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Priest by Sierra Simone Pdf Download free Epub

 Priest by Sierra Simone Pdf Download

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Priest by Sierra Simone pdf download

Details about Priest

  • Novel title: priest: a love story
  • Author: Sierra Simone
  • Genre: women’s religious fiction, contemporary women’s fiction
  • Publish date: 29 June 2015
  • Size: 1.4 MB
  • Format: pdf
  • Status: avail for download
  • Price: free
Book Review

The Priest by Sierra Simone, so I got it and unfortunately, I absolutely hate it, it's probably one of my least favorite books of the year and it's only the beginning of January, so that's really saying something so i'll put it down and not look like a weirdo but i wanted to first tell you what this book really is and then i'll tell you why i didn't like it so in this book you're basically following tyler it's mainly a male point of view and a few years ago he goes into his garage one day and finds his sister hanged herself and so sex Warned for sister's suicide due to* sexual assault Basically, he left a suicide note saying that he killed himself because he had been sexually abused by his parish priest, which you want to say, for a few years. now and he also left a list of exactly what was done to him and who it was done to and because of that they basically went to the police and they blew up their church like you know they did that guy got rid of and they ruined the community like this and so everyone hated their family and tyler felt very bad about that So he decides to become a priest to try to heal his community again and make it whole. He's basically been a priest for three years now and one day this girl named Poppy goes into a confessional. and starts telling her what is she doing wrong and she is lost and she needs some guidance and the thing is the reason she is lost has a very sexist nature she's basically working for a strip club and she's a very sexy person she really likes to have sex when people are watching her and wanting her and all that kind of thing and she's basically Formally Confesses It All To This 29-Year-Old Very Horny Priest The second he hears her voice he's basically instantly attracted to her and basically can't hold back throughout this book they're basically going to have very dirty really dirty sex *x his whole church and his house and everything you can think of they s*x on the altar and they s*x on top of a piano and then you know they basically do really dirty things And the whole time they're basically extremely attracted to each other and really can't stay away. But because he's a priest he has to remain celibate and so throughout the book he has a lot of guilt for being attracted to this woman and they basically fall in love and things happen So as for the reasons I didn't like this book, let me just say that the only positive thing I enjoyed about this book was the sexual content Except I don't care about steamy scenes if I'm not connecting with the characters or that kind of stuff didn't have good inkling to build tension and a good plot line to back it up and because I wasn't connected to anything in the book, not even connected, I didn't like it i didn't really enjoy it i didn't really care for the sex scenes and i will just say i thought it was going to be a bit crazy like bdsm a little bit more like it was more aggressive more hardcore like it was more dirty There was just a nasty vibe going on, but honestly, I kind of expected it to be crazy, because of how crazy everyone was, you know, getting licked off this book and I mean in that sense. was a little disappointed But apart from the sexual nature of this book, I really didn't like anything about it. I'm not Catholic. I already said that and so I couldn't connect to anything that happened in this book.

Tyler felt a ton of guilt for being celibate only because he's a priest and honestly I couldn't connect with that guilt and I really didn't like reading a book where

This guy is a very promiscuous and aggressive sexual person and he had to restrain himself because he promised

as i think you know the religious aspect like p it happens but i couldn't connect with it in any way and then everything else about this book got very religiously red i like this kind of couldn't stand you know what tyler was thinking and everything that happened in this book

   Like from start to finish it felt like it was written by some religious person or someone who is too heavy handed to know everything about the Bible and religion and whatever that stuff is related to

so basically i really didn't like anything about this book i feel like i could rave like this forever

But apart from the writing style the subject matter of the book and then the overtly sexual nature I also wasn't really a fan of Poppy

like remove the idea that tyler had a ton of guilt if that took him away i might have liked him but i didn't really like poppy

he definitely provoked her the second it started off like she came in and he was basically trying to seduce her and then later she felt guilty about trying to break his celibacy and

The way this book ended, everything that happened before their happily ever after, kind of separated them for a minute before they came back together.

With that idea and I absolutely hated it, it was one of those like let's hurt her because we love her kind of vibes and I hate it because one of them like a catalyst boom And basically I wasn't really Poppy's van - like from start to finish there's no reason for me to keep going, I just didn't like her.

So I'm curious to know if you're going to try this book even though I've already said everything I said maybe you've read this book and you really enjoyed it and you know we have different tastes

Let me know in the comments section below what you thought or what you are thinking or anything you know I love hearing from you guys.



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