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Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score PDF Download

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

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Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score PDF Download 

Details about Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score PDF  

  • Book Name: Things We Never Got Over 
  • Authors: Lucy Score 
  • Pages: 570
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Suspense
  • Publish Date:23 June 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score this book came out january 13th so over the last six months this indie book has over 73 000 ratings i would be shocked if it didn't show up on the best books of 2020 for goodreads it is constantly in the top 20 on amazon six months later it was like number two

I took a screenshot i'll post it here about a week ago of it being number two i think in the kindle store this book has been everywhere people will not stop talking about it i got it on audio and audible during one of their sales and that is things we never got over by lucy score i have very high expectations for this book 

Everybody's been loving it i don't think i've seen a single person hate this book and so i wanted to vlog it because this one i'm a little nervous because it's about twins i'm a twin myself i live with my twin sister

We are super close and i know that the heroine is an identical twin and hers twin is a very bad person and so she does not get along with her twin she's going to like visit her and someone steals her car and she is stuck like with her 12 year old niece and like everybody hates her because they think she's her twin and then 

I think it's a small town i think the hero's really grumpy that's really all i know so i don't know what's gonna happen in this long book because it's a 16 hour audio book i just got finished with a 16 hour audio book 

So i have the audio it is a goal for me today to catch up on my bullet journal so i just finished like the last hour and a half of under lock by mariana zapata so i'm gonna pop in things we never got over and listen to that while i finish up i'm working on may right now i never finished my may spreads 

So i'm gonna finish may and then start on my june stuff so i did see lucy score posted she was in usa today bestseller i don't know i think it was the top 100 i'm not sure but she says it's super super difficult to do 

If you're an indie kindle unlimited author because kindle unlimited sales don't count towards that i think and she got that list so she is just doing what she needs to do with this book and i don't know how people heard of this i do know some people love lucy score her books were never like super on my radar 

So i am interested to read this book especially because like 72 000 ratings on goodreads is astounding for a book that means a lot of people are reading your book so i don't know if lucy scores other books are like as fame popular and successful as this one i do love this cover 

One of my friends told me they really like buy a thread i really don't like the cover by thread it's just like pink with hangers on it oh this one does has 38 almost 38 000 reviews ratings on goodreads so people have been reading her books and i feel like i see her a lot in the top on amazon 

but she's one of those authors and i'm like i never see my friends reading her but i've seen tons of people read things we never got over on every social media platform so we'll see if i like it i'm gonna start 

It i'm gonna hopefully finish by tomorrow that's my goal i do listen to audiobooks at three time speed yes i can understand it perfectly fine yes audiobook listening is reading i don't want to start that fight any time i'm on tick tock people want to get all whiny about people cheating reading's not a race people can read 

How they want to including listen to audiobooks so i'm listening to the audio hopefully it has a good narrator and i'm going to read some today i'm probably not gonna work out tomorrow i always listen to my audiobook when i run but if the low is like 77 so when i wake up to run at 6 30 in the morning it's gonna be 77 degrees and i'm like it's a little too hot for me so 

I could use a rest day so tomorrow's my rest day but i am going to my parents house tomorrow so i'll listen to it on the drive there and who knows what else i'll be doing i my sister does work tonight so i have a night to do 

What i want normally when she's at home we do watch at least one or two shows together so that doesn't eat into my reading time a little bit but i will maybe do some organizing stuff today and listen to my audiobook some more so we'll see but i've been rambling too long i'm gonna go and work on my journal and catch up with you guys when i've read something to update you on 

I'm here with miss lilly um sorry if you just heard that my sister's getting ready for work we don't have power and we haven't had power for two hours it's currently 92 degrees outside inside it feels pretty good it's still like 76 degrees inside so it's keeping the cool inside i did like shut our like blinds and stuff 

So that i would keep the sun out and we're mostly in the shade because we have trees around so it's been okay but when is this power gonna come back on i have no idea it's like a huge power outage my friend that lives like five minutes away from me her power's out i there was a storm last night 

But i have no idea what else could have caused all this to happen at like 2 30 3 30 it was around 3 30 because it was right around when my sister woke up i was trying to get on my computer and i was like the internet's like not even loading which never happens in my house 

So i don't know if i'm gonna head over to my parents house i think they have power so i'm tempted to just like head over there just and take all of our like fridge stuff over there so that we don't throw stuff away in case we're out of power for much longer i don't know though 

I don't know when to go but also my sister has to leave for work and our garage door shut so we're gonna have to figure out hopefully like manually unlock it and open it and get the cars out which is scary because i don't want to break our garage door we got a garage really two years ago 

I'm like i don't want to hurt our new one but i did end up listening to like four hours of the audiobook so i still have like 12 hours to go but it is so good i really like sebastian york he is the narrator for the hero which 

I really love him and the hero is definitely knox i think his name is naka's very grumpy he's very wealthy though he has like his family like owns the town basically and people are really mean to her when they first meet her but then they really like her now that they know who she is but knox is still like super grumpy and it feels single parent because she like has to take care of this 

12 year old by herself and she gets a job working for knox at his restaurant which is so funny and there's just like a lot going on and i am having a lot of fun it's been four hours but i feel like it's not dragging at all i love all the characters knox has a brother named nash and they don't really get along 

It's it's really a saddle because the heroine sister is like a really really really awful person literally it's just like still stole everything from her stole her car ransacked her motel and just left her daughter and so she's a really really bad person but our heroine ran away from the altar apparently 

So i'm excited to learn more about like why she didn't get married to this guy and like what she's doing and she got a job she's gonna hang out in the town for a while so i really like the grump sunshine dynamics i really like knox he's a really fun character so i'm really enjoying it 

I can see why people love this like i have no complaints so far i feel like i could love it as well seeing how the story continues especially because i have a long time to go hopefully it doesn't drag hopefully it's like meant to be a long contemporary even though i don't love love contemporaries that are like over 500 pages but we'll see i will up to you guys once 

I read more maybe from my parents house maybe from here with the power back on i don't know we'll see i will chat with you guys later hi guys i don't know how this is gonna work out here hopefully it looks okay um i'm still at my parents house if you can't tell i'm a little frustrated 

because aep apparently cut off our electric on purpose um there was a storm i don't know if i've already explained it to you it's been a long day um it's already one i got up at like six because my mom had to go to work at 6 30 

So i was up and my sister went home after work to my house and the power came on at like 6 30 and i can check because i have my garage app on my phone and so it tells me like when it's offline or online and it was online sounds like awesome so i had already planned on spending like the morning 

Here anyways i was planning on spending the night at my house and coming over today just let the dogs run around together we do that once a week but then my sister texted me at 10 30 as she was about to go to bed because she worked the night shift she was like it just went out again so it's been out since 10 30 

It's now almost 1 30 so they're three hours now again and i don't know if it's gonna come back on or not my friend who lives close to me says hers been on since i don't know she didn't have it when mine came on but apparently it's come on she says hers is still on right now

So i don't know what's going on it's really frustrating they turn it off on purpose because there was a storm and they said to protect the grid because everyone's using a lot more electricity because it's a hundred degrees outside they 

Shut off other power that was fine so that doesn't overload what's been damaged so that meant they chose our power which is interesting because it's not like i don't know if they're like now doing rolling.




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