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She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo PDF Download


She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo

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She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo PDF Download 

Details of She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo book 

  • Book Name: She's With Me
  • Authors: Jessica Cunsolo
  • Pages: 252
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Romance, Thrill, Drama, Horror, 
  • Publish Date: 2015
  • Language: English

Book Review:

She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo so familiar trope of new girl moves to town and falls in love with the high school bad boy 

however I do think that this take that Jessica has on it is more unique and there's definitely more substance than some other Wyatt books that I've read was similar deep for those of you who don't know she's with me is about a girl named 

Amelia Collins who moves to yet another new town when she moves there she vows to fit in and finish her senior year of high school drama-free Yeah right there can't be any mistakes staying under the radar is the only option Amelia has in order to stay 

one step ahead of the man who wants to destroy her but when a group of friends befriends Amelia and makes her feel safe and loved for the first time in a long time she struggles to keep 

her distance from them especially when faced with her feelings for the oh so beautiful bad boy even Parker who's piercing great eyes and strength absolutely weaken her resolve and to make matters worse when Aiden's ex-girlfriend threatens 

Amelia in ways that would make her so much easier to find Amelia has to act quickly feeling crushed by her desire to have a normal life and not wanting to leave her friends behind 

Amelia has an impossible choice to make between wanting to stay safe and wanting to feel real love for the first time just adds up there's going to be spoilers so if you haven't read this book and you're planning on it but you don't want to be spoiled you might want to come back later but got decisions up to you so the book opens

I'd amelia on her first day of school at Kings City High now like many of us amelia is directionally challenged which I can wholeheartedly sympathise with her for she's wandering around trying to find her first class and what does she see but at 

the Forum walking skyscrapers in the middle of the hollow I think we call know these seekers the ones who decide to walk in a horizontal line across the hallway so then nobody else can think about using it so of course Emilia tries her best to stay out of their way 

but we wouldn't have a novel and she didn't run headfirst smack into somebody enter Aiden Parker tall grey eyes absolutely beautiful to look at and what does he do he rips her a new one and doesn't even offer an explorer like what is it so we meet Aidan and first off

we learned that he is a complete jerk what else is new right now this is where we first learned one thing about immunity she will not take from anyone so our girl decides to stand up for herself and names off a couple of insults that I think are beautiful 

I'm gonna put them in here right now for you so the first one that I find to be very tasteful is when our lovely charming bad boy Aidan asked her if he can draw her a map so she can get the F out of his face now instead of slapping him with her hand Emilia decides to slap 

him with a nice comeback uh no thank you but I can draw you a map so when I tell you to go to hell you know exactly where to go so that was in fact in the original Wattpad book that 

I read Oh - years ago and I am so happy to see you here Jessica captive and the second eloquently worded comeback that Amelia comes up with is 

I quote no you listen to me first of all get out of my face your breath stinks from all the crap that's fuse out of your mouth second your dick belongs to your body not in your personality there have been multiple times in my high school life when I wished that 

I had only had the wit but Amelia Collins has I'm not gonna walk you step-by-step through this book because I think that really ruins things and takes away the whole fun of reading it 

hopefully y'all have already read this I'm gonna give you a quick rundown of the three most notable characters in this book and those are Amelia are sarcastic witty and strong female main character 

Aiden Parker our male protagonist who is tall hot broody and drives a challenger straight out of Fast & Furious and third we have Noah who albeit is not a primary character 

however he's adorable we all needed Noah in our life and I think we can all personally relate to his monologue on page 190 in which he talks about leaving the house without a sweater and not being willing to face the wrath of his mother can relate of course 

we shouldn't forget about Charlotte and ELISA the two new friends that Amelia makes rather quickly on her first days of school as well as the rest of the boys Mason and Jillian now one question that a lot of people might have with this book is why should 

I read it if I've already read the Wattpad version well for one this published version is a lot cleaner and more concise Jessica's really taking care of program or her punctuation her tenses 

