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Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson Pdf Download


Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson

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Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson Pdf Download 

Details of Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson Book

  • Book Name: Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone
  • Authors: Benjamin Stevenson
  • Pages: 296
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller Fiction
  • Publish Date: Mar 29, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story 'Dalyrimple's Diary' introduced the public to the idea that a life can be cut short by violence. In this essay, F. Scott's father Francis Scott begins his diary with a similar morbid theme in mind. 

He describes the moment in his childhood when he witnessed his father's death in a motorcycle accident. As he recalls that tragic day, Father regrets that he had not preserved his father's words so that he could have recorded his last thoughts.

From this introspection, we see how witnessing death at an early age can forever change one's outlook on life.

At the outset of this memoir, Father recounts the tragic moment in his childhood when he witnessed his father's demise. He was only ten years old when his father died in an automobile accident. 

Seeing his father die was traumatic enough; however, the author recalls that he had been playing a game at the time of the accident and did not realize what had happened until he saw blood on his clothing. He also remembers being terrified that he had somehow caused his father's death himself. 

Here, we see how witnessing death at an early age can change one's outlook on life- now that the author has children of his own, he now understands how horrific such a memory can be.

While reflecting on this loss, the author also touches on another tragedy that occurred shortly before his father's death: the bank robbery that destroyed their financial status and left them penniless. 

The robbers came to his home one night and took everything they could carry- including their prized cars and furniture- before fleeing to an unknown fate. As if this were not enough to cause mourning, the family was also forced to move out of their home after their insurer refused to replace their missing items. 

Here again, we see how one tragedy can be compounded by another- while grieving over their lost material items, they would also be mourning over the loss of their home as well?

Alternatively termed 'The Flood That Devastated Our Family,' this is a powerful account of how nature can bring about suffering even without man's intervention. In April 1984, a sudden flood engulfed their town and destroyed their home along with many of their belongings. 

In addition to destroying many of their personal possessions, they also lost all of their family photos, mementos and other sentimental keepsakes. Needless to say, this tragedy was compounded by the fact that it occurred during Christmas vacation from school for both children and their mother.

In closing, Father recounts some insights gained from reflecting on these tragedies in hindsight. He admits that witnessing death at such an early age has negatively affected every aspect of his life because it has robbed him of peace of mind ever since. 

However, he does offer some comfort in knowing that his children have been spared witnessing these traumatic memories because they were too young at the time to understand what was happening. 

At any rate, recalling these memories is sobering because it demonstrates just how far certain people will go in order to avoid facing reality- even if it means losing everything they hold dear.


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