out 2012. so it's it's getting on a bit now um but I think it's just it's just a good time it's a good book I just need to finish off the hundred thousand kingdoms and then

I think I've read all the Jemisin I want to read at the moment I'm doing a lot of like debating what what things I want to pick up because I'm aware that forcing myself to read a lot of the tomes that are sat on my tbr currently is not necessarily the wisest decision I'm going to carry on with once upon a broken heart and probably come back to you with more of my thoughts I haven't read any more of that yet 

I think I'm gonna pivot even more and possibly start my reread of oh come on brain get to the place that you need to get to the bone ships trilogy by rj barker now to be fair uh I think I only reread these in the end of last year or the beginning of this year so they're fairly fresh in my mind but with the third book the bone ship's wake coming out very soon 

I have a review copy for it now I want to get them read I'm kind of hoping I have a physical copy that I can read but I'm not not holding out hope so we're gonna do a reread of that I think that's my next plan along with continuing obviously on with way of kings yeah other than that it's mostly been work so there's not that's not a huge amount of interesting things to report.


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