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A Long Time Coming by Meghan Quinn Pdf Download


Click here to download the pdf 

A Long Time Coming Meghan Quinn Pdf Download 

Details about A Long Time Coming Meghan Quinn PDF  

  • Book Name: A Long Time Coming 
  • Authors: Meghan Quinn 
  • Pages: 473
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Suspense
  • Publish Date: 10 January 2023
  • Language: English

Book review:

A Long Time Coming by Meghan Quinn this book is about a girl named lily and she is living in miami and she runs a bikini selling truck where she [Music] does what t-shirt contests on the beach and one day she is approached by this man in a suit with an english accent and he tells her that 

She needs to come with him because he has information that he has to share with her turns out that she is the last heir to the throne of a tiny little country off of the coast of england she is basically being whisked away by this stranger back to this country to learn how to be a princess and learn if she wants to take over the throne so the country doesn't get taken over by another country 

This book was described as the princess diaries mixed with 50 shades of grey and they were not kidding they were not kidding that's exactly the description that i would give it is an adult version of the princess diaries mixed with 50 shades like there was no other more perfect combination that you could come up with to describe this book 

So i gave this book four stars i really liked it i wasn't obsessed with it but i did i did really like the book actually i've already recommended it to some of my friends who i felt like would really enjoy the premise i really liked it because like 

I grew up watching the princess diaries it's one of my favorite movies julie andrews mwah mia thermopolis and hathaway like just amazing one of my one of my favorites of all time so to get kind of an adult not retelling but like inspired by was really really fun to read and i did really really like the characters 

you kind of get this like viking vibe from keller who's the main male character and you definitely get me a thermopolis like the kind of spacey girl who you just don't expect to like become a princess but she is an adult mia thermopolis so like she's very out there with what she says and it's very charged 

It's just it's it was funny one thing that really kind of dropped my star rating for it a little bit was i wish that there was more setting i wish that there was more like places that we went it made sense with the plot but i just wish there was more variation because

I didn't just want to stay in this like stone gray castle the whole time when you're being whisked off to this beautiful country that's got this landscape you know i wanted like i wanted a little bit more so i think it just didn't give me that oomph that i wanted which is why i couldn't give it the full five 

But i definitely gave it four spice rating on this one was very high because of the premise uh or the like combination that i said before it should be clear that this is going to be a higher spice level book this did have a lot of explicit content and a lot of specific content it automatically was pushed up to a four on my spice scale but because of the amount it was pushed up to a five

I couldn't say that it really was a five because that was just the plot because there was actually a plot but there was so much explicit content that it had i had to give it a five giving it anything less than a five just like didn't feel right with how much was in the book and the content of what that was 

So yeah it had to be a five but there was actually plot so like it's one of those kind of gray gray areas of my star ratings so i kind of covered it when i talked about my star rating and a little bit of the spice rating but i did really enjoy this book i thought it was a great quick read i read it i think in a day or two i think two days super fast and available on kindle unlimited 

So if you have ku it's easy to just like pull right up and and enjoy one thing i will say was i did really like the grand gesture okay we all know that this is a romance there's gonna be a grand gesture in the end and there are a lot of times where like i don't believe the grand gestures like there's kind of meh or like 

I don't i don't feel them i don't believe them i really liked this one i really liked it some of the twists were a little predictable but the grand gesture was really cute it was really cute i really enjoyed it i thought it was pretty unique at least for what i've read and it was very fitting but it kind of brought that like not wholesome but it brought that like romance out of the very 50 shades content 

So like you got you got a lot it was very well-rounded i think anyways i thought this was a really really good introduction to megan quinn's books and i'll definitely be reading more from her.


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