I think it's way easier to read now so - also just like to guarantee for any of those who haven't read this yet that one amelia is still a sarcastic and witty as she was in the walk pad version of this book - the glitter bomb prevails insert my favorite quote here if you know anything about glitter it's that it's basically the herpes of the craft world 

I also don't remember if this was in the Wattpad book because like I thought it's been about two years despite the fact that I've read it a few times on Wattpad I absolutely love the fact that there is a line in the book in which Eden says the title she's with me in reference to Amelia - another big theme that is covered in she's with me that 

I would very much like to touch on is the female empowerment in this story so for those of you that have Brett haven't read this I'm about to give a big spoiler so just get out but for those of you have read it already or know the story you will be familiar with the fact that Amelia Collins is not Amelia's real name her real name is dia Kennedy and she is in witness protection 

so after a drunk driving incident with Amelia's father and which both of her father and a young girl were killed Amelia becomes a target of that little girl's father I believes that Amelia should not have survived the accident that took his daughter away from him so soon after he also lost his wife now there's not a whole ton of detail

I believe it's covered in the later books about the two lives that Amelia has lived between being Thea Kennedy and Amelia Collins we know that her names have been of course her birth name Thea Kennedy as well as Isabella Smith Haley Johnson 

before she became Amelia now we're a little foggy on what happened as Isabella however we do know that as Haley Johnson Thea was attacked at her part-time job and three people were killed now one of the things that I love love love about 

Thea slash amelia is that she is a strong and independent girl we see very early on that amelia is 100% capable and confident enough to protect herself she does not rely on others to keep her safe now to get real serious here it is 2020 

unfortunately I feel like it has never been harder to be a teenage girl in society many girls fall victim to abuse and assault at the hands of strangers and friends and family 

it is just heartbreaking so to be able to see that jessica has crafted this character who has not let the traumas and abuse of her past control her per se and that this girl is strong and confident and able to stand up for herself against people 

who are literally a foot taller than her and have a hundred pounds on her we see her defended herself against Dave a would-be abuser who had intentions of forcing himself on Amelia at a party yes it is eventually broken up by Ada and Noah 

Mason and Julian however we do still get to see Amelia's self-defense come into play and I think that was actually a really powerful moment now we also later see Amelia

fall prey to this Dave character again she is albeit unable to fend off her attackers by herself however you do still see that effort and I think that in itself makes her character more real because let's face it she's this tiny slip of a thing whoo yes no self defense 

but the reality is that you cannot cannot always defend yourself physically which brings in another thing that I would just like to say girls if you were in the middle of nowhere at night with a bunch of strangers please bring a bathroom buddy overall 

I think Thea Isabella Haley amelia whatever you want whatever name you want to call her she was written as a strong I'm mostly fearless witty character who was completely I believe role model material for young girls 

I think that is something that we need to strive for and the let's not aim to be pretty and have the most followers or anything let's aim to be able to protect ourselves and to feel confident walking around and now I'm rambling so overall let's just say the Kennedy

is a badass so on the topic that every why a novel has to include in some way there is the romance so yes there is romance in she's with me but if you're expecting a quick bird light a match kind of romance you're out of luck now you've seen chapters nine teen chapters 

before we finally get to applaud the first kiss so overall if I was asked to describe she's with me and three words there's no reason that I'm saying three so many times but I digress in three words I would describe it as empowering hilarious and witty so overall 

I was very impressed with this novel I did give it a 5 out of 5 on Goodreads however I would kind of give it a four and a half if I'm being honest not for any fault of Jessica's she did an amazing job rewriting this novel and turning it into a finished masterpiece it is fun and cute and witty and there's so much so many times that 

I just laughed I stared up a couple of times overall I was very impressed with it so well she's with me does leave us any massive cliff hanger which not gonna lie some of us know 

how it turns out already but thankfully we've also been gifted these first two chapters of stay with me the next book in the with me series set to be published in September of 2024 Wattpad books so this has been my half-assed attempt at discussing she's with me by 

Jessica can solo shout out to a fellow and Canadian author Oh Canada beaver tails poutine.

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