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Fairy Tale by Stephen King Pdf Download


Fairy Tale by Stephen King

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Fairy Tale by Stephen King Pdf Download 

Details of Fairy Tale by Stephen King Stuart Book

  • Book Name: Fairy Tale
  • Authors: Stephen King
  • Pages: 695
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror
  • Publish Date: Sep 6, 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Fairy Tale by Stephen King this book is that it is a page turner i jumped into the book i wanted to finish it kind of quickly uh the audible version of this book runs 24 hours i'm not sure how he did that i finished this thing in like eight ish hours uh and i didn't wanna put it down 

I kept coming back to it it's a it's just a quick book it's easy to read it's very enjoyable and i'd say another thing that i liked about this is his style just stephen king style in general for writing the first third of this book is actually like is like background setting which is really impressive that i enjoyed the book as much 

As i did because so much of it really is like literally a third of the book is just background setting before you even get into the fantasy elements of this book literally at all and even that first part with the fantastical elements it's as captivating as the rest i really enjoyed it part of what makes the book

So great is that the characters are very realistic they're relatable they're enjoyable in particular the main character a 17 year old boy stephen king always does a good job of writing young people it's uh yeah he just he feels like a real 17 year old boy 

He does real 17 year old boy things and has real 17 year old boy thoughts the relationship between characters is also very realistic of the relationship between charlie the main character and the dog and with the older gentleman and those types of things they all feel very realistic those relationships feel real 

I love a good fantasy novel but the pieces have to come together just right stephen king i think nailed it in this one the world building is really really good the creatures are just creepy enough without making this over-the-top horror 

I just i think that he nailed all of the fantasy elements in a really positive way and so i think that is another big win for this book one thing i didn't like as much in fairy tale was how much fan service there was i think it just went a little over the top uh the first time i saw a reference to his own work he references cujo early in the book i was like ah that's funny and i actually giggled a little bit and i shared it with my wife and then the next time 

I was like oh he's gonna keep doing this and then it just kept happening so like i said first time it was cool by the fifth time i was like okay really and it's not just his own work it's lots and lots of pop culture references from the last 50 years of fantasy and sci-fi and you know his own works gunslinger and the whole thing is kind of an homage to tons of other works and that is fine 

I just think he went over the top with it a little bit the other thing i didn't love as much about this book is it felt like the foul language was a little over the top for this book and maybe that doesn't bother you it doesn't bother everyone but it just felt like it was unnaturally overused in the book also the number of times the words breasts were laid out in 

This book it was just there was like little things here where just felt like it was too much and i know he's a 17 year old boy and i get it but also it was just a bit too much for me um not in a prudish way i'm like i can't handle foul language but more just where like it just it felt unnatural so for the recommendation it's actually an easy recommend for most people i think if you're thinking about grabbing 

This book if you came to this to this video you will probably enjoy the book if you're a lover of fantasy or fantastical elements i think you'll love it if you like stephen king his writing is typical for a lot of his other books as well if you're here for a solid horror story this is not going to be the book for you 

This book is not horror in most of its traditional senses it's got some creepy elements and some horror elements but not very many at all it's really a fantasy novel in its roots the only other person who 

I think just it just wouldn't be a good fit for was someone who really is bothered by language there's a fair amount throughout the book um i i wouldn't say it was too distracting but it was something 

I noted it was just it you know so if you don't love the fan but honestly if you're here thinking about a stephen king novel language probably isn't going to be something that stops you from reading this one or you don't know who stephen king is so again i think most people will find this an easy recommendation 

If you're thinking about buying it i think it'll probably be worth the money i enjoyed the book i think most people will too.

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