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The Stroke of Winter by Wendy Webb PDF Download

The Stroke of Winter by Wendy Webb


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The Stroke of Winter by Wendy Webb PDF Download

Details of The Stroke of Winter by Wendy Webb  Book

  • Book Name: The Stroke of Winter 
  • Authors: Wendy Webb 
  • Pages: 303
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: November 1, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Stroke of Winter by Wendy Webb this book isn't a horror book or a creepy book necessarily i would say it struggles to define exactly what genre it is something between a romance and a drama with some supernatural elements in this review i'm going to list some of my observations about 

This novel starting with some of my favorite things about the novel and then moving through the list to some of the things that i don't like as much to start with this novel is a really enjoyable read i'd say  

It's comfortable it feels like one of those novels that are just easy to read maybe less like a book and more like a lifetime movie in some ways like it's just something that's not necessarily super memorable but the plot is predictable and it's easy to kind of just read the book it was a nice read something that i really liked about 

This novel something it did really well was it dealt with the process of grief and loss really really well i really appreciated the characters who were caring for their loved ones who had terminal illnesses and for the ones who had lost family members as well they were really relatable 

It was really helpful to be able to see them kind of process those losses another thing that wendy webb does just an amazing job at is setting the scene the setting here is amazing and the small town that she is describing feels real like i could really see it it's like it's off of a postcard 

But also the characters in the town are so real that it really feels like a real town i do think the conclusion was really clever going into the kind of last couple chapters i was not sure how she was going to tie everything together and she doesn't quite there are a couple loose ends that 

I don't i don't quite sit with me very well but all together i think the conclusion was clever there was a nice twist there and it all kind of tied together all right it was interesting and i enjoyed the conclusion some things that i don't like as much the first one is i think 

This book is trying to sit in too many genres what i mean by that is it looks like it's marketed as kind of a creepy novel or a horror novel but then it's like also got some strong elements of romance drama 

I just felt like i wasn't exactly sure what kind of book i was reading and i felt like the author wasn't quite sure what kind of book she was writing either and and so while it doesn't fit neatly into one specific genre that means that 

She didn't do any one particular genre terribly well either another thing that really kind of annoyed me in this book was wendy webb has some verbal crutches i noticed there's one particular phrase 

She used quite a number of times which is she took in a quick breath it was overused just in the very first seven chapters it was used like six times or something and that wasn't the only one there were a fair number of these phrases that just got a little bit overused 

So who is this book for i have a hard time picking exactly who should read this book i suppose if you enjoy reading a novel and you don't necessarily want a lot of weight to it this is a great novel for that it was a fun read it was pretty quick it's relatively enjoyable and like 

I said it feels really comfortable so if you just enjoy reading feel free to pick up this book i think you'll probably like it if you're looking for something scary or supernatural this is probably not quite going to scratch that itch for you it doesn't have enough of those elements even though that's 

What it looks like it's meant to be actually probably the best person the person to get the most out of this novel would be someone who's dealing with grief or loss or maybe a loved one who's recently been diagnosed with 

An illness of some kind the author actually does a really good job of wrestling with those issues and using those themes throughout the book in a way that i think is relatively healthy you may actually get a lot out of it and may help 

You to process your own grief by reading a book like this in that way the book actually may be helpful in therapeutic use this has been my review of the haunting of bren wilder.

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