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Prey by Michael Crichton Pdf Download


Prey by Michael Crichton Pdf Download

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Prey by Michael Crichton Pdf Download 

Details of Prey by Michael Crichton Book

  • Book Name: Prey
  • Authors: Michael Crichton
  • Pages: 401
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Publish Date: Oct 13, 2009
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Prey by Michael Crichton this book it'll not be that interesting but the perfect blend of both science fiction as well as thrillers made this a very good read for me starting with the plot the things that i'm about to say might sound like spoilers because they occur only 200 pages into the book 

But i don't consider them as spoilers because the blurb of the book itself says all these things now this book deals with a group of nano robots that are designed by a huge high tech company named zymos and the special thing about these nano robots is that they act as swarms and their intelligence is totally collective 

So they cannot act as individuals and as single robots they always operate only in groups the capabilities that these robots have are that they can learn very easily from experience and based on the learnings that they have they can evolve very easily and very quickly as well 

Apart from all these things one major drawback that the swamp has is that it can reproduce now the reproduction part of the micro robots sorry nano robots was something which intrigued me the most because they are robots 

They are machines so they cannot obviously reproduce the that small chunk of the story was very much interesting for me because it was explained in a great way by the author 

I'm not going to say the way in which these nano robots reproduce because it needs to be read and enjoyed and understood by you guys i'm sure that if you are a person who likes biology to a little extent as well as you are some kind of a techy person i'm sure that you'll like this also even

If you are not at all interested in technology the author doesn't make that a problem at all because he explains each and everything that he is talking about in the most basic level 

He explains it in such a way that he gives us enough information and does not bore us by giving so much lavish information also now one of such swans escapes and uh they are just out in the wild now the way in which these nano robots are retrieved and how they are controlled is the entire plot of this book 

It is very thrilling as well as very interesting throughout the way another interesting part is that these swarm of robots actually get escaped into a desert area because the research laboratory in which they are produced is actually in a desert because of the fact that there are not that much wildlife as well as plant life in that desert 

If some catastrophe happens at all it will not affect a lot of human population there are certain things ways in which humans are affected also in this one it has some trigger warnings like that of violence and gold 

But it's not to such an extent that you will not be able to read it at all it's just uh maintained at a subtle level so that you can feel the effect of what are the things that are happening without getting so much submerged in it and getting uh repulsed by it in any way talking about the characters we have a lot many characters that are acting in 

This book but there are only two main characters who are the couple that are focused throughout the story they are jack and julia now julia is the vice president of this company zymos which actually produces all these nano robot swans and uh jack is her husband who's the protagonist of this story the entire story actually revolves around jack and we get all the things that we are seeing through the eyes of jack 

So it is from first person's point of view and third person's point of view also at times but most of the time we get the story from the point of view of jack and it itself is very science in nature because jack used to be a programmer and uh he he used to do programming for a living 

But for the past six months he's uh left out his job and he's taking care of his kids in his home while his wife is working so there's obviously uh breaking their marital relationship due to this but he's trying to be a good husband as well as a good father for the for their uh kids they have three kids 

Who are nicole eric and amanda who also play some very important roles throughout the book i cannot say that elder script of the three is that much important because that kid doesn't play that much of a role anywhere in the story but the other two kids do but most of the time 

We don't focus on the family apart from the family of five characters we also have a lot main characters who work in the actual place where the plot of the book actually progresses completely and it goes on like a rapid fire i'm not going to name any of the characters because i think

If i name them it might give away potential spoilers so just going blindsided and i'm sure that you will enjoy the thrill as well as the science fiction elements that are intertwined by the author in the proper way one thing which i didn't like was that it had some importance which i'll be talking about in the writing section now talking about the world building of this book 

While getting into the story knowing that it is a science fiction novel itself i thought that there will be a lot of world building that is put into the book but for a science fiction novel i should say that the world building in this one is pretty low and it can be easily understood by anyone 

Who's even a beginner and understand it in a really easy way because the author has made such an effort to lay the world out in a proper way for us making it so comfortable that it just feels like a normal place in the real world of course the story actually takes place in our world only 

But the elements that the author talks about are things that don't actually very easily exist in the reality especially the research laboratory as well as the firm in which all these nanobots are produced the way in which he has built the world is mostly occurring only within that laboratory and that firm alone because 

It has all the high tech equipment as well as all the characters who play very important roles in progressing the plot as well as explaining the plot to us he always maintains the spirit of suspense throughout the book you will not be able to guess what the next move of the characters is going to be 

I think one of the plus points for that was also due to the world building that the author has done because the way in which these micro robots behave it can be so so erratic you cannot judge them very easily at all it just requires a lot of knowledge from a person's part 

I can very easily say that he has planned out a lot of things because we don't get jack the main character just thrown in there and he's just facing all these difficulties he's a person who has all the knowledge that is required in order to tackle such conditions but his knowledge has been stagnant for the past six months.

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