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Twisted Hate by Ana Huang PDF Download


Twisted Hate by Ana Huang PDF Download

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Twisted Hate by Ana Huang PDF Download 

Details of Twisted Hate by Ana Huang  Book

  • Book Name: Twisted Hate  
  • Authors: Ana Huang
  • Pages: 520
  • Genre:  Multicultural Romances, Medical Romance
  • Publish Date:  27 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Twisted Hate by Ana Huang this is the third book so the first book was twisted love which i put a video out on the second book is twisted games and this third book is twisted hate this was a new release it just came out um and this book follows josh oh my god he is so dreamy 

he is the brother to ava from the first book because the first book in twisted love follows ava and her relationship with alex twisted hate follows josh chen and jules ambrose these two people it's an enemies with benefits love story so it's kind of like enemies to lovers 

but it's like enemies who hate each other but they have like a friends with benefits and then they fall in love so there's like a little twist on that i loved this book out of the whole series out of the three this one is the best one and i think that with every single book anna hong is becoming a favorite writer for me like she's really progressing with the way that she's writing these because i didn't really like twisted love at all 

i liked a lot more definitely a lot more i'm gonna felt more slow burn and the relationship in that one progressed really well and twisted hate was my favorite of the series i loved this one a lot more than the first two and the smut in this one because they all are smutty books this one has the best smut in my opinion this had the most adorable hero josh chan oh my god he is so dreamy i love him 

so much the banter in this was a1 it was just so good so it's a it's a dark romance right all this whole series are our dark romance series but the thing about twisted hate is that it gives me i feel like every single video i say this but this one really does give me rom-com vibes except very very smutty and very like kinky smut because of the banter because of the tropes that are used there's the one bed trope um the brother's best friend trope um there's like a lot of funny witty things about this book that really give off that rom-com energy and then once they hit the bed it's like i gave this book a 4.5 out of 5. 

there was just so many moments in this that i loved josh he's so thoughtful like jules and josh are just kind of meant for each other and i did have flaws with this book so let me just start off by saying that these two people jules and josh jules is ava josh's sister's best friend 

so this is like a brother's best friend romance and then one day they hate each other right one day they can't get over this like sexual chemistry that they have so they have sex they just like can't stay away from each other their chemistry is off the charts and they're just really good at having angry sex with each other so they make 

this little proposition and the proposition goes oh we'll have like a enemies with benefits type of relationship the thing is is that we have little rules so always we're protection we won't fall in love won't get jealous et cetera et cetera like they have all these rules obviously 

they break them all that's like how it goes right it's kind of how the relationship starts it also kind of starts off with a close proximity type of thing because they both work at the same place jules is a lawyer or she wants to be a lawyer and she's going to take the bar soon and josh he's a doctor 

he's in his residency and so they both work at the same clinic or same hospital for the summer and so they make this deal right before they get into that enemies with benefits relationship that they'll be very civil with each other in the office because they hate each other and they just like talk to each other all the time 

so they make that little proposition and then that's when it gets to enemies with benefits and then once they hit enemies with benefits next thing you know they start falling for each other they just have all these small moments where they're bonding and they're really connecting and they're there for each other at their lowest and this is the thing that i really like about 

this book is that they mention it a lot that the reason why they fall for each other that they're meant for each other is because each of them has have seen each other at their worst right they are the worst to each other they do the worst things to each other but at least them being the worst to each other is the most real that each of them have ever had which

i love like i just love that the whole like conflict of this is that jules has a secret that she changed her name because she used to be like a thief her mom never really loved her she was never anybody's first choice so as the story progresses the fact that josh is her first choice and that josh chooses her like it just makes the relationship and the dynamic between them like so much 

more wholesome and so them so much more compatible this is the thing that i didn't like about the story is that what breaks them up is that jules tells the truth to joss finally so the whole conflict is that jules has this whole like there's like a sex tape of her when she was younger because 

she used to be a con artist with her ex-boyfriend and this her ex-boyfriend told jules to like sleep with this other guy and that other guy made a sex tape with her and now her ex-boyfriend comes back into her life seven years later and holds the sex tape over her head it's really complicated and i'm kind of lazy to get into it but yeah the whole time like her ex-boyfriend within 

this story um jules ex-boyfriend comes back into her life max and he threatens her he blackmails her and tells jules i'm going to ask you for a favor and you better do this favor for me or else i'm going to release the sex tape and the thing that max makes her do affects josh 

so what she has to do is steal something from josh's and she doesn't tell josh any of this because she's afraid of what he might say she's afraid of what josh might think next thing you know she she deals with all of this et cetera et cetera the story goes on and then the third act conflict is that she comes clean to josh about her life about her past because she wants to start fresh she wants she wants to be with josh together in a relationship they're falling for each other they love each other and she is like 

i just have to tell him the truth because he has to love me like all of me and tells her tells him the truth and the way that josh handles it that's the one thing that i did not like about this book was that the way he handled it it seemed like such a 360 to who josh was i understand that in josh's past he's been lied to 

it he's been through this whole thing in the first book how his dad lied to him his best friend alex lied to him et cetera et cetera the one thing that he loved about jules was that jules was always honest with him and always told him the truth so the fact that jules had this huge secret that she never told josh really hurt him and he uses sex as a way to punish her 

but not in like a good punishment type of way in like a bad way and he was just being really cool and i don't know it just seemed too extra i was like you are you are really hitting jewels where it hurts josh like like relax a little bit i did not like the way he handled that um but other than that yeah i really loved 

this book i gave it a 4.5 out of 5. there's just so many wholesome scenes there's a bookshop scavenger hunt josh he literally he besides that we're gonna ignore how he how josh handles the third conflict.


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