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Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani Novels in Telugu Pdf Download


Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani Novels in Telugu Pdf Download

Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani Novels in Telugu Pdf Download 

Click on the links for to download the pdf 

1. Aagamanam.Pdf Size: 17 MB

2. Aathmeeyulu.Pdf Size: 17 MB

3. Abhijatha.pdf Size: 21 MB

4. Abhishapam.Pdf Size: 21 MB

5. Agnipoolu. Pdf Size: 20 MB

6. Ahuthi.pdf 126, Size: 28 MB

7. Amara Hrudayam.Pdf Size: 28 MB

8. Amruthadhara By Yeddanapudi.Pdf Size: 21 MB

9. Andhra Yuvakuda.pdf Size: 9 MB

10. Anuraga Ganga By Yeddanapudi.Pdf Size: 23 MB

11. Anuragathoranam By Yeddanapudi.pdf Size: 11 MB

12. Ardhasmitha.pdf Size: 18 MB

13. Ashala Sikhralu.Pdf Size: 22 MB

14. Avyaktham.Pdf Size: 46 MB

15. Bahumathi.Pdf Size: 12 MB

16. Bangarukalalu.Pdf Size: 16 MB

17. Chikatlo Chirudeepam.Pdf Size: 21 MB

18. Dampathya Vanam.Pdf Size: 16 MB

19. Ee Desam Makemichindi By Yeddanapudi.Pdf Size: 21 MB

20. Girija Kalyanam By Yeddanapudi.Pdf Size: 24 MB

21. Hrudaya Gaanam.Pdf Size: 24 MB

22. Jai Jawan.Pdf Size: 11 MB

23. Jalapatham.Pdf Size: 19 MB

24. Jeevana Geetam.Pdf Size: 15 MB

25. Jeevana Tarangalu1.pdf Size: 23 MB

26. Jeevana Tharangalu 2 By.Pdf Size: 25 MB

27. Jeevanasowrabham.Pdf Size: 7 MB

28. Johnavi.Pdf Size: 22 MB

29.Jyothi.Pdf Size: 16 MB

30. Kalala Kougili.Pdf Size: 21 MB

31. Keerti Kiritalu.Pdf Size: 33 MB

32. Kalala Kougili.Pdf Size: 21 MB

33. Krishna Lohita.Pdf Size: 18 MB

34. Meena 1.Pdf Size: 22 MB

35. Meena 2.pdf Size: 22 MB

36. Mouna Bashyam.Pdf Size: 21 MB

37. Mouna Poratam.Pdf Size: 19 MB

38. Neerajanam.Pdf Size: 23 MB

39. Nishantha. Pdf Size: 17 MB

40. Ontari Nakshatram - Pdf Size: 25 MB

41. Ontari Nakshatram 1.Pdf Size: 21 MB

42. Pardhu.Pdf 16 MB

43. Pelli Pillalu Jeevitham.pdf Size: 8 MB

44. Prema Peetam.Pdf Size 19 MB

45. Prema Simhasanam.Pdf Size 23 MB

46. Prema Pdf Size: 16 MB

47. Premadipika. Pdf Size: 20 MB

48. Priya Sakhi. Pdf Size: 22 MB

49. Radha Krishna.Pdf Size: 21 MB

50. Ruthuvulu Navvayi.Pdf Size: 22 MB

51. Saha Jeevanam.Pdf Size: 22 MB

52. Samsara Ratham.Pdf Size: 12 MB

53. Samyuktha.Pdf Size: 13 MB

54. Secretary.Pdf Size: 25 MB

55. Seethapathi.Pdf Size: 21 MB

56. Snehamayi.Pdf Size: 15 MB

57. Soughandi.Pdf Size: 16 MB

58. Sukumari.Pdf Size: 21 MB

59. Swetha Gulabi.Pdf Size: 23 MB

60. Vennellomallika By Yeddanapudi.Pdf Size: 12 MB

61. Vijetha.Pdf Size: 16 MB

Do you know the meaning of being born with a silver spoon? Do you know the meaning of being born with a golden spoon. We use these statements quite often. We use them when a person has a rich car or buys expensive clothes or when he throws away a rich lot. 

Many people use these statements to describe these types of people. We usually use these statements when looking at children from wealthy families. In olden days people usually used these statements when they saw kings and their successors who were very rich even though they used to sit and eat for many years. So today let's talk about such a book which is based on being born with a silver spoon or being born with a golden spoon. 

This is a house of about 5 acres. It has houses in 2 acres in 5 acres and land in the remaining 3 acres. In this 3 acres of land, he himself cultivates vegetables. They cook their food from vegetables grown in this country. There is a big lawn in front of the house. 

There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the lawn. Beautiful fishes swim in this fountain. And that fountain is surrounded by beautiful flowers. There is a big garden on the other side of the lawn. About 15 members have been employed for the maintenance of this garden. About 20 servants have been hired to work in the house. And 5 cooks are appointed for cooking. 

A new dish is made everyday. For example, they cook Indian today, they cook Thai tomorrow, they cook American the day after tomorrow, etc. In this way they cook different dishes everyday. It is about the family of a king. If you lift the curtains on the windows, the sun's rays will enter the bedroom. There will be no noise in that house except the sound of birds. 

One person is sleeping on a king size bed. A hand reaches out from the cashmere blanket and picks up the phone. He says hello. A melodious voice is heard from the other side. She says hi Chandu happy birthday. This man is rudely correct. She asks if he woke her up. 

Then in a very rude manner he says okay what's the matter. She asks him to freshen up quickly as it is his birthday but without answering it he disconnects. Then the phone rings and the same hand emerges from the blanket. He picks up the phone and says hello. 

This time the voice on the other side is a male voice. That male voice says Happy Birthday Buddy. where is the party. This man says that I told everything to Ramesh. He will organize the party and hangs up without listening to the other party. Chandu is still sleepy. Chandu falls asleep on hearing the chirping of birds. After some time someone knocks on the door. 

He asks permission to enter the door. He is none other than Chandu's servant. The age of the servant is 50 to 60 years. He tells Chandu "Sir today is your birthday." I know he replies with ignorance and in a rude manner. He tells Chandu "Sir today is your birthday." I know the ignorance and rude way he replies. 

Then Ramaiya says, "That's why one shouldn't have so many friends. What do you like?" Then Chandu called him and said "Today I will not come for lunch. Friends arranged lunch outside. That is Chandu for you. 

Basically Chandu is not well educated. Actually no need No. He is not graduate because there is no need. Job for him. They can feed 20 families for 50 years. They are so rich. Chandu is filthy rich. Chandu Rai is the only grandson of Bahadur Raja Gopal. So Chandu is born with a golden spoon. 

After a few days a girl enters Chandu's house. Life. There is a sudden turn in Chandu's life because of that girl. My book for all who read the novel Recommendation is Girija Kalyanam written by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani. This book is very interesting like a movie.



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